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As a man with high functioning autism, Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) has never really been able to connect with people the way that he has wanted to. He's awkward, he's weird, and he doesn't connect with people. But what he does have is an intense, singular focus that has given him the ability to fix just about any financial situation that can happen and does this for some very bad people who cannot go to their local H&R Block for tax services (namely because they are gangs, cartels, warlords, etc).

The job Christian had was supposed to be an easier one; a random accountant named Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick) stumbled on what seemed to be missing money at a completely legal robotics company. The job gets canceled after Christian discovers how much is missing but not the who and the bad guys in the background decide that it's time to clean up the mistakes via bullets. While regular bad guys are bad enough, there are also Treasury Agents Ray King (JK Simmons) and Marybeth Medina (Cynthia Adddai-Robinson) trying to figure out who this mystery Accountant is.

So to get it out of the way since it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the trailer (and I imagine I'm not the only one); Yes, the movie does treat people with Autism pretty well in the movie. While a handful of movies have been able to handle the subject well (Rain Man being a prominent example), many of these movies seem to just make it a "Whacky Quirk" that gives the hero super powers. We see Christian struggle badly with his autism throughout the movie, see flashbacks to demonstrate how he got the skills he has, and there isn't some magical fix where, through the power of love and friendship, he magically gets better.

The vast majority of the run time is investigation (primarily by the Treasury agents) and Christian dealing with his autism. If you're going into the movie hoping for a ton of action, it's going to leave you disappointed. On the plus side, the action that is there is very well shot and clean. The camera holds still for most of it, which allows Affleck to really show off some fighting skills. The shooting is a bit more generic and silly as Christian's skills namely involve him standing there shooting at trained soldiers while the soldiers keep missing him but it's not exactly an action deal breaker either.

One thing I did appreciate is that the action scenes reflect Christian's personality well as he is incredibly detached and cold going through the fighting. Whether he is shifting numbers around for an old farmer couple who needs some help on their taxes or he's putting two bullets into someone's face, his expression and awkwardness never goes away.

The relationship between Christian and Dana was handled very well. The movie established early on a connection between the two that explained why Christian, a detached criminal, would risk everything he had to help her. It's strange to talk about how great of chemistry Affleck and Cummings had between each other considering it's not a normal "Action Hero saves the day and wins the Hot Trophy Girl" relationship but it was one of the best parts of the movie.

The movie isn't perfect though. The runtime is considerably long, which I hadn't really noticed until the last half hour or so as the film really lost steam once everything was revealed but kind of kept plodding on anyway. I was also incredibly disappointed in the ending as it felt very rushed (which is weird considering that last sentence I just wrote) and felt way too "movie magic clean" considering how well the rest of the movie kept itself grounded in reality.

Overall, if you're looking for a smarter action movie that doesn't explain every single little detail to the audience, The Accountant is a great pick.

8.0/10; The flaws that are there are not enough to really hurt the movie and the unique point of view that the story shares alone makes it worth at least consideration.

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