2012 Billboard Top 100: #55-51

Busy weekend, hence the delay.

#55: "Want U Back" by Cher Lloyd feat. Astro

Cher Lloyd is one of the several British artists who managed a US hit this year. As for Astro, he was a contestant on the first season of the US X Factor, making it to seventh place despite his age of 14 and being a rapper. Not too shabby.

Music is not that good. It might be pretty good, with a nice piano line, but it is covered up by a fuzzy-sounding synth line, which sounds stupid. As for the singing...it is clear why Cher Lloyd did not win her season. She has a very grating singing voice, sounding like a high-school girl, despite being 19. As for Astro, he has quite a bit of skill for his age, although you can clearly tell his age in his voice. Problem is, rapping fits into this song like mustard on fried chicken.

The lyrics are the big problem with this song. Basically, this a song targeting her ex's new girlfriend, planning to cause them to break up, in order to get him back.

This song is just despicable. The music is not horrible, but the singing is not that great, and the lyrics paint a picture of someone who is the definition of "not over it". Basically, she is jealous of her ex's new girl, and tearing him down for "taking her out to every restaurant", also saying "Remember all the things we did first? Well now you are doing them with her." Basically, she is upset with her ex-boyfriend for *gasp* getting another girlfriend. If you'll pardon my language, what a bitch. Astro's verse is not bad, since he can be forgiven due to his age and has rapping skills, but it still isn't that good.

#54: "No Lie" by 2 Chainz feat. Drake

Who? *research* Ah, a rapper. Not a great name, but better than his original stage name of Tity Boi. Yes, that really was his original stage name.

Music is odd for a hip-hop song. It sounds more like an R&B song, or maybe Twilight Zone with that piano riff. Drake is a generic rapper. Not bad, not that great. 2 Chainz is decent for his one verse.

The lyrics are basically him bragging about himself, and talking about getting with women, while asserting he is totally telling the truth, yo.

I don't like this song. It is a generic hip hop song that is only noticeable in its vulgarity, constantly talking about women like they are walking boobs, pussy, and ass. This isn't even a 2 Chainz feat. Drake, but the other way around. I've heard worse songs, but not many more offensive songs.

#53: "Drunk On You" by Luke Bryan

I like Luke Bryan. Bit corny at times, but still entertaining.

Music is pretty nice. Country-style slow guitar, but with a nice piano beat. Jason Aldean has a good country voice, fairly high-pitched but still clean.

Ah, this song. Basically, this is a song about a girl, comparing the effect she has on him to alcohol.

I'm actually kind of surprised this song took so long to be made. I mean, alcohol, girls, summertime? That's almost every country song, in some way or another song. Despite the fact that the lyrics are a bit corny (I mean come on, "I'm a little drunk on you, and high on summertime"?), this is still an enjoyable song. It doesn't require much thought, and honestly doesn't really work if you dissect it. However, if you just kick back and listen to it, it is a nice song to listen to. I wouldn't turn it off if it was on the radio. Hell, I might sing along to it.

#52: "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes

Joy. I get to tackle two of Todd in the Shadows's ten worst hit songs of 2012 in one list. Must be my birthday.

Music is pretty basic. It is just a guy on a piano, with a couple of random guitar lines coming in sometimes, and a drum finally kicking in about 45 seconds in. As for the singing...I disagree about calling him a "country Justin Bieber". He isn't that good, but he still has some talent and actual passion, something that Justin Bieber will never have.

As for the lyrics, this is basically a lovey-dovey song about making a girl feel wanted in the most innocent way possible.

I...disagree with Todd about this song. It isn't that good. He doesn't have a strong singing voice, and the lyrics are a bit too innocent for their own good, making the guy seem more inexperienced rather than innocent. But one of the worst songs of the year? I don't see that. This is definitely not as bad as, say, One Direction or the real Justin Bieber.

#51: "Ass Back Home" by Gym Class Heroes feat. Neon Hitch

Somehow, with a title like that, I don't think this will be another Stereo Hearts.

Music is basically a drum beat at the beginning. Just two drums being hit repetitively. The verse adds in a better drum beat and an odd guitar line. Neon Hitch sounds all right, assuming that's the female. Gym Class Heroes have rapping talent.

As for the lyrics, this is another love song, actually. GCH is telling the girl how great she is for dealing with his imperfections, saying he loves her for it. Neon Hitch, on the other hand, is telling them that she doesn't know where they are going, or when they are coming back, but to get their...well, the title, so she can love them.

This is a song that seems sweet, but has an undertone I'm not comfortable with. Sure, they sound sweet and in love with each other...but where is he going? Clubbing? To a friend's house to party? The song never says. He is also clearly aware of his problems, but rather than fixing them, is just complimenting the girl for putting up with them. This is a relationship that defines Stepford.

Top half! Maybe things are looking up.

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Haha this next 5 is going to be a laugh.. because some of those songs are half decent! .. as for this 5 .. Drunk On you i actually enjoyed a lot too... as for the rest... yea nah i couldnt get into any of them at all

Ah, Neon Hitch.

Be glad that her other single didn't reach the Billboard Top 100 (I think it placed 112), despite hitting the top of the dance charts.

Oh, what could have been...

I really like the music in that 2 Chainz song. Shame it's stuck to those cringe worthy lyrics.


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