Soul Eater ( brutally honest anime review)

I love anime and unique anime especially... and Soul Eater certainly is unique.

First the story...

Soul Eater is based on a manga series by Atsushi Okubo that ran here in the US in a no longer around manga magazine called Yen Plus.

The series follows the tsundere Weapon Meister Maka Albarn and her partner/friend Soul (who can transform into a huge scythe) as they try go to the DWMA ( Death Weapon Meister Academy) that's located in the made up city of Death City in the state of Nevada. They defeat evil creatures called Kishin and collect their souls (99 plus 1 witch's soul in all) in a effort to make Soul the next death weapon of the Grim Reaper himself who's just called "Death" here.


"She'll kick your ass with just her grimace"

The series is a action Shonen anime, but it does something few other Shonen anime do.. and that's have the main female character be the one who does most of, if not all of the ass kicking instead of being the cheerleading character that's in love with the main male character and is considered a weak female.. nope Maka is the ass kicker here.. Soul is able to transform into a giant scythe weapon and Maka is the one who wields him and fights Kishin and other enemies... Admittedly the story is not the most original in some way and the pot could have been ripped from several other anime/manga stories.. However... it's how the characters evolve throughout the series.. How things don't necessarily get easier because they get more powerful.. In fact, things only get harder for Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Patty and Liz as the story goes on.


The series is a unique, funny interesting series that's in some ways, better then the manga it's based on. For one thing, they got rid of most if not all of the panty shots of Maka which is quite abundant in the manga but thankfully nowhere to be seen here... a anime that gets rid of panty shots present in the manga it's based on is both rare and awesome.

Not to say there aren't some fan service moments, cause there are.. especially involving the magic cat girl Blair . But the scenes are mostly cut down a lot from the manga..

"There's surprisingly a lot of space down here"

The series mainly follows Maka and Soul as well as other characters like Black Star and his weapon partner Tsubaki as well as Death the Kid and his dual partners Patty and Liz Thompson. Not only are they all after Kishin souls but they're also involved in several ongoing, intertwined arcs that has pit the three Weapons Meisters and their weapon partners against a powerful evil witch named Medusa


Medusa wants to spread madness through out the world using Black Blood and initially poses as good , and helpful school nurse at the DWMA. The series eventually shifts to another plot that's connected and involves a powerful evil Kishin known as Asura who wants to also spread the madness as is awaken by Medusa and becomes allied with Medusa's sister Arachne.

The animation:..

The animation is provide by studio Bones (best known for Fullmetal Achemist and Eureka Seven) and once again, they did a fantastic job of bringing a manga series to life. The animation is fluid, the character designs (while slightly different from their manga counterparts) are very well done all look great.

Sound/voice work...

The sound and the English dubbed voice work are both fairly well done here from the opening themes to the closing to most of the characters with the exception of Black Star who has an incredibly annoying voice. But besides Black Star the English voice work is all solidly done and only gets better the series went on.

Over all the anime is quite well done and the series has a lot going for it to be sure, but it's not without faults.. For one thing the series ends after 51 episodes while the manga went on for almost ten years in total before ending. Why only adapt part of such an interesting story?

I already mentioned how the story isn't the most original at times as well and the ending leaves a little to be desired as well but overall it's a great series with great characters, good animation, and good voice work worthy of watching.



Samael Barghest:

I actually read some of the manga first before I heard there was an anime series about it.. and waited till there was an english dub before watching it.. ill probably go back and read some more of the manga from where i left off soon



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