2012 Billboard Top 100: #45-41

Almost in the top 40!

#45: "Rack City" by Tyga

Please tell me this is about a city.

Well, that intro is promising. It's a low pitched and repetitive keyboard list, to highlight the vocals. The rapping isn't bad, but Tyga is not all that good. Bit lazy.

As I feared, this is not about a city. Basically, Tyga is bragging about how he has enough money to get all the generously chested women.

Do I have to say I hate this song? Any talent Tyga has as a rapper (which isn't much, to be honest) is drained away by the asinine lyrics and the stupid music. The keyboard line is the only real musical instrument, with the other sounds being snapping fingers like this was some kind of jazz number, and background vocals shouting "Hey" over and over. As for the lyrics, here are the first two lines of the chorus. "Rack city bitch, rack rack city bitch. Ten ten ten, twenties and them fifties, bitch." I can't even make fun of that. It's so bad, it is enough of an insult to exist. Anything good about this song? ...It's short.

#44: "Scream" by Usher


What is that music. It's a repetitive, but somehow not at the same time. Not that good, though. As for the singing, if I didn't see Usher's name on the song, I would think this was Chris Brown.

This song is basically a more "adult" version of "OMG". Basically, he sees a women, and wants her in bed.

Usher...what the fuck, man? You used to be really good. Hell, last year, you had "More", which wasn't perfect, but was at least fun to listen to. But now, you sound like Chris Brown, singing about bedding women and telling her to scream "Yeah!" Well, when you aren't telling her you want her naked. The music is still pretty good, but that just makes me more irritated. This song could have been really good, if Usher gave a crap about writing a good song rather than just writing a hit.

#43: "Someone Like You" by Adele

Re-review and trifecta!

Everyone should know the music for this song by now. It's a fairly repetitive, but catchy piano line. As for the singing, this is probably Adele's strongest performance, just because she saves the big notes for the appropriate moments in the chorus, and even then, is not just shout-singing, as in "Rolling in the Deep".

This song, for that one person who is reading this without having heard it, is basically her running into her ex out with his new girlfriend, and realizing that she is not over him yet, but is determined to get over it, finding "someone like" the guy.

I don't dislike this song. It hits where Christina Perri's songs consistently fail to, showing actual emotion. However, I am tired of Adele at this point. As a point, in the top 24 of Season 11 on American Idol (in other words, the first live show, where they cut it down to 5 of each gender, than 3 wild cards), two of the 12 females sang THE SAME Adele song for their initial performance ("One and Only"), and a third chose this song as a wild card performance. That is 1 out of 4 females choosing to sing an Adele song. Oh, and one of the males tried to sing "Set Fire To The Rain" (in his defense, he was only 15, and thought his voice was still high enough to be able to hit the notes well.) Like I said, I am tired of hearing Adele. This is the go-to song now for female talent show singers who want to show a sensitive side. I respect Adele, and I understand the album was made for her to get over a bad break-up. That was in 2011. She should have fewer hits in 2012, not more.

#42: "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris

Huh. He actually has solo work.

Music isn't too bad, mostly being a piano riff, with clapping. Until the chorus, which throws in this annoying synth. As for the singing, Calvin Harris should sing more often. He has a higher-pitched soulful voice, which I don't hear much in pop songs nowadays.

The lyrics are a bit repetitive. Basically, he loves a girl, and feels so close to her.

I don't know about this song. It's not bad. Despite the synth being a bit annoying, it is still somewhat catchy, and Calvin Harris has a good singing voice. The song just doesn't sound finished. It is a chorus without verses. Basically, the same issue I have with "We Found Love", but moreso. I'm sorry, but a synth does not count as a chorus. Other than that, the song sounds like it will be really good when it is finished.

#41: "The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry

I was wondering when she would show up.

Music is a bit different from Katy Perry's normal style. Drum beat sounds like her, but it is accompanied by a slow piano line. As for the singing...Katy's getting quite a better. I can barely even hear the autotune there, and only on the higher notes.

As for the lyrics, this is almost exactly what you'd think. Basically, she is regretting letting a guy get away, saying that "in another life" she'd convince him to stay.

This is Katy Perry's best song to date. Her singing is more on point than normal for her, and the lyrics are pretty emotional, even without the real-life subtext of her and Russell Brand divorcing. We all have that one regret, that one person we let get away from us, and this song speaks to those feelings quite well. It's hard to believe it, but Katy Perry is well on her way to becoming a bona-fide artist, not just a guilty pleasure who writes Ke$ha level party songs. It's the first Katy Perry song I am actually proud to say I enjoyed, and would listen to again.

Wow, Tyga and Usher sucked that time. At least the others were decent or, in the case of Katy Perry, really good. Well, there's a sentence I never thought I'd type.

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That was a HORRID 5.... haha and i was right you would think tyga and usher were terrible.. go me! :D

Rack City is popular? I am so glad I am not haveing kids for a few more years.

Holy shit you just made me realise what the "rack" in Rack City meant...

I feel so stupid now.


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