Quick Review: Resident Evil 6 Demo

I'll keep this brief:

There's three campaigns:
One where you play as Leon Kennedy, and some new mystery chick as your co-op partner.

One where you play as Chris Redfield, and some new mystery dude and his legion of army dudes as your co-op partner(s).

And one where you play as some new dork named Jake, and some new mystery chick named Sherry as your co-op partner.

The controls are awkward and clunky and only really work that well during Leon's segment, where you're fighting awkward and clunky zombies. And even then the controls took some getting used to. The coolest addition is probably being able to melee at any time, which I found more fun than actually shooting my silly gun.

Leon's segment seemed to be made for the nostalgic RE fans who wish it could be more like the old days, and the other segments seem to be made for Capcom's imaginary audience that thinks Resident Evil should be more like Call of Duty.

The graphics look pretty good I guess, though it suffers from the same thing older Resident Evil games suffered from. Where even though the graphics were good, the character has such limited movements and therefore can't interact with the environment very well so it makes things look awkward at times.

In conclusion, the only redeeming factor, if there's any, is Leon's segment. Because it felt the most like a new Resident Evil game. The other two segments just gave me a headache. Anyway I probably won't play this game unless it drops waaaay down in price or one of my siblings buys it, which they probably will because they're bigger Resident Evil fans than me.

It's been a couple of months since I played the demo on a friend's system, but I remember that I liked that they give each character a slightly different play experience. Chris' shoot-'em-up-wave-after-wave, the survival horror element with Leon... I'm not really sure how to describe Jake's other than maybe they were trying to... convey? that certain areas will require "tactful" thinking. What with running around like a mad man finding holes to crawl in, ladders to climb, barrels to shoot, etc...

I'm getting the game from the get-go, and I will probably slap myself silly for it. It's always been one of my favorite series though, and really introduced me to my now favorite genre of games: Survival Horror.

Fingers crossed.


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