Best/Worst of Film 2012

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Regardless of whether or not you want to see kids dying or not, making it so that you literally can't see what is happening at any point is NOT an improvement.

I thought the film was great, though I never read the book, watched a trailer beforehand or read anything about it before seeing it. I just watched it randomly as we missed the showing of what we went to watch. So from my point of view I did not feel it was doing what you are saying, but the again I was watching it as a "hunger games noob", no expectations.

Edit - At no point did I feel I was missing anything due to camera work.

Well, they specifically made the camerwork bad so that you couldn't see what was happening, so you definitely were.

Regardless, I really hate any movie that has bad camera control, and The Hunger Games had some of the worst.


Well, they specifically made the camerwork bad so that you couldn't see what was happening, so you definitely were.

Regardless, I really hate any movie that has bad camera control, and The Hunger Games had some of the worst.

We will have to agree to disagree there then, as the only things that I felt I did not see were the kids dying, but I really didn't need to see that and thought they handled it quite well.

Yeah, I don't agree with this list at ALL. There's a few that belong on there, but for the most part, pretty much all these films are forgettable. My top ten are as follows, mind you these are my favorite movies of the year, not necessarily the best.

1. Skyfall: I'm not versed in James Bond films, I've seen a few, but for the most part my knowledge of them is small. Skyfall made me love James Bond -- it was fun, smart, cool, exciting, funny, and the most pleasant surprise -- it was really well made. Most of the time, with an action film franchise like Bond, the filmmaking is lackluster and doesn't do much to elevate the themes or conflict of the film, but Mendes actually crafted this film with careful consideration, and it shows. It was a complete departure from classic Bond, but at the same time, served as the perfect homage to the series.

2. Django Unchained: I saw Django last night so I haven't had enough of time to really mull this film over, but it doesn't matter, because it's already one of the best of the year. As Moviebob said, this is probably most humanistic film Tarantino has ever made. It showcases his classic tropes with over-the-top characters, witty dialogue, and bloody - and I mean BLOODY - shootouts, but at the same time, Tarantino actually had more to say with this film than he has in a long time.

3. Cloud Atlas: This film was a behemoth. I was incredibly surprised at just how it turned out, considering the immense ambition behind it. The actors were all great playing their multiple parts and every separate story was interesting and kept me intrigued. Watching how everything unfolded was one of my favorite experiences at the movies this year.

4. Looper: This movie was perfect proof that action flicks don't have to be mindless dribble with cookie-cutter characters. The characterization was excellent and provided a satisfying emotional climax.

5. The Master: Huhhhh boy, where to start? Either you like Paul Thomas Anderson, or you don't. I love PTA. I love how he never provides interpretations or tells his audience what something means -- he wants THEM to figure it out and that's rare in film now-a-days. The Master was as fascinating as it was challenging. It wasn't a film made for entertainment -- it was a complex work of art. The only reason it's not higher on my list is beCAUSE it was so challenging and satisfied a strictly intellectual itch.

6. Moonrise Kingdom: This was actually my introduction to Wes Anderson, and I am so glad it was. I've now seen a number of his films and Moonrise Kingdom is still my favorite. Anderson has always been great at combining whimsy with very real, almost tragic circumstances and Moonrise is no exception. It's been a long time since I've been able to forget about how the world really works and get lost in a fantasy, but this film gave me that escape.

7. Cabin in the Woods: This is one I can admit to liking for no other reason than it being so much god damn fun. A horror film that slashes genre tropes to gory, bloody pieces while at the same serving as a commentary on the genre itself? Awesome.

8. Safety Not Guaranteed: The indie gem of the year. Well-structured with some very relatable characters and subtle comedy made me enjoy it immensely.

9. Beasts of the Southern Wild: One of the most powerful and poignant films of 2012. Beasts told a wonderful story of loss and understanding from the point of view of an innocent girl named Hushpuppy. Her connection with nature and the poverty-stricken lifestyle of her people is one we should all take something away from, and in a world that's becoming more and more digitized, this is a film to be remembered.

10. Lincoln: This film is last on my list only because I would've liked to see more out of it. Lincoln is great insight into the life of a truly incredible man, but it only focuses on a very small portion of his life as well as a LOT of politics that went on during the abolition of slavery. Personally, I take more interest in the man himself than the politics and ALL of Lincoln's life is a fascinating story, one I would've liked to see in its entirety. Nonetheless, Lincoln is a great film with some great performances and anyone who is interested in American history should love it.


Beffudled Sheep:
How was Ron Pearlman in it?

Probably because he doesn't judge his projects beforehand.

Billy Zane is in it, too, and is by far the most enjoyable. Perlman only gets, like, 4 relatively scenes.

No I mean how well does he perform? Eh I'll check it out during B-movie week with some friends.

