2010 Billboard Top 100 Review: #25-21

Top quarter of the songs! Let's see what we've got in store.

#25: "Replay" by Iyaz

I have heard of Iyaz, but that's it. He specializes in R&B, though.

Music is like most R&B songs. However, there is a second keyboard that kicks in partway through the verses and the chorus which is...not that good, but is at least something different. As for the singing...Autotuned again.

The lyrics are basically Iyaz singing about how much he loves a girl, saying she is stuck in her head like a song when your iPod is stuck on replay. Gotta give him credit for finding a new way to express his love, but he loses points for referring to her as "shawty". Seriously, I despise that term.

This song is tough for me. The singing's not that group, and the simile in the lyrics is...a bit weak, to be honest. As a whole, though, the song's not that unpleasant to listen to. If it were to come on the radio, I probably wouldn't turn it off right away. Wouldn't listen to it otherwise, though.

#24: "Not Afraid" by Eminem

I have reviewed an entire LP by Eminem. Of course I know who he is.

Music is about as good as most rap songs. In other words, it is pretty simplistic, with a keyboard line and drum beat. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Eminem is a great rapper. He has good rhythm and wordplay, and gets his personality out through his performances.

As for the lyrics, this is basically Eminem saying he's back. He admits that his last album "Relapse" wasn't very good, but he promises that he is back and will never leave again. At the same time, he does take a swipe at modern rappers, basically saying that they don't have enough personality and rely on rhythm and rhyme to pass themselves off as rapper.

This is a great rap song. Eminem has great skills, and they are not wasted on gimmicks like accents and poor lyrics in this song. He's back, and if this song is any indication, he is not going anywhere anytime soon. Now, if he could just keep himself with what he is best at, and not do songs that feature music by Bruno Mars or Skylar Gray samples, I'd be happy.

#23: "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars

This is the only song I know by Travie McCoy, but Bruno Mars is usually decent. "Lazy Song" being a massive exception.

Well, that music sounds rather familiar. Oh, yeah. That's because it sounds exactly like "Santeria" by Sublime. I don't mean similar. It's almost dead-on. At least they ripped off a really good song. As for the singing...well, that's actually not too bad. Travie McCoy is clearly outdone by Bruno Mars, though. Travie McCoy is halfway between rapping and singing. He does good at it, though.

As for the lyrics, the song is about, well, wanting to be a billionaire and singing/rapping about what they want to do with the money. Mostly, it's all right, but there a few facepalm worthy lines, like "You can call me Santa Claus minus the ho ho. Ha-ha, get it?"

This song is not terrible, but it's not that good either. When they are singing about the nice things to do with the money, it's pretty good, but those parts don't last too long. Despite being the better artist, Bruno Mars is delegated to the chorus, and the music is good, but quite unoriginal. Overall, I've heard worse, but this song is frustrating with missed potential.

#22: "DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again" by Usher feat. Pitbull

Usher is usually decent, but has been hit and miss recently. Pitbull...I don't know why he is so popular.

Music is not that bad, by pop standards. It is repetitive synth, but at least it isn't too overproduced. This is one of Usher's stronger recent performances when it comes to singing. He's a bit higher pitched than I'd like, but he actually pulls it off for this song. Pitbull...yeah, he has the flow, but no personality.

The lyrics, ignoring the Pitbull verse, is basically hitting on a girl on the dance floor, saying that he thinks he's seen her before, but isn't quite sure, hence the title. I'm ignoring the Pitbull verse because it involves him missing the point of the song and randomly rapping in Spanish.

If this was just Usher, this would be one of the best songs I've heard for this list. The lyrics are sweet without being sappy, and avoid sounding crude like many of these types of songs, the music perfectly invokes the setting of a dance club, and Usher is pretty solid. But Pitbull is just terrible. He is the Spanish Flo Rida. Overall, it might make my list at the end for top 10 songs, but if it doesn't, blame Pitbull.

#21: "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

Two of Todd in the Shadows Top 10 Hit Songs of 2010 in a row. Sweet.

Music is rather different for hip-hop. It sounds like Gorillaz overlaid by a piano line. It works surprisingly well. Jay-Z is a solid rapper, while Alicia Keys does exactly what she does in every song she's done ever.

Lyrics wise, this song is basically a love song written to the city of New York, describing just how awesome the city is, and how dreams are made there and there's nothing you can't do when you are in New York. I think Jay-Z may really like New York City. This song is so subtle, I can't tell for sure. That was sarcasm.

This is still a really solid song. It may be a bit...much lyrically, but the music and talent of the two artists make up for any small shortcomings of the lyrics. If it were a bit more honest when it came to what New York is like instead of all positive, I'd like it even more.

Well, that list went down a whole lot better. Let's see what the top 20 will bring!

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