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I have removed my words from this site.

I enjoyed certain aspects of the discussion - such as the final bit about the museum and player agency (the only agents I know are the James Bondy kind or the principal-agent relationship in contracts)- but it occasionally came across as rambling and unfocused. The postmodernism talk felt like it detracted from the more interesting points, as it didn't really go anywhere (I blame Steve). There were a few other points that did this, not ruin the conversation but distracted from it . Maybe a more coherent plan and topics to start with, so there's less jumping about and switching at random. Also, it was way too long. Chopping it up and spreading it out in pieces or even curtailing the unfocused parts would make a huge difference.

But it was an interesting look at the two games, and I did like the idea and style in which you all played off one another, something that would have been made even better with a tighter focus.


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