Beffudled Sheep:
No I mean how well does he perform? Eh I'll check it out during B-movie week with some friends.


Uh, he's fine, but he's only in, like, four scenes. He gets the plot kickstarted, then disappears, and then turns up again right at the end. He looks like he's having fun, but that's about it. XD

Alright, regarding SK3, do I have to have seen the other two films in order to "get" this one?

Otherwise, great list. I still need to see Django, though. My theater isn't showing it until next week or so.

Skyfall didn't make your top ten?

Otherwise there's a few films there which haven't been released in the UK yet - like Cloud Atlas - and I'd love to see them.

[Kira Must Die]:
Alright, regarding SK3, do I have to have seen the other two films in order to "get" this one?

Well, it's a direct sequel to the first one, so I'd recommend seeing that, as it's what's being "battle[d] for redemption" in the third one. The second one is a prequel to the first film, and is in no way, shape, or form worth seeing. Not even for the story. Not necessary.

Skyfall didn't make your top ten?

Nope. It would've been close but there might still have been a couple that would have been included before it. I would have had it in the top 15, though.

By far I think the worst movie I saw was the Keith Lemon Movie, he annoys me terribly and I expected it to be just turned out worse D=

I do wonder if anyone is quite so annoyed by half assed one liners as I am. Because if I'm not the only one, why is Avengers so well received? Stringing together clichéd lines with cg effects and cheap laughs should not make a movie.
But I might be on my own with this one.
I'm avoiding pitch perfect, as I know what I like and what I don't, and that film definitely falls into the latter category, intrigued by cloud atlas though.

Got to see Les Miserables with the Missus. They muffed a few things but the power of the story and music are incredible. No one should miss this movie. The wife didn't stop sobbing all day just thinking about it.

I can't say I agree with someone putting Hunger Games ahead of The Hobbit. I'm no film connoisseur and even I know the main premise of it is ripped off from Battle Royal.

Not saying it was terrible or anything its nice to see a teen film series that shows a young female lead thats not 100% dependent on others like a certain vampire series.... and the action scenes we're surprisingly brutal for the rating of the film. But the main premise of the film is clearly stolen from royal.

Plus the hobbit was fantastic, at least as good as fellowship, I found the dwarf architectural design and traditional clothing a little jarring at first as its so alien, especially in the new frame rate, but once I got used to it, it was another emersive area of middle earth for me to settle into. One thing I was particularly happy with was to see that it still resonates with me when LOTR came out I was a young teen so was nice that I could still enjoy it without the nostalgia factor

Top 3:

Bottom 3:

By far I think the worst movie I saw was the Keith Lemon Movie, he annoys me terribly and I expected it to be just turned out worse D=

Yer I really like Celebrity Juice but, yer, the film, not great...

The best film of this year that I saw? Looper. Brilliant, interesting storyline with a sci-fi world that managed to appear futuristic without feeling ridiculous (Total Recall, anyone?).

Film that I enjoyed the most? The Avengers. I was always a mark for this movie, seeing as I'm mainly a comic book nerd, but it managed to be one of the few films that I've been excited for that not only met my expectations, but actually went above them to provide a truly memorable experience.

Didn't see any really bad movies this year. Prometheus was only OK, I guess.

My favorite movie of this year was Snow White and the Huntsman. Notice how I didn't say 'best'. I loved it, though, mostly because of its very proud display of all that it could have been. Each new locale that the movie visited felt like it wanted to be a movie in and of itself, and just thinking about all of that potential has given me more joy than any other film in 2012.

Seriously, though, how bitchin' awesome was Charlize Theron?

My top 10 best.

10. Paranorman
9. Paranormal Activity 4
8. Frankenweenie
7. Hotel Transylvania
6. REC 3 Genesis
5. Hitchcock
4. The Amazing Spider-Man
3. Wreck-It Ralph
2. Sinister
1. Grave Encounters 2

How is it that The Dark Knight Rises has 'stronger characters' than The Avengers? Come to think of it, how is it that The Dark Knight Rises has stronger characters than a shampoo commercial? Is that assessment based entirely around Michael Caine's performance and no other factors? I could maybe see it if that's the case.

Here are my picks for 2012.

Best Picture: Django Unchained
Honorable Mention: ParaNorman, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Avengers, Ted

Worst Picture: The Dark Knight Rises
Dishonorable Mention: The Dictator, Les Miserables, Total Recall

Overall a pretty good year for movies, definitely. I had more good times than bad times, and The Dark Knight Rises being the nadir of the whole thing means that it could have been so much worse. Rises was pretty godawful, but it wasn't a huge disaster.

Good thing we can disagree. I disagree with most of your Top picks. I'm not saying Hunger Games is good or bad but what makes it any more special than Twilight? And I thought you were joking about the first couple of picks but oh well.

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