1976 Billboard Top 100: #70-66

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#70: "Wham Bam" by Silver

Who? *research* Ah, a country-rock band.

Music is a bit different than I expected from a country band. It definitely leans on the rock side heavily, with a strong guitar line and decent drum beat. Singing is fairly country, though. Not in a bad way, as the singers have decent harmonies going on, but if you isolate the lead singer's voice, it is a fairly generic higher-pitched country male voice.

The lyrics are...not exactly positive. Basically, he is informing his girl that their relationship is not serious, and is basically "wham bam, thank you, ma'am". On top of that, he is telling her they should split up before things get too serious.

I'm not sure how I feel about this song. It's a fun song music-wise, and the singing is decent. But with the lyrics, the singer comes across as a bit of a jackass. If you can tune out the lyrics, it is a decent country-rock song, but don't expect anything along the lines of, say, Alabama.

#69: "Evil Woman" by ELO

This song is, in my opinion, one of the true classics.

Music starts off with a piano beat that is actually pretty nice, before the other instruments kick in and highlight the piano pretty well. That guitar riff during the chorus is pretty neat as well. As for the singing, ELO's lead singer is not exactly unique in sound, but he does show a decent range, and is pleasant to listen to, fairly rare for a higher-pitched male.

As for the lyrics, look at the title. What do you think this is about? He is tearing down an ex, and quite viciously as well.

This song is the type I usually dislike. This is one of the exceptions. The main thing that saves it is that the lyrics do a good job of pointing out why the singer feels the way he does about the woman, making him seem a bit more sympathetic than the likes of Beyonce. Of course, the nice instruments and decent voice help things along. I approve.

#68: "This Masquerade" by George Benson

Who? *research* Ah, a jazz artist who has won 10 Grammys. Not too shabby. And yes, this song won him one of those Grammys, for Record of the Year.

Music starts off with a nice piano solo, before kicking in with a slow piano and guitar line for the main song, although the guitar work shows some skill, especially when he goes into guitar solos. As for the singing, George Benson has a pretty soulful voice, showing decent range without ever going sharp or flat.

The lyrics are pretty dark, fitting the slow and somber mood the instruments set. Basically, he is in a loveless relationship, but is staying with the girl to keep up the masquerade, despite them not being able to relate to each other as well.

This is a pretty good song. The instruments are great, as they need to be since they fill about half of the 8 minute song, and the lyrics that are there are pretty powerful, painting the image of a guy stuck in a rut relationship-wise, but unable to break off the relationship. I like it.

#67: "Baby Face" by Wing & A Prayer Fife & Drum Corps

Who? *research* Ah, a disco group. They existed for...3 years. That is not promising.

It opens up with a harmonic vocal, before cutting into the main music, which is pretty catchy. As for the singing...they are very generic. I say "they", because all of the singing is done in harmonies.

The lyrics are about as generic as they come. Basically, they are singing about how a person has the cutest little baby face. That's it. Seriously. 6 fucking minutes of that.

This song is not bad. At least, it wouldn't be if it were 2 and a half to 3 minutes long. But at 6 minutes, it is way too long. There is exactly one verse about 3 minutes in, and the rest is the instruments. To be fair, those are some catchy instruments, but 6 minutes is way too long for a disco song, especially one with as few vocals as this one.

#66: "Let 'em In" by Wings

I really enjoy this band. Paul McCartney is always fun times.

Interesting instrumental opening, with the Big Ben chimes being played on a keyboard, in a more minor key. The rest of the song is mostly sparse on the instruments, though, other than the drums. As for the singing, Paul McCartney is decent, but he seems to be phoning it in here a bit.

As for the lyrics, near as I can tell, this seems to be about having family over, opening the door and letting them in. Unless I am being too literal.

This is not as good as I expected. Don't get me wrong, it isn't exactly bad. But the lyrics are almost invisible with how thin they are, Paul McCartney is trying too hard to make it sound like a Beatles song, and the instruments are not enough to distract from the other problems of the song. The weakest Wings song I've heard, and that's a shame.

Well, that was a decent list. No really bad songs on there. Just one that was too long, and one that was disappointing. Let's see what's next.

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I actually didnt like that 5... but i know a few songs in the next 5 so hopefully they help this list along.. Saturday Night is a good song and yeah!


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