DMC hubris of Tameem

This review does have spoilers. No I am not hiding them. Do not read this if spoilers bother you greatly.


    This game does not feel good to play at all. The requirement to hold down the L2 or R2 buttons to activate the Angel or Demon weapons is far too stressful on my hands.
    The lack of a targeting button is also a big factor because the controls are not tight enough to really allow for them to do without such a feature. Especially when the game has grapples at a distance. Often I felt like I couldn't really control who I was going to grab very well.

    The weapons are not very interesting at all. The emphasis on enemies vulnerable only to specific weapons only makes the boredom worse because you quickly figure out that these weapons don't really do much. The only weapon I found particularly interesting weapon is the Aquila throwing weapon.

    Overall difficulty
    Nephilim difficulty is a total joke and I am not even particularly good at DMC games. Just spam Osiris' Prop move to win, switch to Arbiter or Eryx when armored or red enemies show up. If you say a mode is for experienced players it should actually try to challenge the player. The Mundus boss fight is so easy that I suspect that I accidentally set the level to easy mode before starting it.

Story and Characters

    Dante is really Dante trying to be Nero trying to be Dante. It is as if Capcom told Ninja Theory to try and merge these two characters into a single being. The problem is of course that Nero was never different enough from Dante to actually be any good as a character. So we go from a pretender who *could* have been cool in Nero if the development team wasn't so scared, to this guy who is an amalgam of two semi-differentiated characters. It gets even worse since this Dante even has some of Nero's moves like streak and Calibur and dresses like a dirtier version of Nero.
    The game world suffers from a serious case of what I call "You don't belong here.", there is something fundamentally incongruous in the demons' use of human institutions as a means to control humans who are always considered incidental if they are even considered at all. It makes one wonder why Mundus does not rule openly as a demon. No human can touch him and his legions of monsters so why is he using the guise of a CEO?

    The entire setup is just stupid and a ham-fisted attempt to make the game "relevant" to today's world. Sadly even this nonsense could have actually worked had they not revealed Mundus until the absolute end of the game and made the human persona a distinct character perhaps a wizard who would actually have a good reason for using a corporation as a front. Then again the only real way to pull that off is to not call the game Devil May Cry, because the first word in the title would give away who/what players are fighting against.
    I'm still trying to figure out how Tameem screwed up the club scene where the bouncer tries to stop Dante from entering; that scene could have actually been both funny and cool if Dante had simply wrote his name on the list instead of "Fuck you."

    The ending is another example of something that did not have to be as annoying as it ended up being. Why even waste our time having Vergil want to rule the world with Dante? Why not just have them team up to protect the world? Just about anything would have been better than what we got. If we have to have Vergil out to rule the world why can't he at least offer Kat a seat at the table as a reward for her loyalty and effectiveness in the preceding events? But he's all "Haaah screw her." whereas a smart king would have accounted for her existence and rewarded her with a seat of power of her own. If only to appease Dante. It is a really dumb way to setup a sequel.

Final Thoughts

    If DMC 4's was characterized by fear of actually doing a different character than Dante this game is punctuated by Tameem's hubris. First he thinks that he can change the hero into himself, then he proceeds to tell everyone that the old Dante is no longer cool as if he actually knows what is cool. Even if old Dante isn't cool (He really isn't. At least now that I am older.) this character isn't really likeable, a quality the old character did posses to at least some degree.

    He is really just a person who is dishonest with his feelings who hides behind a mean snarl. The worst part of this whole mess is that after all of Tameem's blathering they pick designs that people think make Dante look like a drug addict, something which is seen by many if not most people as completely uncool in a very serious way. He inserts himself even more at the end using his twitter name in some of the text just before the final scenes.

    My expectations for the game were for it to essentially be another Ninja Gaiden 3 and the game isn't even good on its' own without even considering the franchise that this game is supposed to be a part of! It is just a boring game that tries to wear the name of DMC without bringing something truly interesting or good to the table.

    This game is really just Tameem's ego trip and it shows.


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