2012 Billboard Top 100: #60-56

Top 60!

#60: "Not Over You" by Gavin DeGraw

I've not heard this guy. I'm only familiar with him because he was on Dancing With The Stars a couple of seasons ago.

Music is not my thing. It is a slow piano line, but a very repetitive one, with someone banging on the same keys a few times and then repeating. The singing is not too bad, but he is a fairly generic indie type singer.

As for the lyrics, this is a post breakup song. Basically, he is talking about how he will say that he is over his ex, but soon realizes that he is not over her.

This is not a bad song. The lyrics are really the best part of it. He does a pretty good job of communicating the feeling of someone who claims they are over their last relationship, but they spend so much time claiming to be over it that it is obvious they aren't, you know? Unfortunately, the music is way too repetitive and overpowering, and his singing voice, while decent, is not really stand-out. Decent song, but should be better.

#59: "Brokenhearted" by Karmin

Who? *research* Ah, a pop duo. Started out doing covers until they hit it big with this song.

Nice music. Guitar is repetitive, but it is still catchy. The singer has a pretty good voice, and it's nice to hear that she doesn't use autotune. Rapping is Nicki Minajesque, though.

Lyrics are basically about hooking up with a guy, telling him not to leave her brokenhearted.

I actually like this song quite a bit. It is reasonably catchy, the music is repetitive without getting annoying, and the singer does a decent job singing, although she does seem to struggle with high notes. Lyrics are nothing special, but they are not bad enough to really distract from the song. As for the rapping, the female's style is a lot like Nicki Minaj, but she does a pretty good job of it, which is something to be proud of, considering she is more of a singer. Overall, one of the better songs I've heard out of 2012 thus far.

#58: "Springsteen" by Eric Church

Recognize the name, but can't think of where. Or maybe I'm getting him mixed up with Eric Turner.

Music is very indie. Piano, guitar, all that. However, the singing is very country, and not in a good way.

The lyrics are basically him reminiscing about a girl, saying she reminds him about being 17, with one of those memories being about listening to Springsteen on Saturday nights in July.

I don't get this song. Sure, the music is nice, but the singing is just not that good. It's high pitching, and has an extremely strong country accent, which is not bad to listen to in speech, but singing just doesn't lend itself to that accent. The lyrics are the other big issue. They are just random memories of being 17, which has nothing to do with the girl, and those memories are totally random. I mean, Springsteen? Really? That's what you think about at 17? Just not my type of song at all.

#57: "Dance (A$$)" by Big Sean feat. Nicki Minaj

Oh, boy...this one I've heard, and wished I hadn't.

Beat is a drum beat along with a sample from "Can't Touch This". It is definitely that song and not "Superfreak", because it has the whole "Oh, oh!" thing going. As for the rapping, Big Sean is not that great of a rapper. Nicki Minaj is even worse here than normal.

This song is basically the 2012 version of "Baby Got Back", but without any sense of irony or comedic touches.

What do you want me to say? This song is absolutely terrible. I mean, it is a love song to the ass, and a totally serious one. It's not as bad as "Birthday Cake", but only for one reason. This one is at least interestingly bad. I mean, it's fascinating. It's almost like Big Sean and Nicki Minaj went down a checklist to make the worst song possible. Don't listen to it, though. I may make it sound "So Bad, It's Good", but it is not. At all.

#56: "Don't Wake Me Up" by Chris Brown

"...Or I'll punch you again," is how the rest of the line goes, I'm sure.

Music is a bit different than normal for Chris Brown. It has an acoustic guitar line as the main music. Singing is a bit different for him as well, as he tries to do a more higher pitched thing. He cannot pull it off, at all.

As for the lyrics, he is basically dreaming about his love, and not wanting to wake up because she is away. Can't blame her there. Staying away from Chris Brown is called exercising common sense.

This song is a bit more interesting than most Chris Brown songs, but it is also worse. While he is usually generic, and therefore more unremarkable than actually bad, here he actually tries to be more noticeable. He succeeds. He sounds like a dying Michael Jackson (in the high-pitched sense), and the music just totally gets drowned out by the chorus, which is literally nothing but him repeating the words in "don't wake me up" in various ways. This song is different from his normal work, but not in the good way.

Well, it can't get worse from here, right?

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Gavin Degraw also did the theme for One Tree Hill Back in the Day "I Dont Wanna Be" , besides that im with you.. i actually enjoy Brokenhearted.. its a good song! .. the rest is terrible... but at least the next 5 probably has one of my favourite country songs of the year.. Drunk On You.. i enjoyed that a song a fair bit!

Don't listen to it, though. I may make it sound "So Bad, It's Good", but it is not. At all.


Dance (A$$) is possibly my favorite song of the year, because it transcends from "so bad" to "so bad it's good", then back to "so bad it's bad", and then finally reaches the mark of "so bad that I can't stop laughing".


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