Dwarf Fortress Succesion: The Revival

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You are champion, I can do nothing bout it. But i renamed your profession from retired ruler to
'Retired Ruler and Hammerlord' ;)
btw: The battle was quite epic. Hammerfall was kinda the right tune to it 'let the hammer fall!' and goblins die! :D

14th Slate
Some new migrants. We now count 86 dwarves!

16th Slate
We ran out of bedrooms I think, but we need new ore and coal! I wish we had a magmaforge!

18th Slate
I promoted MasterSqueak to the leader of our military forces.

18th Felsite
We spottet a horde of rheseus macaque. They plunged into our traps.


They came quite far by blocking our traps with their gibs... Some poor bastard has to clean out the mess in that hallway. Blood everywhere, ape bodyparts and blood drenched clothes.


Rah! It was such a nice day, seeing thos stupid apes cuddling weapontraps. Why did this have to happen? One of our new woodcutters got pulled into the river and killed by various fishes while trying to cut down a tree at the riverside.


Shocked by the death the mayor demanded a bed in his dining room?... Oo


Every body is busy and noone except the mayor gets weird ideas.

16th Hematite
A Human caravan arrived.

The guards punched a poor metalsmith to death because he did not make adamantine furniture or what ever impossible thing was demanded.
What a unnessesary death... I've gotta punch the guard that was ordered to 'punish' him in the face, really hard! With a hammer if possible...

And some new bones and totems... uhm I mean goblins arrived. Now they decided to lay siege on our beloved fotress!

They brought us even some swords. :D

Anyways, I asked MasterSqueak to take care of them.

Rigoth, the former leader of our forces, ignored MasterSqueaks command to form behind the traps and charged the goblins. He might want to prove himself, so he will be the leader again...


Swinging his battleaxe he struck down 3 goblins at once and then, when the close combat begun an other dwarf with a warhammer joined the fun.
image (And the horse there seems not to care ^^)

It looks quite grim for our 2 heroes. MasterSqueak is on his way.

So far they have not been hit/wounded. But the one is tired.

And the succeeded in their heroic attempt. But we didnt get all of those goblins!
About half of them decided that they can not handle those 2 dwarves and routed. Weaklings!

MasterSqueak seems quite sad that he was to late to get at least one kill...

25th Hematite
We traded everything seeming usefull from those humans. Our craft stocks are still nearly infine.
They seem a bit confused about the caravan of dwarves carrying dead goblins past them.

All remaining 84 dwarves are busy.

22nd Galena (Late Summer)
Nothing worth mentioning is happening... Days, weeks, months. All passing without anything special happens. Today Kogan Saramrith came to age. Thats why I am making this log entry.

1st Limestone
Autumn arrived. The new sleeping rooms are partilially compleated. I will add a drawing of them when they are compleated.

10th Limestone
We ran out again on coal. I cant work like that! Those lazy bastards dont supply me with enougth coal! I shall burn that wood myself!
Woodburning is not a job for a Dungeonmaster like me. You get dirty all over... I found instead that lazy bastard and ordered him only to produce some charcoal for the smithy.
But at least there is a good new. The new sleeping area is done. Far away from all possible harm.

18th Limestone
The Hammer-mosaik was finished just in time before the caravan arrived.

20th Limestone
I dont know what it is with those woodcutters. It seems to be the most risky profession. Even the fishers live saver after the new area asignments i gave them. Today one got taken by a mood. Lets hope he survives it. We need wood.

While trading i found in the finished goods pile this goodie: image
The materials are telling a story on their own. I first thought of keeping it, but then decided that MasterSqueak or one of his dwarves could use a steel plate armor.

3rd Sandstone
After that moody woodcuter took many things I thought he would create something realy usefull and awesome... but he only created this:

6th Sandstone
Okey... That mayor scares the hell our of me... What is he? Some sort of bed fetisist?... He just demanded an other bed for his dining room... oO

Those monkeys revived my mood. It highly enjoyed me to see them plunging into the traps. Our red corridor got a new paint.

Things are going really smooth, I am sort of still hoping for a siege...

Haha, that beardless made a quite neat engraving. And what he engraved is indeed true.
A brief description of it:
image That Udil there on the engraving is our Mayor. Haha!

16th Opal
Whooops... I accidently asigned beside the noble graves also MasterSqueaks grave to be engraved... Well... Now it's rated to be a 'Royal Mausoleum', I guess he wont mind the engravings on the floor by your nearly or already legendary engravers.

25th Obsidian
Soon my reign is over. The last few months I ordered nearly nothing as a ruler. I've been just botheres with all those messages of so called 'masterpieces'...

1st Granite

Things went well. During my reign I greatly increased our wealth. Who ever will be the next ruler of this for will quite sure receive a bunch of migrants.
I will continue my duties as Dungeon Master and occupy the smithy and the kennels. Currently there are no grown dogs to be trained.
Just for the protocol: There is allways a lack of charcoal and ore, but we got a decent stock of bars. 213.
Also we got some gems. 62 cut and 191 rougth. We even have 4 large gems.
The foodstock is looking fine. Over 1400 plants. About 900 of them are edible ( think). There are also a small stock of 76 prepared meals and over 300 drinks.

I heard rumors about the next Ruler. His name is Earthbound, so the other dwarves say.

