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What: Hit and Run, a 2012 action rom-com movie directed by Dax Shepard and David Palmer

Who: The film stars Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, and Bradley Cooper
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with Tom Arnold, Michael Rosenbaum, Jess Rowland, and Joy Bryant in supporting roles.

Two-Sentence Skinny: Dax Shepard is in the Witness Protection Program and living in a small Californian town with his girlfriend, college professor Kristen Bell. After she receives a job offer in L.A., he accompanies her, despite the danger in leaving the custody of the US Marshalls; along the way the people he testified against discover his whereabouts and seek vengeance.

Detailed Review.......Now!: The film opens up with Shepard and Bell in bed together, with Shepard trying to calm Bell down, since she has a meeting at work later that day and is worried about being fired. He manages to calm her down and while she's leaving there's a quick character introduction to Tom Arnold's character, a rather inept US Marshall assigned to protect Shepard.

aaaaaWhen Bell arrives to her meeting, she finds out that it is a firing meeting, but fortunately her boss wants to let her know about an opportunity to run her own college department. Unfortunately the job is in Los Angeles, at USC, the one place that Shepard is supposed to stay away from for his safety. Her boss urges her to take the job, saying it's a great step for her future, and even goes so far as to fire Bell unless she accepts the new job.


The Boss giving Bell the business

When Bell returns home she breaks the news to Shepard, and the two have a mini-fight, and in the morning Bell decides to go to her current job and ask to remain on staff. Shepard though realizes this isn't fair to her, and picks her up at the school with the intention of taking her to L.A., assuring her that "It's been a few years, it's a big city, I'm sure things will be fine".

aaaaaUnfortunately for the duo, things don't end up fine. Bell's ex-boyfriend, obsessed with her and paranoid about Shepard's past, ends up finding out his real name (turns out it's not Charlie Bronson, who've guessed?) and informs the criminals Shepard testified against (Bradley Cooper and 2 no-namers) that he knows where Shepard will be for the next few days. From there the movie takes off into the heart of the story


If you think picture looks silly, you'll be in for a long movie

aaaaAs the tagline for the picture at right suggests, the majority of the action is car chases. There's a few fist fights/guns thrown into the mix, but the bulk of the film is spent in cars. This is both a plus and a minus for the film. On the one hand[1] there's not too much shaky cam involved. There's some, but you're not going to feel like your head is spinning everywhere just trying to keep up. On the other hand though, there's only so many times you can watch 2-3 cars slip'n'slide around and not become bored. It felt like a rather fast film to me, and while I was never bored during the movie, I almost got there at a few points.

Another aspect of the film is the romantic-comedy half. Shepard and Bell are married engaged[2] in real-life, and the chemistry between the two is real. You actually get the sense that these are two people in love. Since it's a rom-com, the rules of movies state that at some point they have to "break-up" during a fight. Often these "break-ups" are silly and just a point of one issue being blown out of proportion, but in this case I thought it was done well. There's actually a reason for the two to have a schism, and it doesn't feel entirely forced in.

The next big thing regarding the film is the comedy. For the most part, the film dispenses comedy in two ways, either at the ineptness of Randy the US Marshall, or battling the "nice girl" Bell with the rough and tumble characters she knows. For example, when her boss is trying to tell her to take the job, she gives a bit about Bell shouldn't let her boyfriend decide her career, since she (the boss) already made that mistake. "I was the hot, sorority sister who cared about her boyfriends opinoins too much, I was the one who got date-raped and had the early abortions and ended up in a jerk-off town etc. etc." That's not an exact quote, but it serves a good indication of the films humor. If you're expecting subtle sly jokes, well they don't exist in this movie. It's not all crude humor, they don't ever dig into poop/fart jokes or anything of that sort, but a lot of it is non-PC stuff that is probably hit or miss for a lot of people.

Overall I liked the movie. I probably wouldn't pay to see it again, but if it's on TV I wouldn't skip over it. If you're bored on a weekday night and want to get out of the house, why not give this a shot.


PS: This is my first review I've done since Middle School, so any comments, criticisms, or advice would be nice. If you just want to call me a fucking idiot, I mean I guess you could do that too, but you'll probably end up suspended.
[1] and I'm going off of memory right now
[2] They aren't getting married until Gay Marriage is legal in California


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