Review: God of War: Betrayal (2007)

imageReleased: 2007

Difficulty: Hard

Time Spent: 10 Hours or Less


 Headline: God of War: The Mobile Adventure

As God of War moves through the Playstation labyrinth, Sony has made a 2D pit stop on the mobile world just to give those that never found the glorious series a shot. The storyline is set during the transition period between God of War's conclusion, and the starting of God of War II. Basically, it’s the beginning of Kratos’ conquering towards what starts off in GoW II and that’s it; the plot isn’t progressive, but it suits its’ purpose for a mobile game just fine.

Everything Kratos has done in this game he has already done in others. Because of that, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about; especially when your game is action adventure basics 101. These are the basic principles of the genre that been in existence since the Nintendo era so please forgive me if you feel this review is short because the game can be summed up extremely quickly.

God of War on a mobile phone: (now I wonder how long it’ll be till they come up with God of War underwear).

Kratos can (double) jump, climb ladders, cross ropes, perform executions, guard against attacks, and of course use as well as upgrade weapons and magic. All that he does, he does well and it all seems to fit the setting of Greek Mythology yet again in crisis. Maybe it’s an annual ritual to be attacked by gods and mythical beasts with powers; maybe it’s a religious tradition like sacrifice. He cannot however, parry attacks, make evading roles, get threesomes, perform nearly as many attacks, or activate a rage mode. For me, that’s OK because this is a cheap game and what it has keeps the game going at a good pace. Besides, the game doesn’t have much button space left for more stuff; it’s already a bit difficult to activate executions and switch weapons.

Sound wise, the game is full of sword swishing and nice sounds of pounds and swashes through enemy bodies but the only orchestral score is in the main menu. God of War looks like a great mobile game but the visuals may still be responsible for a couple of deaths. The platforming is great with (double) jumps, chain swinging, and passing by deadly obstacles unscathed.

There are also a couple of boss battles and it’s all great until it ends after 2 hours. 3 is appropriate but this is simply not enough (though there is a simple arena mode). However, I still suggest you grab it with all the junk you could download instead and see some pretty amazing ideas in a simple form...


8.0/ 10 GREAT (MOBILE)

+Same great formula

+Keeps up good tradition

+Looks and sounds good





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