The Witcher

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TheCakeIsALie: People are mentioning Bioware because the Witcher was made using a modified version of Bioware's Aurora toolset (which was used to develop Neverwinter Nights and, incidentally, is still being updated six years later - the latest patch with new content is about 380MB in size *smiles*).

I would agree with a number of people in the thread. I found The Witcher's interface pleasantly intuitive and easy to handle (making potions was easy, changing combat stance only took hitting a button). I really liked the fact that there were tough decisions in this game: not the standard three RPG "choices" (paragon of good, indifferent meh, and obnoxious evil), but a more faction-based way of looking at things - where all factions had unpleasant people involved in them and none were free from guilt. Quite a number of the choices had me thinking hard before going one way or the other. And the graphics and combat animations are just gorgeous. :) Of course, however, I am running the game on XP.

It's good of you to be so open about receiving criticism, by the way, LordKaT. More power to you.

Nah, used the subway mostly. So it's only the people in the underground that are friendly? ^^

Yeah, they're mostly mole people and have developed their own weird society.

DONT try to subjective - BE objective.

Imo you should stop trying to be yahtzee and be yourself...

To be honest i dont watch yahtzee's reviews every week because of the actual review (because sometimes the reviews can be abit skewed), i watch yahtzee's reviews because of the humour that he employs. Quite funny.

Yeah, they're mostly mole people and have developed their own weird society.

Do they have secret tunnels accessed via a telephone booth in Hell's Kitchen? See Curly about the code, right?

I just bought the game today, it's nice to know that it's not just me that's having the problem with just about everything and in some way, this thread has answered some of my "Why the fuck is this doing this?" questions i've been screaming at my computer.
I've just done the laboratory section at the beginning of the game, what would be described as the tutorial and then The Witcher decided to roll over onto it's rear end and die.
Quite infuriating considering it's horrific load times.
Being a Vista user i'm quite happy to believe that if a game states in it's requirements that you can run it on Vista then it bloody well should do.
Call of Duty 4 does and so far has been the only game i've bought that i've had no real trouble with.
I too have lowered my settings down to low, "carefully" grabbed the sliders and set them right too the bottom and whilst making the game look like a pile of shit it really hasn't done much else.
Patched and downloaded "fixes" for Vista and even they have had little effect on overall gameplay.
My friends been telling me to get this for a while and now i finally get it, well, it's been nothing but a ball ache.
But hey, at least i can add some credibilty to your claims.

Nice review, for what it's worth.

As much as I like to read different point of views there is a great diffrence between one and not knowing what one is talking about. You my friend clearly fall into the second category. Apart from the fact that the game recieved good or very good reviews being criticized mainly for the problems with load times and minot glitches in scripting, it has one of the best stories so far in cRPG. It is not another fantasy fairy tale but a game that finally dfocuses on more grim and adult themes and choices. The ending (that you haven't reached yet comented on) is not 'uber evil or uber-good'. First of all You need to consider the fact that there are three different modes to ending (good, evil, neutral) it also includes results of different choices you made during the game (including those from the very start of it).
Next time you decide to make a 'review' care to finish the game and get clue about it.

People like you are the problem with game reviews. If a game is an island of good in a sea of fail, a reviewer will get hammered if he doesn't stretch the island into a continent to offset the bad, because he didn't meet some arbitrary definition of "fair and objective". Sheesh, I was unaware you had to be a Wikipedia-nazi in order to state your opinion on a game.

I haven't played The Witcher yet, but I have heard enough in LordKat's and Yahtzee's reviews to know that I don't want to shell out $60 for it (nor any game that cant keep people interested for more than a few hours). Meaning that their reviews were completely successful. So next time you decide to criticize someone, care to realize that not everyone shares your idea of what makes games, and game reviews good.

Besides, I like negative reviews, particularly of games that got high scores. They always seem to show a side of a game all the 'professional' reviewers who sucked the games dick for 3 pages wouldn't.

-Edited due to accidental hitting of the post button

I beat The Witcher a couple of days ago and I thought it was one of the best Action-RPG's I've played in a long time.

I like The Witcher, I think it's one of the better RPGs released in recent years. Tends to go in a bit of a different direction than the typical. The story is interesting and yes the choices you have to make are sometimes "bad or worse?" or "eh? or whaaaaat?" kind of not having a clue which the better choice would be.

The game is baffling at times though, such as playing that Dice Poker, you've beaten everyone around it seems but you're still required to find other opponents, maybe the next chapter that'll be resolved... Also where the hell are some people at times, what the hell is the Bestiary? and finding those damn books to be able to skin a cat or whatever it is you want to do are a ball-ache.

I run it on Vista and have had some problems, random "KILL PROCESS NOW!" and slow loading, I understood, maybe falsely, that all these problems would be sorted in a new patch.

Ah anyway I like it and I understand the book was part of a collection of books, maybe they'll release the next one with improvements on all of this.

