2012 Billboard Top 100: #65-61

Here we go.

#65: "Let's Go" by Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo

I've done a couple of Ne-Yo songs, and one other Calvin Harris I can think of, "We Found Love" where he worked with Rihanna. I liked that song.

Music is not all that great. It is mostly this keyboard hitting a few notes repetitively, with a low-key drum part. Ne-Yo is not that strong of a singer still, whining way too much.

The lyrics are basically an attempt to hook up with a girl, saying her past doesn't matter, only her future does. So let's go, I guess.

I do not like this song all that much. The music is way too repetitive to me. It is catchy, but rather than being catchy by being an interesting riff, it is catchy by beating itself into your head. Ne-Yo is a bit too whiny throughout the song, and the production by Calvin Harris, while not bad, is not near as good as "We Found Love". Overall, this song isn't terrible, but I can't think of a reason to listen to it again.

#64: "Rumour Has It" by Adele

Repeat artist!

Music is not as good as her other songs. It opens with a pretty decent drum beat, giving it the feel of a marching band, or army, but it gets old fairly fast, and the rest of the music doesn't kick in until the chorus. Adele still has a strong singing voice though.

The lyrics are basically attacking her soon to be ex, saying he is spending time with a girl, and "rumour has it" that he is going to leave Adele for the other girl.

This song is not as good as Adele's other songs. When the instruments kick in, the music is pretty distant, but the drums are very repetitive. The chorus is the real problem, though. The entire story behind the song is in the verses, because the chorus is nothing but "rumour has it" repeated ad nauseam. The only time it changes is actually pretty interesting. The final line of the song is "Rumour has it he's the one I'm leaving you for", a nice gender flip of the other choruses. Overall, though, this song isn't as catchy as "Rolling In The Deep", and it doesn't have the emotional punch of "Someone Like You".

#63: "Work Out" by J. Cole

Who? *research* Ah, a hip-hop artist. He is an American now, but he was born in Germany. Well, that's unique for a hip-hop artist.

Music is about as catchy as the average hip-hop song. It has a nice keyboard line, but it is mostly inconsequential. J Cole is a decent rapper, but he seems to be phoning it in, sounding a bit lazy.

As for the lyrics, he is hitting on a girl, but his strategy is different. Rather than convincing her to stay with him, he is basically saying he'll be the best one-night stand she'll ever have.

This is not a good song. The music is gentle, but that just makes the lyrics worse. I mean, I'm sorry, but bragging that he "can't be her man", and convincing her that they are better as a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" relationship is shallow even by hip-hop standards. It's just not a pleasant song, and I can't recommend it to anyone. J Cole is not quite a Chris Brown level douche, but he's getting there.

#62: "Back In Time" by Pitbull

Repeat artist! And this is a soundtrack song, being the theme song for "Men In Black 3".

Music starts off not too bad, and it has a pretty neat sample throughout, but there is this obnoxious synth beat that covers up everything else, including the instruments throughout most of the sample. As for the rapping, as far as ability goes, Pitbull is fairly good here again, showing nice flow.

The lyrics are...well, throw out any idea that it has anything to do with the Men in Black. I mean, he does mention them by name a couple of times, and describes their outfits, but other than that, this is just another song with Pitbull bragging about himself.

This song is...well, it's pretty bad. The music has potential, but that annoying synth beat takes that potential away. Pitbull isn't a bad rapper, he's just a stupid one, and the lyrics reflect that. I mean, I never thought I'd hear the equivalent of "Something something Leonard Bernstein" in a rap song. I did here, with him saying a line and ending it with "Ray Charles".

Because I know people will be wondering about it, yes, I did hear the dubstep. Yes, it is pretty bad. However, I don't think dubstep, as a whole, is terrible. To me, it is like autotune. It is pretty easy to use it wrong, but it doesn't instantly make a song bad because it is used. This song is a bad song with dubstep, but the dubstep isn't why the song is bad.

#61: "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine


Music is pretty decent. It has a nice piano line in the intro. The music does fall away for the verses though, becoming a bit of a hip-hop beat. Luckily, the vocals are strong enough to actually hold up by themselves.

The lyrics are the strength of the song. Basically, this is a love song, but using stereos and similar musical items as an extended metaphor. For example "I only pray you never leave me behind, because good music is so hard to find".

This is probably the only the song that has actually grown on me since my last review. There, I liked it, but felt that Gym Class Heroes let the song down. Now, I think the entire song works as a whole, with Gym Class Heroes doing their thing quite well. The music is not bad when it is there, both the artists play off of each other well, and the entire metaphor the song is written around works quite well, and is a fairly unique metaphor to use. I approve.

Well, that list was pretty bleh. Maybe it'll get better now?

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Well Stereo Hearts was the only worthwhile song off that 5 the rest was just terrible.. and what am i looking forward in the next 5.. well Brokenhearted.. thats it really!


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