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I'm not dead yet!

Does everyone remember that scene in Austin Powers when they dump #2 into a fire pit? You then hear him screaming in pain as he burns to death followed by him yelling about how he is still alive but burned? You remember how they sent someone down there that shoots him and then he screams about how mad he is about getting shot? Then they shoot him again and he finally stops making noises? Free Fire is a lot like that in a full movie with a bunch of colorful characters instead of just one guy.

One group of people wants to buy guns from another group of people. A personal beef between two people on opposite sides causes the first shots to be fired and we spend the rest of the movie in a firefight. Well...a firefight where everyone is a terrible shot and nobody can hit anything except for arms and legs and people have the amazing ability to not bleed out. Alright, there's not a lot to the story but the story is not why we're here.

The movie is absolutely hilarious. Basically all of the characters are a bit over the top without being annoyingly over the top (with Sharlto Copley as Vernon being my favorite and an actor who is VERY quickly becoming one of my favorites; you may remember him from when I raved about him in Hardcore Henry, which my one fan should have seen by now after my recommendation). Another special shout out goes to Ord (Armie Hammer). All of the characters taking multiple bullets have their funny one liners. There's only one character who I thought was just forgettable (I mean that literally as when he popped up later in the film, I had no clue who the hell he was).

The firefight itself is alright but this is a comedy first and an action movie second. Everyone is an awful shot until the times they need to hit someone, in which case they become excellent shots (although that might not be the full case either because they seem to have a knack for hitting each other in the arms and legs and not anywhere else but the movie cracks plenty of jokes on that too so it doesn't hurt the movie as much as you might think). Having the vast majority of the action take place in one big room could have really hurt the action part but the film did a great job of keeping the action fresh and ever changing.

Running at 90 minutes, it does a good job of keeping everything short and sweet. The only real complain I have with it is that it had one hell of a tone change about 3/4 through the film. I suppose I'm not sure what I should have expected considering all these people have spent the entire movie trying to kill each other but it went from fun comedy to a pretty brutal death match real quick there. It's not enough to really hurt the movie but the shift was not smooth.

Overall, if you're looking for a great comedy with a firefight being the background, you've found your movie. The movie is constantly making you chuckle with a handful of outright gut laughs in there and is well worth the time.

8.5/10; Might be just a rental since you don't need the "big screen/big sound" experience to enjoy it but if you need a comedy to go see, you'd be hardpressed to find much better.

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