2004 Billboard Top 100 Review: #75-71

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#75: "Why Don't You and I" by Santana feat. Alex Band or Chad Kroeger

I know some Santana. They are a pretty good band. This is also the first song I've done that has two different hit versions. One has Alex Band of The Calling, while the other has Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. The Calling is a pretty good band, but Nickelback is the definition of generic rock.

I'm reviewing the Alex Band version. The music is pretty good. Nothing out of the ordinary for a Santana song, but that's always pretty relaxing. The singing is pretty good, although Alex's voice is a bit more high-pitched than usual for him, which takes away from the uniqueness a bit. As for the lyrics, they are pretty simple. Guy in love, complimenting the girl and singing about how much he loves her, even if he doesn't always make it clear. This song is pretty good, actually. Nothing new or groundbreaking, but it is pretty catchy, and the lyrics aren't bad, either, mostly by having the guy mention his own faults, something that doesn't happen often enough in songs. Also, Santana rocks, which helps out a lot.

#74: "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson

This song...yeah, if you were alive in 2004, you heard this song a lot. Hell, you still here it everywhere. And this marks the first time I've actually reviewed an American Idol contestant's song.

Music is basic feel-good pop music, slow paced. Kelly Clarkson, for whatever she has against her, does have a good singing voice, though. The lyrics basically revolve around the singer finally leaving home, and stating her preparation to make her own path. It's a nice message for a song, actually. Nothing new, necessarily, but it's nice to hear a song that encourages the listener to make their own path, and go their own way. My issue with this song, basically, is that it is rather generic. And I'll admit that this is completely subjective, but I find the song to be really overplayed. As good as the message is, I've heard this song about 200 times since it came out, and no song can hold up after that many times hearing it.

#73: "On the Way Down" by Ryan Cabrera

No idea who that is, and the only song I know with a title close to that is "On Your Way Down" by Stabbing Westward.

That is a nice beat. Pretty rock-driven. Oh, I actually do know this song. That seems to happen a lot. Anyways, the singing is decent, but it sounds like a lot of indie rock singers at the same time. As for the lyrics, the singer is basically thanking a girl for saving him when he was in a bad place, giving him something to love and hold onto. It is pretty nice, and he sounds genuine in the song. However, the song is still fairly generic, reminding me a lot of a Matchbox Twenty song. Not bad, but easily lost in the mix, and not really memorable.

#72: "U Should've Known Better" by Monica

I tend to not like singers who go by their first name only, but there are exceptions. The real worry, for me, is that "U" in the title.

Again, basic slow R&B beat. Although there is a nice guitar line. Monica is a pretty good singer, actually, having a clean singing voice. The lyrics are actually something different, for once. Basically, she is upset with her boyfriend, but for a different reason than most songs. Basically, the singer is upset because her boyfriend doesn't seem to trust her, and basically keeps asking her why she stays with him. Her answer is basically that she loves him, and will stick by him no matter what. It's a nice take on an old message, and it's good to see someone trying something new. Also, it is weird hearing a guitar solo in an R&B song. I actually like this song quite a bit. I'd recommend checking it out. That is why you can't solely judge on first impressions.

#71: "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Dogg

Yeah, everyone knows who Snoop Dogg is. That is one of the most recognizable rapper names ever. Not knowing who Snoop Dogg is is like not knowing who Eminem is.

The beat is pretty minimalistic, mostly sticking to a few drum beats, though there are a couple of moments with a quick keyboard part. The rapping, both with Snoop Dogg and guest artist Pharell Williams, is pretty solid, though the latter seems to be phoning it in quite a bit. The entire song is basically the rappers bragging about how awesome they are, and telling the viewer to take care of their problems in a bit more physical manner, whether it's a woman (get down on them), or someone giving you crap (put them down). It's...not bad. Not that great, and I have no idea how this song was and is so popular, but it isn't a horrible song. Be better without Pharell Williams, though.

Well, that wasn't horrible. Not great, but no bad songs.

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I actually like Breakaway.. one of KC's better songs as well.... as for the rest.. ranging from terrible to so-so.


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