What Guild Wars 2 has done for me

In my pod, I sleep of great things, a green knight, and several people chanting to me over and over again "All things have a right to grow...all things have a right to grow...". So when I finally wake up in my pod, I find myself in a chaotic nightmare. And I never really wake up.
My friends-my home-is being ravaged by nightmares, by a force so sinister that rots to Dream itself! When I get my bearings and let my eyes soak in the carnage that surrounds me, a woman clad in green leaves calls to me. I run to her, and she tells me that whatever is doing this, is deeper in the forest (All things have a right to grow...All things have a right to grow...). I MUST FIGHT! FOR MY HOME! FOR EVERYONE!!!For the first time in a LONG time, I AM the hero of a game, I AM a Valiant. I am a Sylvari Thief.

And this is my story.

So begins a tale of unending adventures and passion, and tale of old enemies rising from the earth to destroy the world I know. Countless years ago in the first Guild Wars, the world of Tyria was threatened time and time again by different antagonists (kind of reminds you of a DBZ set-up, eh?), but this time however, the Elder Dragons have risen, and like the back of the box says, we must unite, else we'll be destroyed.

What Guild Wars 2 does for me that other MMOs have not done (*COUGH* World of Warcraft *COUGH*) for me in a long time, is the sense of community. In a community, we all help each other out, gossip, compete, and overall have a great time with each other. In Guild Wars 2, your guild is not your only community. It's the whole WORLD.

Thanks to ArenaNet's own perspective on side-quests that us MMO players use to level, everyone can enjoy the game and walk away with a smile. See, I'm not going around killing fifteen-hundred-thousand-knights for a plate legs like we've done SO MANY GOD #$%# TIMES. Nope, instead, I have a bar. That bar fills up as I do hard, mundane, and funny tasks like building a snowman army to scare of the pseudo-Viking dragon cultists roaming the area, or shocking the crap out of Snow Imps. And when it is full, QUEST (Events in Guild Wars 2) COMPLETE! And whoever gave out the event, just go back and talk to them so you may buy items from them. That was one of the things I hated in MMOs. You get done with a quest, their are two rewards, and you can only pick one. Guild Wars 2 shows us Karma, accumulate enough and you can buy everything from everyone that hands out events. Speaking about events, let's see if we can go kill that Champion monster that just popped out of the water with no warning at all and-I DIED. However, THIS is where Guild Wars 2 REALLY shines. Just scream across the map if you need help, and soon, you'll have an army with you ranging from your level to the endgame 80. However, dont expect those level 80's to one shot the level 13 Champion now. That level 80's stats will get lowered to that area's level cap, meaning that a level 80 can die from fighting a Level 13 Champion.

After a long grueling battle, we finally win, someone levels to 46, we all gain massive experience, and overall, we had a a lot of fun. Players of Guild Wars 2 are more than willing to help each other out, and it is a true jewel when you see two rival races helping each other out and speaking with other in the end.

Sorry, I just love the event system, it REALLY brings the community together. But the story is also "where its at". This is YOUR story, no two are the same. Currently, I am Sylvari Thief named Lightning Juice (GO AHEAD AND LAUGH :) ) who dual-wields pistols and uses Tricks and Traps for giggles, I am a member of the Durmond Priory, and we seek knowledge to fight the Elder Dragons and to better us all. I've fought the Undead with ankle-high ticking time bomb golems, built an army of snowmen, killed the Lich Lord with a headshot, and braved the Ascalonian Catacombs more than once. Your story will NOT be the same as mine is because their are so many things you can say and do and decide. Also, because I just love acting funny-stupid in Guild Wars 2 (ANOTHER thing that most MMOs do not do for me!).

I will not go into Player versus Player combat, even though that is another thing that shiens in Guild Wars 2. For now, I'm enjoying my story and what character has become. And when my character says "All things have a right to grow," it means more to me than anyone will know. Want to know? Guild Wars 2 might be the answer for the the adventurer who wants what his or her money bought: An adventure. One that is unforgettable

I see your enthusiasm for the game - It really is great! I have a lvl50 Charr Warrior. I love the story mode, it is amazing.


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