1999 Billboard Top 100: #5-1

Almost done.

#5: "...Baby, One More Time" by Britney Spears

Repeat artist!

The song opens with a keyboard line (if you can count banging 3 keys a line) that sounds somewhat out of tune. However, the rest of the music is pretty good, with some decent drums, a pretty solid bass line, and a not-too-bad synth line. Vocally, it is clear that this was Britney Spears' first single, because her voice is not very mature or strong.

Lyrically, this is an uncomfortable song if taken literally, since she is saying that she regrets breaking up with a guy, resulting in crushing loneliness. Her response to ask him to give her a sign...hitting her one more time. Once again, I hope that is metaphorical.

Regardless of whether the lyrics are literal or not, this is still a decent first single. Britney Spears doesn't sound as strong as she does on some of her later stuff, but the music is still fun, and the lyrics are ambiguous enough to not be entirely distasteful. It's not great, but it's not bad, either.

#4: "Heartbreak Hotel" by Whitney Houston

...I was unaware that this cover existed.

Oh, it's not a cover. The music opens with a light acoustic guitar line and drums, with a quiet keyboard line. Not much to say, but it is different from many R&B songs. As for the vocals, we're talking about Whitney Houston here. She's a solid singer, to say the least, and the lack of many big notes is actually a point in her favor, letting her raw talent shine through.

As for the lyrics, this is basically tearing down a guy for cheating on her. Apparently, the Heartbreak Hotel is her heart, or her current emotional state of mind. Either way, it is metaphorical, not a literal hotel.

This is a solid song. The singing is quite good, and the acoustic guitar, when it is there, gives this song a different feel than other R&B songs. Unfortunately, the song itself just isn't that interesting, since it is taking a theme that has been done a lot of times, and not really doing anything new with it. It's not bad to listen to, but there's just too many R&B songs like this out there to say that this one stands out.

#3: "Angel of Mine" by Monica

Apparently, Monica is an R&B singer, the youngest to have two consecutive singles top the R&B Singles Chart.

Music has a decent guitar line, with a backing piano occasionally popping in and drums. As soon as the singing kicked in, I recognized this song. Wasn't for the singing, though. It's not that the singing is bad, but it is a bit on the generic side. If you were to put this on, I'm not sure I wouldn't mistake Monica for Brandy on the higher notes.

You can tell from the title what this song is about. It's a love song, serenading the "angel of mine", saying he doesn't know what he means to her.

OK, the lyrics and singing are both a bit on the generic side. However, this is still an enjoyable song, with solid singing and quite enjoyable music. If this song was done by an artist with a bit more identity to them, it would quite possibly be in my top 10 for 1999. As it is, it's a fun song.

#2: "No Scrubs" by TLC

Aw...but I like Dr. Cox.

Music opens with guitar. Seriously, this must have been the year of guitar in R&B. There is some drums and piano later on, but the guitar is the main instrument. Vocally, I'm not crazy about the lead in this song, but the harmonies are tight.

This song is turning a guy down for being a scrub. Basically, the lead singer seems to be saying that she doesn't want to get with this guy because he is broke.

I do not like this song nearly as much as "Unpretty". A guy having no money is a valid reason to have concerns with getting serious. However, the way the song puts it, it seems to be saying "If you don't have disposable income to buy me stuff, don't even bother trying". With a message like that, even the music isn't quite enough to save the song. Not a horrible song, but not pleasant enough for me to want to listen to it again.

#1: "Believe" by Cher

Seriously, I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that, in the year 1999, Cher topped the charts.

Music opens with a piano-keyboard combo, along with drums, that sets this song up to be a dance song. Vocally, Cher sounds her age, and is arguably one of the first big artists to use Autotune. She's not horrible, but her voice seems to have issues going outside of a small, rather deep, vocal.

The lyrics of this song are basically asking someone if they believe in life after love. It seems to be a breakup song, judging from Cher saying she believes she can survive, and doesn't need him around.

Really? This song was the one that topped the charts? I can see it being a good dance song, but the vocals are not that strong, and the lyrics are basically saying "Yeah, I know this breakup is going to hurt you, but I don't care, because I'll be fine". It's just not a pleasant or enjoyable song to me, and seeing it at number one is just baffling.

Well, that was 1999. Actually, it was a pretty solid year. There were quite a few enjoyable songs, and not a lot of painful songs. Well, time to get my top 10 best and worst up.

Screw this. I'm off to review ponies. I might review 2013's list when it comes around.

One of my mum's favourite songs is Believe.. and yes as a teenager I was a Britney fan.. OH NO!.. interesting to see your number 1 as Jumper.. and number 2 as Shania.. I got so tired of that song FAST!

If you do review 2013, you might want to get your re-review button out.

Screw this. I'm off to review ponies. I might review 2013's list when it comes around.

After you do 2013 and possibly 1982, do you think you could do 2006 or 2007?


Screw this. I'm off to review ponies. I might review 2013's list when it comes around.

After you do 2013 and possibly 1982, do you think you could do 2006 or 2007?

We'll see when the time comes. Right now, I'm feeling a bit burnt out on the lists.


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