2011 Billboard Top 100 Review: #24-20

Let's get this done.

#24: "Someone Like You" by Adele

Adele first hit some fame with her first album, but this year was far more successful for her, and was also my first exposure to her.

I really like this song. Adele has a nice singing voice, and the lack of any backing track other than a piano really helps with the tone she's going for the song. As for the lyrics, they basically focus on Adele, after a break-up, singing about how she misses her ex, and how she'll find someone like him. While songs like this are usually not my favorite, the fact that she doesn't really attack the ex, instead focusing on how she misses him, makes the song actually somewhat emotional to listen to. This song is, to me, a clear case of "less means more". There aren't many elements, but all of them are done quite well.

#23: "How to Love" by Lil Wayne

Woo, love song by a rapper. Those are always great.

This is...the most tolerable out of the rap love songs I've heard. The music is nice, and the lyrics aren't bad either, focusing on how the girl seems to have forgotten how to love after being used one too many times by men, sung from the viewpoint of a man watching her and interpreting her attitude through body language. There's not really any rapping, and that is probably the downside of the song, as Lil Wayne is not that strong of a singer, needing auto-tune quite a bit. Overall though, the song is not bad. It's not great, and Lil Wayne should stick to rapping, but the song itself works surprisingly well.

#22: "Down on Me" by Jeremih feat. 50 Cent

No clue who Jeremih is, and I think 50 Cent is one of those rappers whose better at living the lifestyle than rapping about it.

This song is pretty bad. The beat is generic rap, but with a keyboard thrown in there. But the rapping and lyrics are not good. Autotune is all over the place, and the lyrics are all about...hitting on a girl on the dance floor and telling her to "put it down on me". And I understand 50 Cent got shot, but he needs to enunciate his words. That slurry rap style just bugs me. Jeremih is not horrible, but he relies on auto-tune way more than any rapper should. Overall, this song is a bit of a dud, to say the least.

#21: "Look At Me Now" by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes

Chris Brown again?! Fuck! Well, at least he has a talented rapper backing him up. And no, I don't mean Lil Wayne.

OK, the beat in this song sucks. Chris Brown needs to just shut up and stop bragging about how awesome he is, especially after he has shown what a nasty human being he is. There is one reason that I can't name this song uniformly the worst song I've heard on the list, and that is Busta Rhymes. His lyrics aren't any better, being more bragging, but holy shit, that man can freestyle with the best at them. His speed, rhythm, and clarity are insane, and there is a reason I call him a talented rapper. As for Lil Wayne, this is one of his good rap parts. He's not up to the bar Busta Rhymes set, but he is definitely better than Chris Brown. Overall...this song is still bad. Chris Brown is just pissing me off on this song, and bragging about how much better you are than anybody else is not what he should be doing in his situation. But it would have been so much worse if Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes weren't there.

#20: "What's My Name" by Rihanna feat. Drake

I like Rihanna. Let's see if she delivers.

She does. But the problem is Drake. He is basically singing about how awesome he is, again, while hitting on Rihanna. And I'm getting sick of hearing about how great he was. Rihanna, on the other hand, is hitting on Drake, and sounds so much better while doing it. It's not a great song, but Rihanna has legitimate singing talent, without needing autotune, and the beat isn't bad. I just wish that the song didn't have Drake, and had a different focus. I'd like to see Rihanna break out of her comfort zone and just go for broke, rather than playing it safe.

This wasn't as bad I feared. One really good song, two decent songs, and two bad songs. I'll take that gladly.

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The only decent one in this is Adele agreed the rest is just garbage but oddly enough i never really got into Someone Like You... oh well i can be the minority in this case!

I'm the opposite when it comes to Adele. I absolutely can't stand her, and "Someone Like You" is the worst. Just a whole bunch of screeching...

Are you actually Todd in the Shadows? This would explain the lack of updates on TGWTG.com...

No, I am not. I'm just a fan of his, and was inspired by him. If I were Todd, I'd be able to elaborate a lot more.


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