TheCakeIsALie: People are mentioning Bioware because the Witcher was made using a modified version of Bioware's Aurora toolset (which was used to develop Neverwinter Nights and, incidentally, is still being updated six years later - the latest patch with new content is about 380MB in size *smiles*).

Yeah I know that it utilizes the Aurora engine. But that hardly seems fair grounds to make comparisons to other games made by Bioware. I mean how many games use the unreal engine...we don't lump them all together as they vary a lot in content.

I think them using the Aurora engine kinda explains the load times ~~

Everybody!!! Stop arguing!!!! MY god, you're supposed to be game reviewers. Every person in the world has their own opinions, and that's great. Some of you liked the game, others hated it. Don't go screaming at a guy just for stating his opinion.

P.S: It's a very good review, one of the best I've read.

Even though this is a painfully old and probably dead thread I just want to say. I loved the review. I have never played the game and was actually looking for info on it but all that aside I thought the review was excellent. It reminded me of the Angry Video Game nerd and that is high praise indeed coming from me.

Anyway the Rosanne lapdance for tony Soprano was a gorgeous bit of scenery! I think you have great potential as an entertaining reviewer. Some of the peoples criticisms were very valid not least of which was the person who thought you should atleast complete the game before reviewing it. As an aside RPG gaming is a slow painful process for most twitch gamers to get through they could care less about the story especially if it is confusing and poorly acted. So if you are a twitch gamer this review probably steers you clear from a few hours of load time confusing story hell!!!

anyway being that no one has been here for a year I am probably typing something that may only be uncovered by some future archeologist so I will quit wasting my time and yours.

Good Luck I hope to see more reviews from you in the future.

I'm going to add to this, because I think that the original review was justified in a lot of ways, and even complained to PCG when it got a "Best Of" award for RPG of the Year.

I'm running XP with as much RAM as the 32-bit OS will address, an X1950 vid card, and an SB Audigy Gamer sound card, which should be enough for most of the games I play now, but the first iteration of the Witcher ran poorly on it; memory leaks abound, desktop crashes, audio glitches, you name it! I perused the forums and stuck with it until I found a way to get it to run for 60-90 minutes without a crash, which was enough to keep me somewhat interested. Eventually the banality of the dialog trees and buggy interface added to everything and I ditched it the minute I heard they were coming out with a massive re-release. I'd finished about half of it, and shagged a few birds, installed the patch that gave me uncensored cards.

Once the scope of the re-release project was outlined, and the price point was set at less than $40 US, I was there the day it was released to get started!

A lot of what was criticized in the above review was fixed; screen load times were reduced by up to 80%, thousands of lines of dialogue were rerecorded by the original actors, a few hundred new character models were added, and updates were made to the inventory system to make it much less of a chore! Yeah, it still had it's fits and starts in scenes, but CD Projekt did a great job without doing a complete code rewrite. It's much smoother than it was before, and glides nicely to keep you immersed.

After giving it some time to get used to, I started to enjoy the unique combat system. The visual of a new finishing move was spectacular and exciting and finding that combo that dealt the greatest damage was fun.

If you want to give it a try, make sure you pick up the Enhanced Edition!

I was not very impressed with the Witcher. I love Bioware games, RPGs, etc. so thought that this company (using Biowares engine with a new storyline) sounded promising.

Never made it to the end. After a few hours in the game I just stopped playing.

I could not get into the game at all, maybe it was just me, who knows. I enjoy the stories by the writer that it is based upon, but the game just was not good enough to capture my attention.

Ah anyway I like it and I understand the book was part of a collection of books, maybe they'll release the next one with improvements on all of this.

I may have misunderstood that but just to clarify, the story in the game is all new for the game and was not (to the best of my knowledge) written by Sapkowski who is the auyhor of a really great Witcher saga. The story of the game is actually after that in the saga and mr. Sapkowski will not write another Witcher book for some time if ever (again to the best of my knowledge and bad memory). If this is not what you ment than I do apologise.

The game had many issues but the Enhanced Edition fixes a lot, If you have the first version of the game you can update it to the Enhanced Edition for free by simply visiting their website.

On another note, there will be a console version out in some time (I don't really care) which will have the same story line etc. but a new'ish fighting system etc. maybe this will be better suited to those who didn't like the PC version and who knows maybe even Yahtzee will review it again, or rather give it a proper review.

Before I start I will state for the record I havent played this game myself and only started reading the review due to the fact I am slightly interested in the game.

Now to the review. Sorry to say but this came across to me as a 14 year olds review of a game that didnt give him enough cheap thrills. Most of the problems you have had with the game do seem to come from your operating system (as every gamer knows Vista isn't a good platform for a lot of games) or lack of "adult content". I personaly feel if you had kept your points limited to gameplay issues and dropped the profanities I could have felt a bit more empathy with you.

Mostly though a good review should cover all aspects of the game and to do that you really do need to have finished it. Stating that the outcome of the game is obvious without knowing what it is kinda rubs against the grain to say the least.

