Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 1



It is a danger, with products hyped to be of the highest quality, to fall short, but be over-praised. Samurai Jack is not going to suffer from this problem. As a viewer of all the original seasons, the new show has already surpassed previous bars for quality. The animation is fluid, colorful but not obnoxious with the colors, stylized in the image of the original without sacrificing innovation, and shows a masterful care for the combat sequences.


They have definitely paid acute attention to the cute factor of the women. The blue alien people with emote-making antennae and the daughters of aku going from adorable toddlers to attractive angsty-looking teenagers definitely explored the cute and sexy angles thoroughly.

The seemingly homosexual robot that repeatedly said babe in a manner similar to that of Rick and Morty's copyright-safe Freddy Kruger was entertaining. Attacking Jack with a magic flute and scat-singing reminded me of the blue alien pirate from Guardians of the Galaxy who would kill people with a flying flute-like blade controlled by his whistles. Additionally he reminds me of a throw-away enemy from the original Naruto who would play the flute as an attack. It was a striking character though I question why he would remotely be considered Aku's best assassin especially compared to Aku's old most powerful minion Demongo. As was the case with Demongo, you felt he deserved another episode due to how striking of a character he was, only for him to die at the end.

The daughters of Aku I predict will evolve over time to have a few side with Jack and a few side against him. Their animated growth through training was intriguing but what really stood out was the one scene with white firey arrows causing their bodies to glow inside the darkness.

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack's design is high quality. I like looking at it. The mask was nice (for the few seconds it was around) and the helmet is striking, causing me to think back to the only helmets I recall ever seeing in that obnoxious shape which were in a PSP game called Patapon 3. It appears Samurai Jack has gone the way of Fallout 4 by killing enemies and taking their best loot to empower him. That makes sense since it is much harder to get away with that simplistic white robe look without a magic sword handy. The badass nature of Samurai Jack as of present is only improved with the backing of a hardcore past of 50 years of repeated fighting and near-death experiences all in the name of returning to the past and defeating Aku.


The psychological terror plaguing Jack's mind is an excellent excuse for the peculiar animated effects they were pulling ranging from a river of zombies to a giant fiery monster representing his father. The tranquil displays of nature, fights, and the environment has an enthralling scenic appeal which helps make the series feel like an animated movie. The raw opening battle of tearing away bots with a motorcycle's spikes and twisting a 3-pronged spear inside a bot was a brutal epic display of badassery.


I can see how some of the story is going to play out already. The Scottsman is going to help Jack on one of his adventures with his new machine gun leg. Samurai Jack will be running from and fighting off multiple waves of attacks from the Daughters of Aku. The Guardian from the original series is going to be one of the final fights Samurai Jack has to overcome in order to access the time portal so he can return to the past and defeat Aku. Aku is presently being built up on purpose by not being shown and instead there is merely small clip of his voice in a phone call from the robot scat-singer and a shrine to him from the Daughters of Aku. That is how you properly build up a villain especially in the case of animation's most legendary over-the-top villains to ever be created. I can only imagine the ridiculously tastey introduction Aku will have when he finally appears.

Concluding Thoughts

I review this episode to have been everything it was hyped up to be with iconic animation, characters, character development, scenery, and lore. My only concern is how long the creators can manage to keep their quality maxed out in every aspect of the show because, this episode does set the bar quite high for the rest of the series to follow up on.

10 magic swords out of 10 adorable blue emote aliens.


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