Scenes We'd Like to See (Mock the Week)

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"God's sake! Life's like a bloody soap-opera 'round 'ere!"

"Hey, why do our children age a year or so every 4-5 weeks?"

"Hi. We're a non-stereotypical Muslim family!"

'It's true! I'm not your son I'm an adavnced morphing super galatic time traveling android sent form the future to stop you from ruining are TV schedules!'

'I'm back, you may think I died when I was shot in the head and cremated but I'd told you I'd be back'

'Did we not already celebrate Christmas 3 times this year?'

'I knew I should i've moved after the third murder on this street...'


Cry more, dammit! This is meant to be a dramatic scene!

*breaks out into dances from the 70s*

"Being rich just isn't fun anymore!" *throws a fit* "I want to be poor!"

To quote Billy Madison "No I will not make out with you!"

"Wait a minute! The last person who had me down on all fours and squealing like a pig was named Boo-Boo the Brave and went to Kent State!"

"Oh Brett, I can't stay with you because I'm having an affair with your evil twin while I .....OK you know what? This is drivel! I can't do this anymore! If anyone needs me I'll be doing that new FOX Comedy with Pauly Shore!"

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Pat! Who ate Pat?

Because I think this one's been done to death:

New Topic: Lines Which Won't Be in the Next Twilight Film

"We're staring in an awesome movie."

Angelus, Spike, Darla, Drusilla, Mick St John, Josef, Henry Fitzroy, Dracula, Count von Count, and Count Chocula all waged a war upon the Volturi and all the vampires in the Twilight saga. The battle was finally finished. Angelus's team was successful. They killed the Twilight saga in just under 20 minutes! You may now get back to the rest of your lives without the annoying screams.

(In an Transylvanian accent) "I WANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD!"

"Hold on a sec, if i'm undead isn't this technically necrophillia?"


"I can't believe we're getting paid for staring in this crappy movie made by an even crappier writer. Even Stephen King thinks she's horrible!"

"And Buffy staked Edward...The end..."


"Yeah we know that... She did though. The movie ends already."

*insert tons of fangirl/boy sobs*

"It's all a joke! And you people actually thought we'd make another Twilight movie? The world suffered enough with the first one!"

Bella, you'ra actually pulling more than one face now.

"And so here lies Edward Cullen... who knew garlic bread could cause such violence and mayhem?"

"1...AH AH AH, 2...AH AH AH"

This vamprism... it's a bit of a cockblock to be honest.

Edward: so your saying it's a bad idea to go on 4chan.




*sigh* Dammit, why couldn't we make a good book into a movie!? Or redo Salems Lot!?

Edward: so your saying it's a bad idea to go on 4chan.

Someone's been reading xkcd, haven't they?

Also, I can't quite decide if that would be an improvement to 4chan or not. :/

"we're back again! and this time with more sparkles and sequins than ever befoooore! *flies away leaving a trail of glitter behind*"

"Say, Edward? Why is Redtube in your internet history?"

"You thought vampire baseball was wild, wait until you see vampire curling!"

Sorry Bella, the author has jumped the fourth wall again, and is humping my leg. Oh God get it OFF!!

New topic?

New topic: Rejected superhero names.

The inhuman intercourser!


Felacio girl: Sucking the cocks of justice

"Lol Fag!" Man

Seizure Man

Jerk Man

(And now those are out of the way I won't have to read anybody's C&H references. Thank God)

Buttsex man: Fucking the ass of justice
Homeless man: having the no home..OF JUSTICE
Bong man: smoking the joint of justice, and don't you fucking dare drink the last mountain dew

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