The UK Top Ten Review: 13/05/12

The UK Top 10 Review

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I saw Jessie J on Graham Norton this week, and I've got to say my respect for her increased greatly. She was actually a very different personality to her stage persona, and could sing this live pretty well.
Doesn't make the song any better, but just wanted to say that.

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This song went up one place this week. That is all I have to say.


I thought this song sounded a bit similar to something, and then suddenly it hit me. She's harking back to Johnny Cash. Other than that it's sort of standard Rihanna fare, but I really can't get past that link.


New at number seven is the trio behind Like a G6 return with something even less likeable, but unfortunately also less catchy. It's also interesting to note that even after his voice has broken, Justin still sounds like a girl singing low.
Can anyone tell me why LMFAO are dancing in this video? Because I have no idea.


Train's unexciting track climbs one more place this week. The chorus feels exceptionally repetitive, but the verses are more interesting, both in terms of vocals and music.


After two weeks at No. 3, fun. drop two places this week. And I'm okay with that, the shiny novelty of the drumbeat has worn off, and the uninspiring chorus is all I'm hearing now.


Alex Clare's experiment in combining dubstep with actual singing talent pays off, as he climbs one place this week. I still find myself wishing for more bass in that drop, but other than it's a good hybrid.


After losing the top spot last week, Carly Rae Jepsen drops yet another spot with her Zooey Deschanel impression and catchily-written song.


The Sexiest Woman in the World (still not quite got to grips with that one) falls by one place this week. I wish it had fallen further, but hey, small steps.
The auto-tuning is un-subtle, and though the tune would've been better off without her singing, it's still not that great. Also the video is so damn annoying.


A new week, and a new number one. All the ingeredients are here - Tinie Tempah on the rap, a good singer and a solid chorus instrumental - but I just don't think they combine into a brilliant song. Don't get me wrong, it's okay, but the rapping's easily missable, she sounds autotuned and the drop isn't heavy enough.

Hopefully see you all next week, and please leave your comments - it makes all the difference! (:


Again.. nothing really on the charts that tickles my fancy... good to see another new 1 tho.. even if the song isnt spectacular imo.

EDIT.. currently listening to a lot of Skillet music :D

I don't really listen to pop music. I do everything but rap and pop music.


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