1981 Billboard Top 100: #15-11

Almost in the top 10!

#15: "Rapture" by Blondie

Repeat artist!

Interesting beat. It's mostly drum-driven, but it has a somewhat funky guitar riff. Debbie Harry has had better performances, though. She spends too much time in her higher register, which doesn't really work. Chorus is better when she drops her voice down a bit, however.

Lyrics are...I don't know. I think she's making an extended metaphor out of feeling lonely, but the lyrics make no sense, especially when the rap verse kicks in. She goes from talking about a man shooting you in the head and eating your brain, to you going to a bar.

This song is pretty good to listen to, despite the nonsense lyrics. This was quite possibly the first song with any rapping in it, so it has its place in history. And for being quite possibly the first rapper ever, Debbie Harry does a decent job. The beat is also pretty good, with a pretty strong guitar line. It's worth a shallow listen, but it isn't Blondie's best work.

#14: "Queen of Hearts" by Juice Newton

Repeat artist!

Oh, I've heard this song! The music is much more country than her other song, with a great acoustic guitar line. Juice Newton is also in full country mode, and her voice suits it pretty well.

The lyrics are pretty decent. Basically, she is calling out a guy, saying that he's just using her, like he is doing with all the women he's been with. However, she tells him that it won't work, because she's the title woman, who is more than happy to leave him in the cold, because "a joker ain't the only fool who'll do anything for you".

This is a really good country song. The lyrics hit just the right not of aggression without sounding passive-aggressive, and she states her case pretty clearly. In fact, that might be my main problem with the song. She comes off almost bitchy, because of how clear she is that she's not getting fooled by him. That aside, the song is quite good, and shows how good classic country could be.

#13: "Being With You" by Smokey Robinson

This artist, I know. However, it's not from his solo R&B work, but for his Motown group The Miracles.

Music is pretty nice. It has a good piano line, and a nice sax line. Not what I expected from an R&B artist. The singing is much more R&B, though. It's a good voice, but I can't help feel that he could do better.

Lyrics are pretty good. Basically, he is singing about how friends and family are constantly warning him about his current lover, saying she is a "heart-breaker", but he ignores them, saying that he doesn't care what they think. He wants to be with her, and will beg her to stay if she tries to leave.

I really like this song. It is somewhat dull, with no climax, but the lyrics are really good. It's nice to hear a love song that takes a different road. Here, he refuses to believe what he is hearing about his woman, saying that she's changed, and wants nothing but to be with her. However, it is worth noting that if her reputation was worse than, say, being a heartbreaker, the song would not come off very well, making him sound too much like a love martyr. Here, though, it just sound really good. I approve.

#12: "Morning Train (Nine to Five)" by Sheena Easton


Wow, that's not what I expected from Sheena Easton. This song is actually quite upbeat. Her singing does a good job of holding up with the quicker tempo.

This is, despite the quicker tempo, another love song. Basically, she is singing about how she gets up each morning and goes through her day, which seems to take forever, because she's looking forward to spending time with her love at the end of her work day.

The song is actually pretty nice to listen to. It doesn't sound too different from other love songs, but it has a few things going for it. Sheena's tone, along with the quicker tempo does make it stand out quite a bit more from other love songs. The most important thing, though, is how well the lyrics work. She really sounds like she is in love with a man, looking forward to her day, as well his his, ending at work so they can see each other again, having a good time. That's about all you can ask from a love song, and here, it really works.

#11: "Theme From 'The Greatest American Hero'" by Joey Scarbury

Heck yes. I am reviewing the Cinema Snob theme song.

Music is pretty slow paced, but with a nice piano line and a great guitar solo. The singing is...well, it's what you expect from a theme. Catchy, but not all that stand-out.

Lyrics are pretty interesting. Basically, it is (presumably) from the point of the view of the title character, singing about his feelings about being "The Greatest American Hero", contrasting his initial reaction with how he now feels.

This song is extremely catchy, but it does have other things going for it. The lyrics actually show a bit of a character arc, with him going from displeased ("Suddenly I'm on top of the world, should've been somebody else") to pleased ("It's like a light of a new day, it came from out of the blue. Breaking me out of the spell I was in, making all of my wishes come true.") There's a reason that this theme song became a huge hit while, say, the "Full House" theme did not. Also, as you can tell by watching the video till the end, this is quite possibly the only theme song to get referenced on "Seinfeld". I really do enjoy this theme song.

Well, that list was actually pretty good! Let's hope the top 10 follows suit.

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That actually was a good 5 i agree.... with stuff like TFTGAM... and Rapture.. it had a good beginning and end with reasonable songs between! ... as for the next 5.. REO! and.. Dolly and... Hall and Oates and of course CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES CMON!


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