Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Mercenaries 2 is the sequel to the original game, Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. The sad thing about the original was that it didn't blow up like some people though it would have. The game was a sleeper hit and not as well received by the public. One stand out feature of the original game was the ability to blow everything up.

Mercenaries 2 follows the same 3 mercs from the original; Mattias, Jacobs, and Mui. Each character has a specific trait that can be helpful through out the game whether it's faster regeneration (Mattias), more ammunition (Jacobs), or faster movement (Mui), but honestly it doesn't matter which one you choose...more on that later in the review.

The story has your chosen merc helping a man named Solano. Basically, he sends you to rescue some general and bring him back to his compound. But things get ugly and everyone turns on you, sending you on the run with a bullet in your ass (yes, he shoots you in the ass). The story is about as deep as a direct to television action movie starring Steven Segal and things don't get better from there. Honestly, the story isn't the reason you're playing Mercs 2 and probably never will be.

The gameplay in Mercs 2 is what you'll be clammering over because it is balls to the wall action. You can do everything you can do in other games and then some; shooting, driving vehicles, etc. You can go on a spree in the open environment all you want, just like in the original. The destruction effects have remained the same from the original, but that is a good thing because the destruction in the original was amazing. You can blow anything and everything sky high in Mercs 2. Unlike games like Grand Theft Auto, shooting civilians is frowned upon in Mercs 2 causing you to lose money when you kill an innocent. That definitely stops any sort of Grand Theft Auto experience of murdering everyone you see on the streets.

The faction system is back from the original game and remains as simple as ever. Basically things work like this...

1) Do jobs for a faction and kill there enemies which will make that faction like you, unlocking special things like open airports for landing, weapons, etc.

2) If you do jobs for a faction that is enemies with a faction that likes you, the faction that likes you will not like you as much and their trust will go down...choose your jobs wisely

It's as simple as that...nothing more and nothing less.

I'm gonna put this as easily as I possibly can. Mercenaries 2 has A LOT of problems...mostly technical ones. The problems start with the cutscene transitions when sound with stop for a moment and the frame rate will drop for a few seconds. That might not seem too bad, but when you experience it first hand you will understand.

There is a hell of a lot of clipping in the game, some more noticable than others. One major clipping incident is in the PMC reflecting pool. When you swim in it, your body can clip through the raised steps causing your merc to swim through the concrete. The clipping really only happens with the water and the buildings (if you are really close and such).

The Physics in the game are questionable at best. They can be pretty weak at times. IF your merc gets hit by a car, they will just either slide out of the way or get knocked down, both times you will take damage. If you get knocked back and stumble down, the physics stop dead when you actually stop, as there is no animation for getting up from the ground. You just sort of pop up back into position standing up. If you are prone to getting knocked down a lot, this will bug you. When you die, the only time your body will move anywhere other than down to the ground in semi rag doll physics is if you were on a hill and you roll down it.

Whenever you are in a vehicle that blows up, you will be launched into the air. While in the air, you cannot move and you just have to wait until you hit the ground and get to your feet. In the time between all that, you cannot move at all, giving all the enemies the opportunity to fill your meat full of bullet holes.

The voice acting in this game is ABYSMAL...and that is putting it mildly! With the exception of the 3 mercenaries you can play as (who are voiced very well), the voice acting is just bad. The NPC characters sound like they were voiced by random people picked off the streets. The enemies, the NPCs, and even the mercs will repeat their one liners over and over until you know them all by heart. You will tire of this very quickly as every enemy you encounter will say the same thing over and over again. Having to hear Fiona tell you to come talk to her at the PMC over and over again will make you wish you were deaf.

But the biggest problem in Mercs 2 is the Enemy AI. Actually, I take that back. It isn't just the enemy AI, it's everyone. Your enemies are so incredibly stupid that they won't move out of the way when you are going to run them over. Your allies are the same way as well. You can beep your horn all day long but your allies might never get in the car with you. I swear, the AI in Space Invaders is better than this game. Each character has a different trait that is supposed to help you in the game. The AI is so bad that it really doesn't matter who you play as because the enemies will rarely ever kill you unless you are just plain reckless (If you are skilled enough and not just running guns blazing).

At this point, you might be thinking that Mercenaries 2 is an awful game with the technical problems out the wazoo, but you would be so surprised. Here is the most interesting thing about Mercenaries 2...


