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Now...that is an interesting list. I only played half of those, Spec Ops, Walking Dead, Mass Effect 3 and Max Payne 3. Spec Ops and The Walking Dead would probably make it on my best of 2012, even though I very enjoyed Max Payne 3 and most of Mass Effect 3. And I do wish to play DayZ but that mod installation was a nightmare for me, so I'll just wait for the standalone release.

What would you add to the list?

My GOTY which I'll probably get weird looks from most (read: normal) people because of is Crusader Kings II. I'm a sucker (whore) for strategy games and, while it's not everyone, CK2 has an interesting and fun feature where you play as a landed member of a medieval feudal dynasty. You can start as a lowly count and rise to the rank of emperor. You can plot assassinations of family members so you can be next in line to inheriting land. You have to fend off foreign invaders, pissed off unpaid mercenaries, the ambitions of fellow counts or dukes, or, if that's not enough, the Mongol hordes. The pope keeps on excommunicating you? Promote a bishop to anti-pope! Also it's amusing how event can turn out for you in CK 2. For example, your handsome and intelligent son and heir develops pneumonia and dies while your inept and gay illegitimate child that you tried to get sent away to some bishopric becomes next in line to inherit your land and wealth. It's best described as a feudal sandbox because you can set your own goals and accomplish them whatever way you like. You can be a force of justice and honor in the world, or you can be a gigantic dick and imprison your bitchy wife or husband because teh lulz.

To that list I'd add Far Cry 3, XCOM, FTL, Katawa Shoujo, Dragons Dogma and Chivalry. It was a really great year for gaming I reckon.

Now my choice on this list is Max Payne 3 and I'll stick to that but I do have a new challenger from last year breathing down my neck which I got for Christmas and have had severe trouble putting down. Dragon's Dogma.

To me this game feels like a more hardcore Skyrim if everything in Skyrim wasn't mediocre. Combat is complex, fast and exciting with a world that's totally non-level scaled filled with monsters ranging from simple wolves to armoured giant Cyclopses, quests are varied and unique as well as very compelling and the exploration and dungeon spelunking aspects feel much more rewarding. It is a shame however that the world is not as vast as Skyrim's, but considering the lack of fast travel, instead only giving you a one-use stone to return to the capital that you must buy, that's probably for the best. The pawn system is also very useful and rewarding, giving you an incentive to have the best pawn available so other players will choose and use your pawn so you can get rewarded from their travels. Add this into a CRAZY character creation tool which allows players to make anyone from colossal man-hulks to petite 12 year olds to play as.

If the game maintains this quality throughout, then I'll have a new game of the year. Sorry Max, know you've been through a lot, but dragons, y'know?

Calumon: Maybe if he wasn't so miserable we'd all be having more fun. >: (

Who the fuck chooses The Walking Dead as their game of the year? It's not even a game. All you do is hit buttons and walk around static environments. No wonder the adventure game genre died off when there's no actual game to it.

In all seriousness, due to the ruthless nature of life and existence, I could only pick one such game and The Walking Dead won out. But, if I could have two, Journey would stand proudly alongside it. They're very much different beasts, with The Walking Dead being a downbeat but stirringly emotional and poignant tale of humanity and redemption, Journey was a wondrous firework of a game. There was such joy and grandeur to behold, but the greatest thing about it was how it made the little interactions between me and my anonymous robbed friends so meaningful. I don't think I'll ever forget when I lost my partner in the desolate snowy peaks and marching on alone, thinking I'd never see him again. That was until I stopped to wait, hoping beyond hope that he'd turn up, and just as I turned to continue alone I heard a soft chirping note, discovering they had pushed his way forward and found me. It was such a bizarrely touching moment, and I finished the rest of the game with him or her.

So yeah, The Walking Dead and Journey. On paper, they couldn't seem more different, but they both reminded me how special little flashes of life can really be.

Also this is the gayest thing I've ever written except for that fanfic that one time

I only played ME3, FC3 and BO2 and enjoyed them in that order. Well, 'enjoyed' is a stretch for BO2.


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