GameSlayer reviews: Blood Brothers

Continuing to do more reviews; still hoping to get some feedback though. I am still yet unsure if I am improving or not.

The review is a good start but you only talk about the story (for a bit) and the game mechanics but you don't discuss more things like if the game offers cliche repeating tunes or the graphics seem glitchy or uninteresting to you. Also you seemed to jump out of what more the story has to offer. Is the story engaging? Do the characters make you feel interested toward them? That's what some people want to hear to see if the game is for them. Once you think about for your reviews I think you will do better. You seem to have a clear point that the game is good or bad (which is also good) but there needs to be some expanded parts on the review to justify your reasons more.

Thanks for the comment; as for your questions

I don't know if any tunes other than the menu screen also cuts close to other existing songs, it was the only one that I had recognized at least. The music in other parts are about the same quality though.

The characters are almost completely uninteresting. As far as I have gotten into it, the only characterization your character gets are one liners inserted interchangeably into intro conversation, while tutorial lady (who's name will not stay in my head more than 15 seconds) has almost no personality beyond pointing things out that are happening but are not visible.

I will try to include more elaboration into my reviews; I'm trying to avoid getting too long winded at the same time though too.


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