Fargo's Best Films of 2012!

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. It's been an interesting year for film. Some of the biggest movies ever came out, European cinema continued to gallop along releasing high quality foreign-language films in abundance and it's one the first years in a very long time where the award season isn't already set up for a sweep by a single film. But, there's only a certain number of movies that can be among the very best, and while this is all my subjective opinion, I truly feel these are the smartest, most lovingly crafted films released this year. As such, let's delve into...

Fargo's Best Films of 2012!

Decent write-ups. Can't really think of any nitpicky grammatical mistakes this time around, although chances are I missed a few.

I can't actually comment on any of the movies in this list though, as I haven't seen a single movie that was released in the past year. Again. *sigh*

A bit surprised Skyfall is so low in the list given its critical acclaim and content, especially relative to popular opinion on some of the other movies in the list, but oh well - I haven't seen any of the movies myself and you always did have quite specific tastes in what you consider enjoyable cinema.

Maybe it's just me, but when it comes to the format, I find the entries on the list to be too tightly hugging each other. They definitely don't look ugly, even when un-spoilered, but something to liven up the overall presentation a little would be nice. Again though, I have to emphasize it's most definitely not bad 'as is', just seems a little off to me.


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