2012 Billboard Top 100: #100-96

Kicking things off!

#100: "Burn It down" by Linkin Park

Huh, Linkin Park got a song in the top 100 of the year. Barely, but still.

Music is not that good, in my opinion. It has a weird synth riff throughout, which distracts from the rest of the song. Singing is Chester Bennington being Chester Bennington.

As for the lyrics, I'm not really sure what they are talking about. It's a metaphor, I think, for ending a relationship, comparing it to building something for the sake of burning it down.

This song...it's not bad, but it isn't as good as old Linkin Park songs. It just sounds like Linkin Park phoning it in. It's almost like they sat down, took their older songs, and made a new one to sound as much like those old ones as possible, but without the same charm as those old ones.

#99: "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" by Eli Young Band

Know who they are. Very country.

Music is pretty country. It's almost completely someone just strumming on an acoustic guitar, until they put some electric guitar in there. Singing is, again, very country. Mike Eli has a nice country voice, but it isn't all that unique.

Lyrics are basically a flashback to his childhood, saying that you should keep chasing your dreams no matter what.

This song is actually not that bad. It's not all that unique sounding, but the lyrics have a nice message, with a somewhat unique delivery. Not sure if I totally agree with the message, though. I mean, "Keep on dreaming, even if it breaks your heart"? No thanks. Like I said, though, the song is still pretty good.

#98: "Fly Over States" by Jason Aldean

More country! Yee-haw!

Music is pretty good, with much more electric guitar than is usual for country songs. Singing is very country, though. Not bad, but very familiar sounding.

The lyrics are pretty good. Basically, the song is about "fly over states", as in those states like Kansas and Oklahoma, which are seen as more scenery than somewhere to live, with Jason Aldean defending the people who do live in those states.

This song is pretty good. It's nice sounding, although the singing is quite generic. The real strength, however, is those lyrics. I've been to Oklahoma, and once you are actually on the ground, you feel a new appreciation for the people who live in those states, making their living with corn fields and such. It's something many people don't really think about as they fly over, admiring the scenery. But once you spend some time on the ground in those states, it's impossible to not admire.

#97: "Adorn" by Miguel

Ah, Miguel...I remember being distinctly unimpressed by "Sure Thing". Let's see if "Adorn" is better.

Music is...well, at least he isn't ripping off Usher this time, but the music is not all that good. It is a really slow R&B beat with a keyboard riff, and a few drum hits. As for the singing, it is clear that Miguel wants to be Usher. It is also clear that Miguel is not Usher.

Lyrics-wise, this song is a love song. He is telling his girl that his love will adorn her, and he will protect her, and all that.

Yeah...this song is better than "Sure Thing", but it isn't very good. The music is almost not there, the singing is just a poor man's attempt at Usher, but the lyrics are the real issue. Adorn can mean to make something more beautiful, which works well when he says that his love will adorn her. However, when he says she will adorn him...that just makes her sound like a trophy wife. Not quite the gentle image that Miguel was going for, I wager. Also, who in the hell uses "adorn"?

#96: "Somethin' 'Bout A Truck" by Kip Moore

Yeah, he's country. I've never heard him, but there is no way to make a song with that title not country.

Music is not bad, actually. Nice guitar riff, which sounds more alt-rock than country. But the singing is way too country. You know that voice people try to sound as "hick" as possible? That is Kip Moore's singing voice.

As for the lyrics, he is basically singing about being in a truck in the country, with a girl, beer, and a creek. Basically, country!

This song...it's not exactly bad, but it doesn't sound like a real country song. It sounds like a parody. The singing voice is so stereotypically country, all the guy is missing is a straw of hay sticking out of his mouth, and the lyrics are so generic country love song, there is nothing missing that could make it more country. A truck, check. Girl, check. Beer, check. Field, check. Creek, check. Middle of nowhere, check. It's like the guy sat up, decided he was going to do a country song, scribbled down some lyrics, and recorded it.

Well, that list was...hrm. Well, there was nothing really bad.

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The Eli Young Band has impressed me so far.. they have some REALLY good music out there.... ive been impressed by the quality of their songs, Burn It Down was one of the Linkin Park songs i didnt really like... dont know what it is.. it just never really fussed me much,Fly Over States.. yea fairly typical country... Jason Aldean again.. most of his music never tickled my fancy it just yea.. not my thing and i do like some country sometimes! Miguel haha youre right on with the Usher comment! i thought the same thing.... and yea Spanish Usher for me doesnt go together :P Something about a Truck is just so token and so Stupid for me.. and trust me .. i know some Token Stupid songs :D

EDIT - HAHA i mixed up the Eli Young Band with the Zac Brown Band.. darn you bands with male names in them! :D


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