Scenes We'd Like to See (Mock the Week)

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"Hi i'm Justin, recently it has been reported that MC Hammer cannot be touched, quote: "Can't touch this!". But a few moments after he said it someone indeed touched him. MC Hammer is going on a murderious rampage right now. Back to you Tom."

New topic: escapist threads that could never be succesful.

lol srry therz no spam forum so i liek post 1 here kk?

"Which console is best? PS3 or Gaybox Fagsixty?"

"LOLcats! Post ur own awsum pictures!"

Poll: Chuck Norris or Jean Claude Van Damme?

"Poll: Top 100 Worst Human beings Final- Hitler (Fuhrer of Nazi Germany) VS Rick Waller (Who is fat)"

meh I could care less about most of that stuff.


"Why I Believe The BNP Should Rule The World"

"Why I think Michael Jackson Had So Many Nose Jobs."

Why child molestation is the way to go

The real reason why Britney Spears shaved her head.

"Search bar rulez"
you assholes use the fucking search bar, srsly, u guys piss me off. stop making rpeat treds. use the search bar noobs!

new topic?
Bad way to address the country as the president of the USA.

"Guten Abend!"

"Yo yo yo, the president is in the hiz-houz!"

Sorry guys, this one has already been done a couple of pages back. If the thread manages to survive a few more pages, maybe then we could reopen that idea.

New Topic: Worst possible Ebay descriptions you'd like to see

Set of two fire side armchairs. Burnt. £30 o.n.o

Nuclear bomb. Used. £10 o.n.o

Selling Toy T.A.R.D.I.S; Only in blue (colour may vary over time), Smaller on the inside, £5

For sale: Jeremy Clarkson. 3p

Jar of Oxygen- slightly used, may contain carbon dioxide and some nitrogen. £10 or will exchange for mustard gas and cigarettes.

Parachute-Used once. Unopened.

Blank Doctorates for sale. Simply sign on the dotted line and you're a doctor. (Warning: Doctorate is in Paleantology, so certificate does not allow you to practive medicine or travel through time time with women you find)

(Anyone who likes Mock the Week may like the other thread I've just started )

For sale: Magic rant powers. Former owner: Noel Gallagher. Insult Jay-Z, Blur and Scouting For Girls like no one else.

For Sale: Half-Eaten bag of Cheetos.The bag is slightly ripped open but don't worry I taped it shut.

For sale: Gun, fired 3 times blood&fingers wiped

For sale: Hitler's other testicle. Used before.

For sale: Hooker, slightly used, very little aids

BREAKING NEWS! game comes out and NO ONE has anything to bitch about!!!!!!! NOTHING!!! EVERYBODY LIKES IT!!!!

First Edition of Lord of the Rings+ entire collection of Tolkien books, all very valuable. Low price due to my boredom through reading leading to me drawing tits all over the pages.

Me, 4 FREE, Loving girls and men, especially men <3. Slightly used.

Small Oblong Smiley Face---Great for Kids!!

For sale, The World According To Clarkson. Porn hidden inside.

For Rent: A box of Nintendo 64 games varying from Zelda to 007 Golden Eye. The games are in perfect condition except for the constant blurs on the screens when you play.

For Sale: HIV. Collection Only.

For sale: Used condoms. Proven effective.

For sale: Some stuff I found in my couch. There's like a half a pack of Juicy Fruit, 77 cents, a rubber band, a slightly damaged drinking straw, and my dad's drivers license. Starting bid: 77 cents.

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