I would recomend trying to be a little more objective with any other reviews you do. Cover clearly what in the game works and what is flawed rather than just listing a lot of faults. I'm afraid that as it stands your good writing (which was well structured and easy to read for the most part) was too heavily disguised by prolific swearing (which most of the time was unneeded and removed the emphasis of where it would have helped make a point) and what seemed uninformed speculation.

Sorry if anyone said this already, but, to quote

I have a Quad-Core, 4GB RAM, nVidia 8800 Ultra SLI setup. Why can I not run this game with all of the effects enabled?

First off, Quad-Core's are not optimized for gaming right now. So having a Quad-Core doesn't mean any better performance in a game like Witcher. Infact, if anything, it will run worse, because most games don't know what to do with 4-cores. Of course most of the time you'll just run like you would with any single-core. *cough* 4GB of ram is enough, you shouldn't see any problem there, that's pretty much the minimum for today's gaming rigs. As far as the 8800 is concerned... it was the "budget" card back around the time this game came out. It's good enough to run it, but not to max the settings out and sprint.

Wow... this is a truly awful review.

And shutup.

This is telling the readers how it is, nothing wrong with that.

In my personal experience with the game i was disappointed at first receiving a lot of the same issues with the game and wondering what i had done by buying it, that is until i got the patch to make it the enhanced edition. Seriously, if every game had a patch this amazing games would be so much better. It was unlike anything i had ever seen before, load times were reduced from the minutes it originally took down to mere seconds, voice overs sounded more natural, the inventory system was revamped, and so many of the issues from the original release were taken care of. I enjoy the game much more now that all of it is fixed, if you still have the game i suggest giing it a try before calling it terrible.

'ello, first evening on the Escapist. Finally decided to register so I could take part in the discussion. Was watching some old Zero Punctuation videos and stumbled across this thread via the Witcher video comments.

I got The Witcher: Enhanced Edition about a week ago, and I was abso-bloody-lutely glued to my PC for that entire week. The only part that did tick me off was the bewildering notion that Geralt couldn't get Part X of Monster Z before he's read a book about them. The books tended to cost alot and it just didn't make plain ol' sense. One other thing people claim to be confusing and annoying: The journal, followed by the glossary, the character screen, the bestiary etc. added an incredible sense of immersion for me, personally.

Feels like a bit of thread necromancy to comment upon the OP, but I can only assume he/she played the original and not the Enhanced Edition. During this week-long Witcher-marathon I had the game crash twice due to my own alt-tabbing which buggered Windows. I had to consult a walkthrough three times, only to realise the information had been in my journal the entire time. Maybe I'm just not picky enough or something, but I thought the story, the characters and the voice acting were all top-notch.

All 'n all I can only give my opinion, which is that The Witcher is a brilliant RPG - if a bit too heavy-duty for some. I enjoyed it, and (perhaps blinded by this enjoyment) didn't see almost any of the flaws pointed out in the OP. Also apologies if this post is rather messy. I'm a bit tired :P

's my two cents. G'night folks!

i remember playing the demo for this game and i couldn't figure out the way to fight, i think its because when i sword fight i spam the attack button

I'm not sure the OP even really played the game aside from the first 5 hours. That said you cannot do justice as a reviewer when reviewing an RPG without having experienced everything the game has to offer. If you blow through the game it will take you probably a minimum of 30 hours to complete.

That's pretty much all I can tell you about the story because I refuse to continue playing this game: it's laced with so many problems that it's impossible to play

By the end of the game you've got a pretty good idea how things are going to turn out, and you end up as uber-evil or uber-good.

Overall this game is just bad. Aside from the constant crashing, it's plagued by poor voiceovers, a terrible story, stupid single-button mashing combat, a worthless alchemy system, a terrible camera, and it's just downright confusing at times. I can't say it enough: Don't touch it.

This must be the worst attempt on reviewing ever.
Not to mention that most of problems and cons listed by the author (who didn't even bother playing the game before making this "review") look like a result of his own curved imagination and the review itself lacks of any logic. The real problems of this game like: lack of walking mode, CTD on Vista's, very long loading times and bad localisation - were already fixed either in enhanced edition and patches or community made mods.


Good review, I've heard mixed things about it meself.

And Yahtzee just tore it to shreds, so you're not the only disgruntled gamer out there...

Yahtzee tearing an RPG to shreds... there's a surprise!


I can see why you wouldn't like the witcher, but i still like it, it's just an acuired taste i think.

nd something else that made me move slow, made the screen all fuzzy, and added some weird looking blue circle things floating around my character - but it did nothing to my statistics.

That would be the Blizzard potion and you aren't the first person to think that it doesn't do anything. It makes it easier to get your combos by means of bullet time. There are 2 problems with that: 1, it isn't documented ANYWHERE and i figured it out by guessing what it could do and testing. 2, by the time you get to make it your skills at clicking when the on screen prompt shows up are sufficiently trained to make it completely pointless.



I can see why you wouldn't like the witcher, but i still like it, it's just an acuired taste i think.

Goddamn Necromancers, practice your unholy magic elsewhere!

TC, should've bought the Enhanced Edition or Directors Cut to solve the technical issues with the game.

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