Mercenaries 2 is very fun. Running around in this destructive sandbox is amazingly fun. You might be penalized for killing civilians, but there are PLENTY of bad guys, buildings, and world to destroy. You can run around in this world for hours on end just killing guys and blowing things up. The interesting thing about Mercs 2 is that the technical problems are all overshadowed by the insanely fun gameplay, unless you are the biggest stickler for technical problems. It is probably the only game that can actually pull this off as others have tried but failed terribly...

Mercs 2 isn't the longest game ever and you'll beat it pretty quickly if you stick to the story. There is plenty to go back for like hidden money, hidden mechanic parts, etc.

One of the best features of Mercs 2 is the co-op online via Xbox Live. At any time, your buddy can jump into your game and blow shit up with you. Your buddy can even bring money he gets from your game back into his game. I didn't get a chance to play with a buddy (my buddy was sporting a silver account). If you aren't on a fast connection, you will get lag.

Overall, I liked Mercenaries 2. I, personally, am not one of those people who are sticklers for technical prowess in games. The gameplay is so satisfying that you might actually forget how bad the physics are or how abysmal the NPCs sound. The fun factor is high enough that I can recommend this game to others looking for mindless fun.

I give Mercenaries 2 a 7.5 out of 10. It's fun for a while, but you will clammer for more than what the game offers. Rent it and pass it on when you're done.

Good Review. :)

Have a cookie.

Pretty good review. Though you didn't talk about combat in great depth, and bold tags are always better than caps. Otherwise, great job. good review..the second game seems less destructive than the first...and lets just put one thing stright The second game is way more boring

MGG=REVIEWS : good review..the second game seems less destructive than the first...and lets just put one thing stright The second game is way more boring

Yeah I did get bored pretty quick while playing Mercs 2...

The fire looks prettier in the first game. But still all round fun.

Your review's pretty much spot on. Kind of wish I hadn't bought this game opening day. Should have waited for a price drop. I absolutely loved the original, but of course I only paid $10 for it, so I didn't have as high expectations.

Your review's pretty much spot on. Kind of wish I hadn't bought this game opening day. Should have waited for a price drop. I absolutely loved the original, but of course I only paid $10 for it, so I didn't have as high expectations.

I actually preordered the game and got it first day...

Big mistake

While this game does have some huge problems, it also has some great fun points, noteably the airstrikes. I wouldnt pay 40/$80 for it in hindsight, but i needed a new game to test my new gaming behemoth, so there we go. Let it also be known that although parts of this game are very pretty, its not exactly, say Half life two, Cod4 or Farcry. Certainly the multiplayer needs a rework and the weapons leave much to be desired, not to mention the fact that its over faster than you can say 'venezula', but it is a good fun game

My only problem with the game was that it seemed like it was pretty much the FIRST game in a new place. But no matter where you are, it's always fun stealing someone's tank and blowing up whatever you feel like. Also, it wasn't even that big a step up in the graphics or sound departments either, but tht was probbly just because I got the PS2 version.

I finally reached 1Billion dollars and I didn't unlock any new clothes.


I think you only unlock clothes when you complete LEVEL 3 challenges from Fiona...

I did most of them cept for the sniper one. Goddamn that is a tough challenge...

lvl 3 sniper.
me and a friend only just did it together because he wanted the chicken suit.
and i cba doing it on my own.

I mostly agree with this review. Many of Mercs 1's flaws have been corrected, if only to make room for others:

1. Artificial stupidity
2. Having to buy your arsenal in outposts is LAME.

Positive things i like include:

1. Brighter colour palette, get this, I am TIRED of the colour pallete which can best be described as what colours you'd find in a bloody SMELTING PLANT!
2. NUKES!!!

Personally I didn't really see the beauty of Mercenaries 2 until I grabbed a cruiser with around 30 missiles and I fired them all at a huge oil platform in the sea. I have to admit I was surprised to see the thing started to fall apart and sink. It was at that time I ranked this game as above average :P.

It was a constructive review, but seemed bipolar. You kept jumping from stating something bad to something good.

My biggest complaints about Mercs 2:
Story is way too short
dumb AI
and I liked the shop system from Mercs 1
Mercs 1 rocked. If Mercs 2 was exactly the same as Mercs 1, with the graphics and gameplay of Mercs 2(and the ability to destroy trees and gaurdrails. That drove me crazy), then Mercs 2 would be a SOLID 9/10
Huge fan of Mercs 1 and 2. played them for years.

Also, anyone play Mercs 2 for PS2? HAHAHAHAHA!

OH AND the fuel-air RPG is AMAZING


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