1981 Billboard Top 100: #10-6

Top 10!

#10: "Keep On Loving You" by REO Speedwagon

Repeat artist!

Love the music on this song. Nice piano beat, with guitar backing it up, over taking it during the build up and chorus, with an awesome solo. Vocally, it is one of my favorite REO Speedwagon performances.

Lyrics wise, this is rather interesting. Basically, it is "Take It on the Run", but from the point of view of the cheater. Basically, they are admitting their fault, but defending themselves as well, saying that they basically went out to find what their love wasn't giving them, and that they never stopped loving the other person.

I'm not so sure how much I like this song. It's an enjoyable song, and catchy as well. My issue is the lyrics. It's really hard to connect with someone who is a cheater. Even if the genders were flipped, and it was a woman singing to defend herself as a cheater, it would still have the same problem. I just can't sympathize with them. Overall, I guess I'd say I enjoy this song, but I don't really connect with it.

#9: "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton

All I really know about Dolly Parton is that she is a country artist who has huge...tracts of land. Oh, and she sang the original version of "I Will Always Love You", that was later almost totally eclipsed by the Whitney Houston cover.

Well, that is a rather annoying keyboard line. It's basically just hitting a couple sets of keys over and over. It gets better when more music kicks in, almost sounding like a gospel song. Singing is a lot better, thankfully.

The lyrics are, well, look at the title. Basically, the song is about working 9 to 5, and how dull it is, and how people just take your ideas, use them, and take credit.

I actually like the song quite a bit. It's nice to see something new, and a song about how irritating it is to work a 9 to 5 job is definitely something new. I do have to wonder what she knows about working 9 to 5, since she is a country artist who basically makes her own hours, and can take credit for all of her work. That aside, it is a very enjoyable song to listen to, and quite cathartic after a long day of work.

#8: "I Love A Rainy Night" by Eddie Rabbitt

Repeat artist!

Music is mostly country, but with a couple random electric guitar notes and a pretty good solo. Singing is pure country, though, in a good way.

Looking at the song title, you might expect it to be some sort of metaphor, about how his girl has left him, and he feels better about it. Well, it's not. This is exactly what it says it is. He is singing about how much he loves rainy nights. That's it.

Despite the shallowness of the lyrics, there is plenty to like here. It is a nice relaxing song, and is a perfect fit for when you are inside your house, listening to the rain outside. He also does a really good job of explaining why he loves a rainy night, rather than just restate it in various ways. It's actually a nice tune.

#7: "Kiss On My List" by Hall and Oates


Love this piano line. Probably one of the best I've heard for this list. As for the singing, it is Hall and Oates at their best.

As for the lyrics, they are pretty good. He is singing about how his friends keep asking him why he calls a certain woman all the time. It's because he is conflicted about a night they shared together, unsure of if he wants more. He doesn't tell his friends that, though, instead telling them it's because he's setting up to add her kiss to his list.

It's a really good song. It has a great beat, and Daryl Hall is at his peak in this song, showing a lot of range as he sings. The lyrics are a big help, though. It takes a bit of analyzing to understand what he is singing about, but once you figure it out, it makes a lot of sense. It's basically the morning after a one night stand, wondering if it could be more than that. Nothing wrong with that at all. It's a good song, that's all there is to it.

#6: "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang

I know this band. For this song, but still.

Music is quite funky, and easy to dance to, with a great brass section. Singing is decent. No more, no less.

As for the lyrics...everyone has heard this song. "Celebrate good times, come on!" That song. The lyrics are basically the eighties version of a club song. They are shallow, and all about the party and celebration.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, though. This song is not the kind of song for deep thinking. This is the song you put in the stereo to dance to, with possible alcohol involvement. Does that make it a bad song? No, it doesn't. As long as the music is good, and the lyrics are harmless enough to stay out of the way, along with the singing, you can make a good party song. I don't exactly know why this song is still so popular 20+ years later, but as far as party songs go, this song is very well done.

Almost there! I just have one more set of songs, and then it's on to some decade in either the nineties or the sixties.

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really.. Bette Davis Eyes as number 1? HARDLY!... Jessies Girl i shouldve expected though.


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