Poll: The Experience Assassin's Creed 3

A companion video review to the Why Haven't I Played main review. It's a new kind of review, but let me know what you think.

So there's a montage of all the good stuff and then a montage of minor little annoyances with a text saying "THIS IS THE GAME GUYS"!

Seemed to lack a bit in this game compared to previous outings of Assassin's Creed.

I've always thought that the freerunning controls of the Assassin's Creed series were a little... Let's call them "free-spirited". But ACIII really took it to eleven, with Conner interpreting my button presses as mere suggestions. This game made me truly realize just how much I hate auto-jumping.

Game: "Hold the right trigger to run, climb, and jump."
Me: "What if I want to run without automatically trying to climb any vertical surface or jump onto any platform that comes withing three feet of me?"
Game: "Now why would you want a silly thing like that?"

Me: "Help! I jumped onto a barrel that I got too close to, and now I can't get down because there aren't any other raised platforms nearby!"
Game: "Oh, you have to press A while holding the right trigger and holding the analogue stick in the direction you want to go in order to jump down."
Me: "Why is it only NOW that I have to press A to jump?"

Seriously, Creed 3's controls are a mess.

Don't care, still thought the game was awesome. No seriously, even with all the issues such as screen tearing, frame rate drops, questionable controls, playing as Haytham for the first 3 sequences, the having to skin EVERY animal you kill, the optional objectives, and the lack of awesome buildings to climb, I still found Connor's story to be compelling enough for me to forgive some of the games flaws, be they minor (controls, Haytham sections) to major (frame rate drops, screen tearing).


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