1976 Billboard Top 100: #45-41

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#45: "That's the Way I Like It" by K.C. & The Sunshine Band

Yeah, I think many people know this song.

Music starts off with a female backing choir and a brass section. Once the main song kicks in, it adds in a pretty awesome drum line, and some keyboard, but the brass section is still the most prominent. As for the singing, it is about what you expect from a party song. Not bad, but not exactly stand-out.

As for the lyrics, he is basically telling his girl that he likes the way she treats him.

This is a shallow song, to say the least, but it is quite fun to listen to. The music and vocals are quite catchy, and the lyrics do not detract from that. It's not perfect, but as far as party songs go, you could do much worse than this.

#44: "Sweet Thing" by Rufus

Rufus was a 70's and 80's funk band fronted by Chaka Kahn.

Music is fairly slow, but with the same kind of guitar work you'd expect from a funk band. However, there isn't as much bass as most funk songs. Singing is solid, but Chaka Kahn doesn't really stand out from most other female vocalists with soul leanings. Pretty nice range, though.

The lyrics are basically the singer reassuring her lover that regardless whether he stays or goes, or how he treats her, he will be the only one she loves.

It's a good song, but there isn't a lot that makes it stand out. The wailing vocals are on pitch, but seem to be thrown in somewhat randomly, the music is a bit dull, and the lyrics are cliched. I don't mind slow songs, but this one was a bit too slow for me.

#43: "Theme From 'Mahogany'" by Diana Ross

If you don't know who Diana Ross is, you need to listen to some more Motown. As for "Mahogany", it was a Motown film starring Diana Ross. This song was nominated for the Best Original Song at the Academy Awards, but lost to "I'm Easy" by Keith Carradine, a song that I covered earlier and wasn't too fond of.

Music starts off with a slow keyboard line, with Diana Ross's vocals kicking in before the music kicks things up a step. This is still a slow song, but it does have some power behind it, which is always nice. As for the singing...I hate to say it, but Diana Ross isn't on point here. Her voice is fine, but it is obvious that she was just phoning it in.

As for the lyrics, she is basically asking a guy if he knows where he is going, and saying that he can't cling to the past, singe it is just going to distract him.

This song...is far from Diana Ross's best. It sounds like a theme song, but at the same time, it tells you nothing about what the show or movie actually is. It doesn't quite stand on its own, mostly because Diana Ross obviously didn't care about the song, and it doesn't work as a theme due to the generic lyrics. That said, it is still better than "I'm Easy", and should have won over it. Then again, looking at the nominees, it was a week field that year.

#42: "Deep Purple" by Donny & Marie Osmond

I'm not familiar with Marie, but Donny Osmond, I know, mostly from his appearances on "Dancing With the Stars" and Weird Al's video for "White and Nerdy".

Music is about what you'd expect from a 60's group. Drums, some light guitar, but fairly soft stuff. Not bad, though. As for singing, they are actually not bad singers. Somewhat standard for duets of the time, but Donny Osmond shows some nice vocal range.

Lyrics are a bit odd, but they are basically saying that even when they are apart, as long is his heart beats, they will meet in his dreams. At least, I think that's what the lyrics are saying.

OK, the lyrics are a bit incomprehensible, but the song isn't bad, if you like 60's duets. They play off of each other well, and Donny Osmond has a pretty good voice. Overall, though, the song just feels too thin for me to totally endorse it. It's not bad, but I felt a bit bored throughout the song.

#41: "Love to Love You Baby" by Donna Summer

Ah, the disco queen herself. RIP, Donna Summer. She died last year of lung cancer. On the upside, she is getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year.

The music is what you'd think from a disco song. Great drums, a keyboard that sounds somewhat like a porno track, nice bass, the works. Donna Summer is a great vocalist. She doesn't show a lot of range here, sticking to the higher register, but she sounds decent doing it, no easy task.

The lyrics are as deep as you'd think. Get this, she loves to love her guy. Shocking, right?

This is not Donna Summer's best work. It sounds nice, but it is a bit too slow for a disco song, and her vocal work isn't as good as she can be. This is not a bad song, but it could have been better.

Well, that wasn't too bad. Let's see what makes the top 40!

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