2010 Billboard Top 100 Review: #30-26

After this, I'll be in the top 25!

#30: "Fireflies" by Owl City

I've heard this song, I'm sure. Just can't place it by name.

Ah, that song. The synth line is pretty original, sounding almost like something out of Bit.Trip Runner, although the drums are clearly done by a machine. As for the singing, Adam is not really my type of singer. He sounds too much like almost every other pop male singer.

As for the lyrics, I'm not really sure what the song is about, if anything. It almost sounds like the random thoughts that run through your head when you are trying to fall asleep, which may well be what he was going for.

I don't know about this song. It's not exactly bad, but it is missing something. Music's fine, the singing is fine if you are into that type of song, but everything just feels hollow without any meaning behind the lyrics. It sounds like it is trying to be deep without actually succeeding.

#29: "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas

I gotta feeling that people are going to lose respect for me after this review.

Music is about as good as the average Black Eyed Peas song. Basically, it starts with the loudest piece of music being someone hitting a couple of synth repeatedly, with the rest of the instruments being about as repetitive. As for the singing, will.i.am is not known for his stellar singing, and neither is Fergie. When he is singing, Autotune is used, and same with Fergie. Otherwise, he is just shouting.

As for the lyrics, this is a party song. Basically, they've got a feeling that tonight is going to be a good night. Also, they want to do it. Whatever "it" is.

I really...enjoy this song. I'm sorry, but it is true. This song is the definition of shallow party song, but BEP is so committed to making this a party song that it wraps around to "guilty pleasure" territory. It's easy to dance to, and the lyrics are too shallow to distract from the beat. You want a club song? This is how it is done.

#28: "Your Love Is My Drug" by Ke$ha

This is the fourth Ke$ha song I've reviewed for this year. Just...why? Why do I do this to myself?

That music is...awful. Basically, think someone hitting keys on a synthesizer repeatedly to make synth fuzz, mixed with Atari and a drum machine. Ke$ha is terrible singer.

This song is about exactly what you'd think with that title. She is comparing being in love to being on drugs. It's about as deep as you'd expect from her.

Out of the songs I've heard from this list from Ke$ha, this is the best, but that doesn't make it good. The metaphor actually holds up decently well to inspection. Too bad the rest of the song is pretty terrible.

#27: "Breakeven" by The Script

Yay! A rock band!

Music is actually not too bad. Basically, it sounds like any other alt rock band's ballad, but that doesn't make it bad. Singing, like the music, is pretty good, but not too different from any other alt rock group.

As for the lyrics, this song is basically a guy trying to get over a break-up. He knows the female of the equation has moved on, but when a heart breaks, it doesn't break even, meaning that he is suffering more than her due to the break-up.

There have been several break-up songs this list. This one is easily the best of them. The ingredients aren't all that special, but everything works well, and the singer does a good job of getting the emotion across. On top of that, the lyrics are a pretty unique way of addressing how a break-up doesn't affect all parties the same.

#26: "Sexy Chick" by David Guetta feat. Akon

For your information, the chorus of the song replaces "chick" with "bitch". I could stop the review there, but I should at least break the song down.

Music/production by David Guetta is way too loud, as is the norm for him. Even if it was quieter, it wouldn't be that good, though, being repetitive synth and overused drum machines. As for the singing, Akon is not very good. Autotune all the way.

The lyrics are the worst part of the song. In Akon's words, while trying not to be disrespectful, he refers to a girl he finds attractive as a "sexy bitch", and "nothing to compare to your neighborhood ho". I apologize for you having to read those lines.

This song is awful. I saw the Todd in the Shadows review, and thought I was prepared. Nothing can prepare you for this. If this is Akon's idea of being respectful, I'd hate to see what he says to someone he hates. I've got nothing more. This song honestly speaks for itself.

I'm ready to move on now.

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Gotta mostly agree with this. I still enjoy I Gotta Feeling if it comes on the radio. It's fun, it's moving... Unlike Sexy Bitch. God, that song's boring.

Really like these though! Keep em up! And I like that you enjoy Todd's reviews as well.


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