The FAIL Game!

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...when he realised she was a fish-monster. FAIL!
A guy is whatching Micheal bays ransformers when...

...his stomach spontaneously exploded after he sneezed and farted at the same time (according to the rumours at my primary school). Fail.

Bob was doing hurdles on the athletics track...

...while his girlfriend was doing bodyshots with his best friend. FAIL.

A woman's standing on a street corner...

She gets her face blown off by her lipstick. FAIL

Your in the butchers shop ordering a cut of steak...

when you remember your a vegan. FAIL
You're standing in line at the supermarket..

When you realize that you're in the 10 items or less aisle, and you have 11 items. FAIL.

Doing your hair in the morning...

When the rotating curling iron spins round and round until it pulls your brain from your skull. FAIL.

Your fixing your Aunt some pie...

When you completely screw up the pie, go down to her house to explain and apologize, and you somehow end up having your first (extremely awkward) sexual experience. FAIL?

You're in slacker nirvana...

You get impaled by a flying drumstick and levitating Kris Novacellick bass guitar...FAIL!!

Snooty just completely failed the game by Not posting a follow on FAIL!

My grandad just go out the shower..

and he wasn't wearing clothes. FAIL!

The ninja had gas...

...and the toilet water splashes the heck out of his face. FAIL!!
Yohsi eats a fireball...

...and burns to death. Huh. That was a freebie.

The man jumped onto the refrigerator box and...

he randomly blows up.FAIL!

a guy called james starts to lick the lamp post when .......

and slips and hits his head on the bason


u put on a shirt

The shirt reads "Kick me". FAIL.

Spider-man tries to battle the Hobgoblin and save Aunt May at the same time...

and shits hi

the guy jumped

and broke the bridge. FAIL



and shits his pants. FAIL.

A girl went to pay for her groceries...

and died fail

and out the other side.

and then she trippedover her own poop. FAIL!
thepoop then stood up and....

got scared and shot back up his butt-hole.FAIL!!!
At your birthday party....

you get your face pushed in the cake

while playing cod......

Your Xbox/ PS3/PC/ Game gear/ N64/whatever catches fire, explodes, sending disc shrapnel at your face at relativistic speeds.
And you get killed by a first time player while all this was happening
And a pigeon poos on your head.

You are taking a walk...

and a asteroid hits you. EPIC FAIL.

when a asteroid hits you. EPIC FAIL

and a asteroid hits you. EPIC FAIL. oops. triple post.

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