2010 Billboard Top 100 Review: #35-31

Yeah, my bad on letting this go for so long. I've been rather busy in the real world. Still, just a few more segments and I might move on to something new.

#35: "Just A Dream" by Nelly

Nelly is all right. He's not as bad as some R&B singers, but he's no Seal or R. Kelly either.

Music is a bit different than most R&B songs. There is a keyboard line that is generic R&B, but there is a guitar line that sounds more like an 80's ballad, in a good way. As for the singing, this is one of Nelly's better performances. He doesn't show a lot of range, but he does all right emotionally.

The lyrics basically describing a post-breakup scene, from the point of view from the man. Basically, he dreams that she's come back, but when he wakes up, he realizes that she is still gone, and will likely not be coming back.

This is not a happy song. It is, however, quite good. I'd like someone with a bit more talent, but the music does enough to stand out from other R&B songs, and the lyrics do a good job of showing that women aren't the only ones who take breakups hard, which is rather unique in the music scene. Like it or dislike it, at least this song tries something different.

#34: "Ridin' Solo" by Jason Derulo

Repeat artist!

Music starts off a bit differently than most Jason Derulo songs, with a keyboard that sounds a bit like something you'd hear in an 80's arcade game. The rest of the music is basic R&B, but still. The singing is...not great, but it is a bit better than most JD songs, since he seems to at least have some sort of a personality.

The lyrics describe another post-breakup scene, like the last song. However, this time, the singer seems a bit more positive. He's not exactly happy about the breakup, but he is at least willing to move on and not dwell on the relationship that was.

This is one of the best Jason Derulo songs I've heard. Granted, that is a pretty low bar. The singing is still a bit overly Autotuned for my tast, and the music is a bit generic. However, the lyrics are pretty strong, describing a man who is neither crying about the breakup nor unaffected to the point of being unsympathetic. He's not bragging, saying he'll get someone better. It's more like "If you want to break up with me, I'm sorry that it didn't work out. However, don't expect me to come after you trying to win you back."

#33: "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga

Repeat artist!

Music starts off with a nice harp sound, sounding like something from a soap opera, but soon changes into a more Lady Gaga synth sound. As for the singing, it is Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga.

The lyrics are a bit...hard to understand. The words are clear, but connecting the meaning to the words is a bit tricky. That said, this song seems to be about a woman seeing various one-night stands with Hispanic names, and telling them that they are just one-night stands, nothing more.

This...is not Lady Gaga at her best. She is always a bit out there, but this song is almost pretentious. The music is not all that catchy, her singing is very disconnected, and the lyrics are almost random. It's like this song is a puzzle, challenging you to piece it together. Frankly, that's not why I listen to pop music.

#32: "Find Your Love" by Drake


Music starts off with this weird, almost tribal drum beat, but a nice keyboard line slowly kicks in, taking its time building up. As for the singing, Drake is definitely a stronger singer than he is a rapper. He is a bit high pitched, but he does a good job sounding vulnerable, which helps a lot with this song.

As for the lyrics, this song is basically him telling a girl that he loves her, but he wants to be her man, rather than just an option. He's had too many bad relationships, and he wants this one to go right.

Honestly, this song would not work if Drake didn't sound as vulnerable as he did. A stronger singer would end up having "I better find your love" sound like a threat. Here, though, it just sounds like a declaration of love, made by someone who just wants this relationship to go right. The music is pretty-sounding without being distracting, and the lyrics are pretty solid at making the guy sound somewhat confident without bragging about himself. It's a very good song.

#31: "Say Aah" by Trey Songz feat. Fabolous

Repeat artist and...*research* a hip-hop recording artist. Name seems familiar, but I can't place him.

Music starts off rather bad, and doesn't get better. Generic drums, with a bleeping keyboard thrown in randomly. As for Trey Songz, this is how you rap without any personality at all. He's nearly monotone, and very dull. Fabolous is...better, but his personality is slimy, to say the least.

The lyrics are...bad. This is a song that takes place in a nightclub. They are apparently too rich to buy drinks at the bar, instead pouring champagne into a girl's mouth, saying it's her birthday and to say aah. At least, I hope that's why her mouth is open, though with the sound of this song, the other possibility is quite likely. I'm talking about oral.

This song is...pretty bad. The music is random at best, the main rapper is boring, and the lyrics are flat-out terrible. Fabolous at least has a personality that fits the song, and it does sound like something you'd hear at a bar, but still...makes me feel dirty.

Well, let's hope the next set is better. And is up sooner.

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I agree for the most part.

Pretty much summarised what I thought of "Just a Dream", although that "Oh, oh, oh, HEY!" line really irritated me when it was on the radio most days.

Ridin' Solo is one of Jason DeRulo's better songs, although it's nothing particularly special, but at the very least it tells us he's capable of more than Whatcha Say.

Alejandro is easily the most boring song off of the album/ep, and I think Alejandro is probably Lady Gaga at her worst. Although the reason I hate it (other than it being boring, having confusing lyrics and being rather unworthy of being a hit) was that it's existence blocked Dance In The Dark from being a single as well as blocking any other song off of The Fame Monster from being a single, which is a crime in itself because DitD has everything Alejandro needs (lyrics which mostly make sense, doesn't have any moments where it repeats the same two lines about 5 times and a beat which tries to build some form of atmosphere).

I agree completely on Say Aah.


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