Saint's Reivews: Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust

So, here is a Video review and a Written Review incase you can't get the video in your neck of the woods.
Video Review

Written Reivew

I decided since Youtube doesn't always allow videos to be shown in a number of countires based on what music you use in the video, I decided to do a more detailed review here. Also since my class has me blogging anyways, every week I don't have a news story out, I'll do an anime review or a commentary on the anime industry or fandom.  I'll still do video reviews, but here I can probably go in more details. Lets see if the teacher only wants school work on this blog.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Studio: Madhouse (also famous for Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Pet Shop of Horrors, and Last Order: Final Fantasy VII)

Director: Yoshiaki Kawajuru (Ninja Scroll, Animatrix World Record Segment, Demon City Shinjuku)

Distributed by: Urban Vision (also famous for Ninja Scroll: The Series,  Tekemanblade II, and Golgo 13: Queen Bee)

Rating: R for blood, violence, some gore, and brief nudity (blink and you miss it kind).

Suggested age Range: whatever age you get your daughter a copy of Twilight. Hopefully this means between age 12+.

Suggested Audience: This is an anime for a general audience.  Anyone, including casual and none anime fans will enjoy this. If you like action and a good story, get this film.


Plot: In the far future where monsters of myth, horror, and science fiction roam freely and humanity struggles to survive, it is the Vampire who is the most feared for they rule all with an iron fist. To deal with these threats, hunters are hired to slay these monsters, with the Vampire Hunter is the most expencive for they and they alone have the skills needed to fight such monsters.

One powerful vampire in particular, Meyer Link, has kidnapped a young woman named Charlet and her family has hired the stoic half human, half vampire swordsman simply called D to track them down, and bring her back alive or dead. To ensure this task is done, a group of hunters named the Marcus Brothers, along with a woman with an overpowered hand gun, each with their own skills and weapons of choice.

Overall, this is a good; no, a great; no, an amazingly well done anime! Despite the science fiction and vampire fiction becoming more common place now a days, this hardly has any clichés, and the few that exist do not take away from enjoying the film. The characters are fleshed out, their motivations are beleivble.


On the protagonist side, you have D, who is a stoic, largely silent and emotionless warrior riding on a black cyborg horse. His only other companion is a parasite in his left hand that takes the form of a talking face in his palm. While D is generally stoic and siolent, Left Hand is crass, sarcastic, and oftenirrevelent. One of my favorite lines is complaining to D that as a son of a vampire, D can't handle too much sun light and that Left hand has no intentions of dyeing.

The Marcus Brothers are also well done. Full of testosterone and feeling of invincibility, and their skills more than prove they are capable of holding their own against even the most vicious of foes. At the same time they are brothers, and when bad things happen to each other react how a loving family should. Lela, the lady in red who is with them, is a tough gun slinger who takes no crap from no one, and often a no nonsense character, although she has her moments of tenderness, especially with the frailest of the Markus Brothers, Grove, who has to be on life support.

And then there are the driving force of the story, Mirrer Link and Charlet.

Spoiler warning, but they are in love, and it's a good romance. Seriously, if you want to show what a good vampire/human romance looks like and don't want to keep using True Blood and reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this is the film.

He dosn't Sparkle, she thinks he's a decent human being. Take notes Girls

He loves her, but is scared to death if he turns her into a vampire she'll be a mindless monster. As for her, she thinks her vampire boy friend is the most decent human being she has ever met (what that says about the human species can't be good). Despite that he loves her gentility, she loves his. It's a perfect match made under the moon light, and one that is a million times better, and a whole lot less creepy then Edward and Belle Swan from the Twilight cash cow.

Visually, the film is breath taking. With the exception of the occasional lip flap, everything is fluid and without hiccup. It's excellent animation by any standard. The designs of the charecters, the monsters, from their powers, to their stance, to their choice in cloths and weapons, to how they react to things are all done at top tier levels.

There are DVD extras on this, the one thing that needs to be on a modern DVD. It has a making, some trailers, which is fine enough.

How the film opens up and ends is also wondrous. I won't spoil too much of the ending except it's feels like it's how it should end, but the opening just draws you in. With the eery music, or the fact that we see just how powerful our vampire is. This also brings me to my next point: The music. While there are many moments that are silent, the film knows when to add a eerie horror track, a more adrenalin pumping action sequences, to even a one or two romantic cues.

So I've mentioned everything but the sub and dub. There is a reason for that.

The English Dialog is spot on perfect. Its how dialog should be read and spoken. It's lively, serious, somber, stoic, furious, terrified, and joyful all when it should be and it fits their character.

As for the sub, to be honest there is none. Acording to the International Film Data Base, English and was made almost strictly for the American audience. Next came the Hong Kong audience, so Chinese. It was the Japanese that saw it third, so if I had a copy with the Japanese diologe technicaly that would be the dub and the English would be the sub. And now many of you are going to check this out on IMDB incase you want out call shenanigans, or think this is blasphemy.

Under normal circumstances, this would severely doc points on how I would grade this, but in all things considering, I won't this time around as this was how it was meant.

So Overal:


*English Diolog, Music, animation, and the overall visual presentation are perfect or as close as any anime is going to get.

*DVD Extras worth watching

*A PROPER HUM AN GIRL-VAMPIRE BOY ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*No Japanese Track to have a proper Sub Vs Dub Debate.

In the end, I'm giving this a Shelf Worthy Rating. It is a must have in your DVD collection.



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