Top 10 Movies of 2012 (Rylingo Reviews)

Top 10 Movies of 2012
Rylingo Review

My subjective top 10. Feedback appreciated as always.

This was a good list. I don't think the Amazing Spider-Man deserves to be on any best list, but, that's just me. I do really like what you put as your top movie though!

I loved Chronicle, but, for some reason, I keep on having a hard time that the movie even existed, even though it felt like a movie specifically made for me(not to scare anyone, but, if I had powers like that, it would probably end about as well as the movie ended).

Do you have any honorable mentions? Dishonorable mentions?


I don't think it will. But I'm happily awaiting what the director brings next to my plate.

Do you have any honorable mentions? Dishonorable mentions?

Honourable mention to Seven Psychopaths. I didn't see it before I made the list. If I had, it would have pushed one of the superhero duo at the bottom out of the chart.
Dishonorable mention has to go to the Dark Shadows. I can see that Burton was going for dark humour but it just doesn't work. I really didn't enjoy watching the movie.


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