Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

It's like being cyber rambo with laser guns on jurassic tron island.

Do you need more than that? Far Cry 3 stealth and chain kills are back, leveling now automatically grants perks so you don't have to mess about with it, hunting is back, and hostage situations have been introduced.

Just now I went through a smash TV style game show to earn a laser shooting ninja star tron disk like thing that shoots a laser beam and sucks away some life force (healing is back, so no need to worry about health unless you're taking a lot of fire). Then I rode a blood dragon that could talk into an enemy fortress in a rail shooter section where he shouted out "I'M A FIRIN' MA LAZAR" and then did so.

The humor is great, with all of the stereotypical rambo cyberpunk dialogue but delivered in a tongue in cheek way. Even the loading screens remind you that grenades explode by just saying grenades explode and various other hilarious dialogue.

Why are you still here? Laser jurassic park rambo tron. Get it already. Everyone and their dog has been saying it's good. What are you waiting for? You don't take fall damage, so you can get down a cliff by just jumping down the cliff.

Jurassic park terminator rambo tron: the game. That's all you need to know. Just get it. Right now.


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