2012 Billboard Top 100: #35-31

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#35: "Turn Me On" by David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj

Urgh. I am getting really tired of seeing these two on these lists.

Music is exactly like every David Guetta song. Loud keyboard and piano overpowering the artist. "Luckily", though, this artist is not all that good in their own right. Nicki Minaj is autotuned quite noticeable, and she is just not that good of a singer. That's why she is a rapper. Why is she singing here?

The lyrics for this song are her telling a guy to "turn her on". That's about it, really.

Even for this pair, this is a pretty shallow song. More than half of the chorus is just repeating "turn me on". Nicki Minaj is not a very good singer, and when she does rap in this song, it sounds like all of her other songs. As for David Guetta...he needs to Guetta sense of what exciting music is. He seems to think "louder=more adrenaline". It doesn't work that way. This song was really not worth listening to.

#34: "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber feat. Big Sean


The music is bad, even by his standards. It's a mix of squeaky synth and dubstep, and doesn't work well. Justin Bieber is getting better at singing, but he is still only decent at lower registers. In higher registers...Oh God, make it stop! There is something that makes Justin Bieber sound good, though. Big Sean's rapping.

As for the lyrics, this is Justin Bieber love fluff. We can do everything we want, as long as you love me, that sort of thing. Big Sean's verse is a bit more realistic, saying that they have issues, but it is worth working through them to love each other.

This song is not Justin Bieber's worst song. But I would not give it much praise. The music is obnoxious, and Justin Bieber still is not that good of a singer. That could be forgiven, but the lyrics are just so freaking fluffy, he sounds like a high school girl. I will give him this, though. He is the better half of the song. Good job, Big Sean, on making Justin Bieber sound good in comparison. This song is bad, but it is "E.T." bad, not "Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Lover" bad.

#33: "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift

I'm surprised it's taken me this long to need to tackle a Taylor Swift song.

Music is weird. It is standard acoustic guitar, but it has these stuttering pauses that made me check whether my computer was screwing up on the video. As for the singing, Taylor Swift is not bad in that area. She's not great, but I would put her on Avril Lavigne's level.

As for the lyrics, look at the title. She broke up with her boyfriend, he wants to get back together, she is refusing to.

This is about what I expected from Taylor Swift. Shallow lyrics, decent music, decent singing. Overall, though, this song just doesn't really do it for me. It's not bad, but I just feel like it is every other Taylor Swift song, and the formula is getting tired. Maybe the problem is that it sounds too happy for the subject. It's like she's celebrating the fact that she is refusing to give the guy another try. Maybe it's fair on her part, but she says nothing about the guy, making me feel more bad for him than "Yeah, you go, girl!" Not bad, but there are a bunch of Taylor Swift songs, most of which are better than this.

#32: "Young, Wild, and Free" by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa feat. Bruno Mars

Huh. So that's what they mean when they say "a match made in hell". A rapper way past his prime, a new rapper that is just not that good, and a singer whose style doesn't match either one. Oh, and if you think I'm being harsh on Snoop Dogg, he went from "Drop It Like It's Hot" to ripping off Slap Chop commercials for a Katy Perry song.

Well, the music is definitely Bruno Mars. Slow piano beat. It actually matches the chorus, which is almost "raise your lighters" style harmony. Snoop Dogg is a decent rapper here, but Wiz Khalifa does not compare.

This is basically a song about hanging out, smoking weed, telling everyone who has a problem that they are just having fun, living the title way.

This is better than I thought it would be. The music is actually somewhat catchy, and fits with the song surprisingly well. There are problems, though. Wiz Khalifa is getting out-shined by a past-his-prime Snoop Dogg, which is just embarrassing. Snoop Dogg does decently, but he is a bit old to be rapping about this subject material. That subject material is another problem, of course. They don't sound like rappers sticking it to the man. They sound like rebellious teens. It's not bad, but it just doesn't work for the two at all.

#31: "Part of Me" by Katy Perry

Repeat artist!

Music is very familiar. It sound almost exactly like "Teenage Dream". Katy Perry seems to have forgotten everything she learned about singing with "The One That Got Away", unfortunately.

The lyrics of this song are anti-love stuff. Basically, she is tearing down her lover for how she was treated, telling him that "this" is the part of her that won't ever be broken by his treatment, and she's done.

This could be a good song, in someone else's hands. The lyrics are actually pretty good, and work well as what they are trying to do. But Katy Perry's happy-go-lucky style and music overtakes those lyrics, making this a song that just doesn't work. For an example of how this song could really be done well, the first video is the normal Katy Perry version. The second video is someone covering it in a much more somber style. You tell me which is more emotional.

Well, that was surprisingly not that bad, for having Justin Bieber. What's next.

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And we get some dubstep in the next 5.. oh no! but yea that was a very nonsensical 5.... Taylor Swift always needs to talk about Love or Lost Love... Justin Biebers music mostly is just stupid... have you seen then lyrics breakdown of it with Buckley LOL :D its laughable .. and Katy Perry should just go away .. really!

Once Talyor Swift stops dating she won't be able to make music anymore:-P

Ahh "Mercy". I think 2 chainz is in it too. The epitome of modern rap right here...


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