Scenes We'd Like to See (Mock the Week)

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"Hurh! Hurh! I'm gonna fuck that pig!"

"And now... I'm going to re-create 9/11. Hello mam, I'd like to borrow your plane!"

"Hello! I'm charlieissocoollike! And today, an annonymous commenter has sent me a challenge telling me to hang myself. Should I? I mean... it's a bit silly. But I can't refuse a challenge so... here goes!"

"I'm Nick Clegg, and welcome to my daily vlog! Immigranttwats!"

"Welcome to If Movies Were Real! This week: World Trade Centre!"

Hi I'm Gordon Brown, since my last youtube video was such a success I've decided to follow it up with...Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down. This video has been paid for by the UK Treasury also know as your money

"Free Cheerleader Porn! Clicky clicky!"

"Hello, I'm the Tron man. And I'm just asking you to LEAVE STAR WARS KID ALONE! LEAVE HIM ALONE! I'm SERIOUS!"

Will It Blend: Hanna Montana

Oh wait, something I WOULDN'T want to see on Youtube. let me think...

Goatse: The Movie

Now I'm going to let you finish watching a hamster playing a piano, but the numa numa guy had one of the best memes of all time. Of all time

"Sex! In 60 seconds"

"I'm jebussaves88 and welcomw to Scenes We'd Like To See (Mock The Week)!"

how many songs can we fit into 60 seconds so it cost youtube a fortune?

Time For A New Topic! A Brand New Debate On New Topics Every Week! This week, we couldn't get Gordon Brown to debate with Nick Clegg so we instead got a tub of lard!

Forum watch

Inside the Actos Studio, this week with special guest, the Star Wars Kid

"It reminds me of something Alec Guiness once said to me, he pulled me aside and said "Kid, don't fuck this up for me. Don't. Fuck. this. Up"."

Woah four days without a post, we need a new topic.

Not sure if its been done before (if so and you wish to change go ahead) however it should be quite an easy one to generate some new life blood into this thread.

Unlikely things to here at a video game show (oh and it's not that original the title)

"Yes here it is episode 3"

"Nope, the next ninja gaiden will only feature men characters"

"Yes I'm serious, a decent FPS on the wii"

Also please take this lightly as I'm not trying to troll (and hopefully no one else will) and it's just jokes

Not many people have replied at all and since I dont really have anything, I think a new topic.
Unlikely names for a new reality TV show

Big Sister

Dancing On Fire

Nick Griffin tries his hand at wife swap, with the Patels (first name I could think of, feel free to suggest better ones, I only put this because I knew a Patel once; goes teary eye'd and nostalgic) from down the road

Wow no Posts nearly a month in that case...

New Topic: Bad things to say at a 'Metal' Society


"I think we should try playing Country songs, just once in a while"


"Yo homie wazzup"...That would get someone killed extremely fast.

"Everyone, SHUT THE HELL UP. I'm trying to remember the lyrics to that Hannah Montana song!"

"I don't think Metallica sold out."

Two words:


"moshpits are for queers."

"Can you hold my baseball cap while I puke on this amp"

James Blunt is the new Metal God!! *immenant stab-fest ahoy!*
Will Young is the God-Child of Motorhead
Marylin Manson LOVES Twilight!!! ... (i bet just mentioning Twilight on it's own would be the perfect way to be murdered left, right and centre ^.0)

"I say good man, I loved that new Duke Ellington piece. I wonder if they shall play it at this little sock-ho." *twirls mustache*

"Who wants to listen to the Muppets!!!?"

anyone want some Gummy Bears ^^ then we can all play with My Little Ponies and watch Pee Wee Her-ACK!!!


The McHot-Dog.

(Wow, what kind of weird thread necromancy is this? Oh well, might as well run with it.)

The McCoronary

(I suppose I wanted to be quite random, hahaa!)

The McPoison

Oh, wait...surely that's already on the menu? well, i've had it plenty of times, so it must be.


(I know, I love the show, I was just surprised, I posted on this before my hiatus, I didn't expect to see it pop up again)

The Beet McFlurry

(My god, I remember this thread.)

The McCartney. Made with 100% real McCartney!

The fries of eternal fear.


The actually healthy salad.

The McCurry

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