1976 Billboard Top 100: #85-81

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#85: "Slow Ride" by Foghat

Yeah, this is the song everyone knows by this band. Well, this or "Fool For The City".

Instruments, in a word, are awesome. The guitar line is catchy while being pretty complex, drums do a decent job of maintaining the beat, and the bass line is one of the rare bass lines that actually manages to stand out. Vocals, unfortunately, aren't as awesome. They are decent, but the singer doesn't do a lot to make himself stand out over the other high-pitched screaming vocalists in rock.

The lyrics are, like the vocals, not stand-out. Basically, this is a song about jamming to music, and taking it easy. No more, no less.

Despite the meh lyrics and vocals, I really enjoy this song. The instruments do a great job of setting the mood for what kind of song this is. This isn't the kind of song you sit down and analyze. You just throw it on the record machine to get everyone up and rocking. In that, the song succeeds very nicely.

#84: "With Your Love" by Jefferson Starship

Well, I really like Jefferson Airplane. Grace Slick is a crazy good vocalist.

Music is pretty slow starting out, with a nice piano line, but it soon kicks in with a decent beat. Not too fast, but not slow, either. Marty Balin is the lead on here, and in my opinion, he isn't that great of a singer. He is too high pitched and weak sounding.

This is a basic love song. The singer doesn't know what the girl did to him with her love, but he wants her to be his.

This song is...disappointing, to me. That's not to say it is a bad song. It's pleasant enough to listen to, and the piano line is nice. But it doesn't have the same oomph of Jefferson Airplane songs, and isn't quite as nice-sounding as Starship songs like "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now". It falls right in the middle, and that's a shame. Grace Slick might have been able to make it work, but even that's a bit iffy.

#83: "You're My Best Friend" by Queen

Yay, Queen!

Music is pretty nice, as expected from Queen. A nice piano line, and a decent drum line. The guitar solo is pretty good as well. As for the singing...it's Freddie Mercury. He sells every line. He doesn't show as much of his range in this song, save a few lines, but he still sounds great.

This is one of those songs that is exactly what it says it is. He is singing to his best friend, saying that he loves that friend, and thanking him for being everywhere.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a bad Queen song (too bad that "Hot Space" album only had one single being released called "Under Pressure", though). That said, this song is not nearly as good as later Queen songs. It is pleasant, and the instruments are nice, but it doesn't have the same extravagance as later Queen songs. Basically, this is the "We Are Young" to "Some Nights". Not a bad song by itself, but not as balls-to-the-wall epic as other songs by that band.

#82: "Still The One" by Orleans

Who? *research* Ah, an American pop-rock band. They are still together, so that means something.

Music is pretty nice. It is mostly electric undistorted guitar, with a nice piano line accompanying it. As for the singing, the singer has a pretty decent voice, being fairly high pitched, but sounding clean.

Oh, this song! Basically, he is assuring his girl that despite the problems they have, she is still the one he is in love with, and that they are still having fun.

This is one of the most rocking love songs ever. It's just a fun song to listen to, and the singer sells every word, making it sound like a genuine love song. I really enjoy it. Could do without the slow-down about 2 and a half minutes in, though. It feels unnecessary. I can't fault the song as a whole, though.

#81: "Rock And Roll Music" by The Beach Boys

I'm a bit nervous here. I love me some Brian Wilson, but the Beach Boys were definitely best in the 1960's. Then again, this is a Chuck Berry cover.

Music is not that great. It has a nice beat, with a decent piano line, but it is drowned out by the vocals. Speaking of which, what the hell is with the singer? Mike Love, why are you ruining this song with your nasal singing voice?

The lyrics are not too bad. Basically, the person is asking for some rock and roll music, because that's all that he is willing to dance to with a girl.

This song...it isn't terrible. The lyrics are fun, the music is fun, but my God, does Mike Love bring the song down. His singing voice is just gratingly obnoxious. If you can get past that, the song is decent. But why not hear the Beatles version, or the Chuck Berry version? You get the same fun lyrics, some equally fun instruments, and a much better vocalist.

Fuck you, Mike Love. That was nearly a set that I liked every song on, and then you had to ruin it.

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Haha sometimes i find myself looking blankly at this list like WHAT????? but anyways i will agree with your above statements.. and in the next 5 is RHIANNON! its a classic!


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