Fantastic Children; Anime Review

I was going to request the escapist review this anime but I wanted it reviewed because I love it.

obviously upon seeing this forum I decided to review it myself, maybe one of the moderators will see and pass it on for a more professional review? (wink wink) I'm kidding of course but I digress :P

Well, right off the bat I've said my opinion, I guess a lot of people will click off this thread now that is out the way; the yay or nay question being yay without doubt but for he or she who would like a tad more information I'll continue and I'll make this spoiler free too so you can enjoy the surprises of it all... I guess that was a spoiler in a way but pretty much every good thing has at least one surprise in it right?

I'll give the most basic plot I can: there are a group of mysterious children with bleach-white hair searching around the world in different time periods for someone. In another area of the plot a boy by the name of Thoma who lives on an island with his mother and father, his father teaching him a martial art discovers a female orphan of about the same age on one of the ancient statues that decorate the island following footprints in the sand leading from a row boat, the orphan pretty much ignores him so he gets on his way on his way to his boat to pick up his mother from her job as fortune teller in a town market place on another island. Upon greeting his mother another child causes a fuss among the market being chased through it, this is another younger orphan who has escaped with the previous orphan, while Thoma tries to help he is captured and goes home to find the first orphan is also captured. These two orphans are friends and are escaping their vile children's home to find somewhere that the first keeps having vivid dreams of and drawing pictures of different colours of featuring the same landmark. Thoma, while already involved eventually sets out to help them both, have a run in with the mysterious children and join forces, eventually yet again.

From the start Fantastic Children gets you with what I've named P.C.M.G.S.G.S; permanently-confused-Metal Gear Solid-guard syndrome: At the end of every episode you can vividly imagine the blue question mark floating above your head (baccano does this too but that's another anime for another time and that one has been done by the escapist already) to the point you can feel the shadow it casts on your bonce as the soothing music and credits roll but as soon as that finishes providing music is a main interest your head will most likely scream What?! and load the next episode if you didn't do it straight away. Yes; what will grab you hook, line and sinker is what on earth is going on, why the mysterious children are finding this person and why the creepy and haunting shadows are popping up with their surreal sound effect in the background; that's pretty much the questions as far as I can remember. A couple of these are answered relatively soon but more pop up and are left unanswered for a long time. To top this off I'm confident you will want the answers which is why I gave the state of mind I was in when I first watched it a term XD

While the style is typical anime, it's one of the nicer typical anime's. An example being Cardcaptor Sakura in comparison to Pokemon or Monster Rancher; there's just a higher quality in all the scenes which goes really well with the soundtrack.

If you haven't gathered yet then The soundtrack is of a noteworthy standard. There's two beautiful tracks for the introduction and credit sequences respectively, the mysterious children have a track that reflects their quest and feelings as one or more (can't fully remember) of them make poetic monologues over the top but finally there is an instrumental that hit me really hard during an emotional moment in the telling of the back story which really tugged on my emotional heart strings and I've regarded it as one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard since.

To conclude, the questions raised I said doesn't get answered for a long time; I'll say that it doesn't mean into a sequel series so that gives a bit more insight into when you get your precious answers and in my opinion it all comes together incredibly well with a great final scene.

I'll leave it at that.

Great story, epic soundtrack and guaranteed to have you hooked after the first episode.

Please trolls; don't be a buzzkill to me

One last thing is that there's also an epic robot in it, how can you refuse!

upon posting this I have re read it and realised I haven't given any bad sides because I feel I put people off things but just like I said about most good things having a surprise, everything has their bad sides and i'll make a couple of them, I guess I left them out also because I like it so much, but re-watching the starting few episodes there are a few things i'm noticing:

1)Thoma is a complete show-off in the typical cheesy anime character way like Ash from Pokemon, this may annoy some people

2)One of the main characters while deffinitely essential to the story seems a bit... well my english skills are failing me now but the best way to describe her is 'meh' although she develops really well getting further on into the plot.

other more proffessional reviewers may notice things, this was my first review of an anime but it's good to start with something you like because you can focus on the good things you remember.


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