2004 Billboard Top 100 Review: #65-61

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#65: "Game Over (Flip)" by Lil' Flip

I don't know this guy, but I don't like him because he put his stage name into the title of a song.

Well, it at least has a unique beat sound. Besides the drums and a keyboard line, the only sounds to make the beat are video game soundbytes. You know, Pac-Man, stuff like that. It's actually pretty cool. Unfortunately, the rest of the song doesn't hold up. Lil' Flip is not that good of a rapper. He's not bad, but he is way too slow-paced and lazy-sounding for me. The lyrics are the real problem, basically revolving around how awesome he is. That would be bad enough, but some of his bragging is a bit...suspect. "I take 30 minutes to drop a track"? That's not awesome, that just shows you are rushing it. Although I would believe this song was dropped in 30 minutes. This song would be great if it was an instrumental, but it's not.

#64: "Read Your Mind" by Avant

Never heard of this guy, but he is apparently an R&B singer. Which makes me wonder why he goes by his last name, because that's rapper territory.

Weird keyboard line. It's not bad, but it isn't what I expected to hear in an R&B song, even a softer one like this. The brass instruments are a nice touch, too. He is a pretty decent singer, but he needs to enunciate better at times. As for the lyrics, he is basically talking to a woman he met, saying he can "read her mind" and asking her to go out with him, saying "it's all right". Yeah, that's a little...eesh. It sounds nice, but the lyrics really kill the song. The nice tone doesn't work when the lyrics basically make you sound like you are planning to drop a roofie into her drink. Good song, but bad, bad lyrical choices. Also, it is pretty obvious that he was inspired by R. Kelly.

#63: "Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)" by Eamon

The only "Eamon" I know is Arl Eamon from Dragon Age, which I doubt is the same guy. I do like the song title, though. As blunt as a 2X4.

Nice R&B beat. Drums are pretty good, and the keyboard line is pretty good too. He's also a pretty good singer, with a nice clean tone. As for the lyrics...they make me really like this song. He is basically doing exactly what you'd expect from that title, tearing down his ex-girlfriend. In his mind, anything involved with the ex, including presents and kisses, don't mean anything anymore. Where this goes above the level of most break-up songs is the fact that he does actually do a good job of describing what the ex did to make him feel that way, without seeming like he is totally demonizing her, a tricky balance to hit. As well, his passion really comes in through the song, making it feel much more honest than most of Beyonce's work. I approve.

#62: "Why?" by Jadakiss feat. Anthony Hamilton

Two artists I don't know, but research shows that they are, respectively, a rapper and an R&B singer. Also, Jadakiss looks a lot like Kyle Massey. Just saying.

Again, pretty interesting beat. It starts off sounding like a more generic rap song, for about two seconds. But then, it cuts to something that sounds like a rap and R&B beat put together, and it actually works really well. Jadakiss is also a pretty good rapper, even if Anthony Hamilton is wasted on back-up vocals. The lyrics are also really good. Basically, the entire time, the rapper is asking questions about why things are basically screwed up. It's a neat way to do a song, and he really gets his anger and frustration across. On top of that, a lot of the questions he asks are ones that are still an issue today, and most of them remain unanswered, giving the song added punch. Like the last song, I really like this one.

#61: "Through the Wire" by Kanye West

Finally, someone I already know!

This backing track, I don't like all that much. The beat is nice, but there are these high pitched singers in the background that are just annoying. Kanye West is a pretty good rapper, but he isn't all that great. The lyrics are pretty good though. Basically, Kanye West is rapping about how he's going to take the crap that he's been through (he was put in a hospital with his jaw wired shut due to a car accident) and take inspiration from it, not let it stop him. Unfortunately, the chorus is easy to miss. You know the high pitched background singers? Yeah, that's the chorus, and most of it is covered up by Kanye talking with friends. Good song, though, and I can see why it was such a hit. It has issues, but it is nice to hear Kanye rap about finding inspiration through tragedy, rather than just pumping up his ego.

I liked that set of songs quite a bit more than I expected. The first two were pretty meh, but the last three were actually quite good. Let's see if it keeps up.

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If you like F*** You.. you would like the response song.. F*** You right back :P its a bit funny haha oh well ... im losing hope for the people in 2004.. cuz the list has been pretty bad so far TASTE PEOPLE TASTE!.

If it wasn't for the brony fandom 99.9% of all music from the 90's on would of been just a heap of steaming garbage to me.

Really how people can listen to this stuff, but I respect that music is subjective to the listener.

Actually I did find a positive thing about this thread. This horrible music makes stuff from the 60's, 70's and 80's look even better thanks to comparison.



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