I will take the reign again an other year. But i want at least 4 other rulers before me taking an other turn here. The fotress is getting partitialy to Arnish :P


It appears that the reigns of control have been thrust in my direction. I won't disappoint. Prepare for Dwarf Fortress like you've never seen it before. My turn starts...


Hurray. I am looking forward to some awesome log entries =D

I hope the showoff legendaries wont annoy you to much ;)

I've pretty much just looked at the entire fortress so far. I'll say this, I'm impressed. This fortress looks far nicer than any I've ever made. All the empty rooms are a little bit confusing though. I'll make a use for them all. Also, I'm feeling like building a tower during my reign, so I'll hopefully have one done by the end of my year. It'll be cool.

For towerbuilding go to ghe Gobbo succession ;)
You can refill the empty rooms with beds if you want to. I removed the beds from those rooms because I think it's to close to the entrance (and I dislike dirt rooms.) And placed them in the current quarters.

You could make a temple to Armok. That would be awesome. Or continue on expanding the entrance if you want to.
And dont forget to keep on mining. I, as Dungeonmaster, request allways some jobs in the forge (and dont dare to engrave my rooms!)

My apologies, but I cannot be the next ruler. When I originally said that I would do so, I was still in my summer vacation. Now, I have school, homework, and a sport to spend my time on. I don't have the time that I would need to do this, so I'm stepping down from this spot. I do hope that someone will be able to fill my position.

My apologies, but I cannot be the next ruler. When I originally said that I would do so, I was still in my summer vacation. Now, I have school, homework, and a sport to spend my time on. I don't have the time that I would need to do this, so I'm stepping down from this spot. I do hope that someone will be able to fill my position.

Awww, what a pitty :(
It would not matter for me if you'd just do your turn over the weekend when you got time (in case nobody volunteers)

Omnidum can play if he is able.

Seems he hasn't been online since: 18 Aug 2009 8:31 am

Anyway. I've created a little ahk for AutoHotkey. It creates such rooms:

▒▒▒▒^ ▒▒▒▒
▒^ ^ ▒^ ▒^ ^ ▒
▒^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ▒
▒▒▒▒^ ▒▒▒▒

The reason for me being absent is because I do not have any freaking Internet at my boarding school. Besides, I haven't even signed up for a second turn!

All right, if no one is available by the weekend I suppose I'll give it a go.

I think this is a fine idea. Welcome to Adorable Apple, we've got booze here.
I am looking forward to your turn :)

Oh, and give my compliments to whoever made that legendary hatch cover. It's patriotic!

Oh, and Councilbasement. XD

Also, I suggest that we maybe start a group or something, to advertise the game to potential rulers and, *cough* residents.

uh, Arni, your link's broken.

Hmm, seems the server is down... uploading the file...
I am sorry for the delay.


Anyway, I think that the thing with the group is a decent idea.

Upload done


1st Granite
Today I was chosen to take on the role of overseer at the adorable apples of evisceration, well, by "chosen" I mean "forced at sword-point" and by "overseer" I mean glorified caretaker, but ah well, at least I get some new digs.
Being a miner I immediately noticed the huge deposit of magnetite to the east of the main entrance. Why nobody thought to mine this valuable clump of iron ore is beyond me. I decided to mine a line through it, to see how far it goes
Also, we have jaguars :D
The previous overseers seem to be competing to see who has the most extravagant tomb and quarters. I particularly find thr bedroom with a live wolf chained to a pillar impressive.
I note that we have no jail so I order one to be carved out under the workshops.
Our fuel situation is bad, and I notice some coal, so I order it mined, soon we will have lovely, lovely coke.
I make a siege workshop, why? For...um, ornamental purposes. I also expand one craftsdwarf's shop from rock craft, to more varied rock products and bone bolts.
Feeling we need a better military, I draft three peasants to be my elite secret police force marksdwarves. I also begin construction of an archery range and a perimeter wall; it should push any would be invaders into trap filled bottlenecks, and it is wagon friendly. I plan to make guard towers from which our dwarves can shoot things.
Finally, mining of the coal can begin, I hope we find a lot of...
Bugger. Well, at least I found some Haematite.

The wolf seems to have a nasty leg wound, but from where?
I channel above our garbage dump, letting the smell out.
Wow, this is easy, I get lots of booze, a nice room, and I get to boss people around! Even better, my plans are shaping up nicely, maybe this is a new era for the apples, an era of peace prosperity and...
Get the Ramps down fast, we need to prepare the walls and set cage traps up, maybe we can catch it, and then I'll have something to chain up in my bedroom! Uh, I mean...to keep the kiddies safe.
Too late! It's coming! Run away! Also, it's flashing, that can't be good.
Oh crap, the traps aren't clean! WHY DIDN'T YOU CLEAN THEM YOU GITS!
Squeak, take your squad and intercept the Dragon! NO! STOP VOMITING YOU ARSE AND GET GOING!
Armok have mercy on us
...More booze barkeep.





Unfortunately, you lead the only battle ready squad in the fortress.

But look on the bright side, you have four champions backing you up, and you either get a glorious death or a glorious victory...WHILE ON FIRE.
Everybody wins.

Sign me up for a turn, I'm pretty novice as far as this game goes but I do know my way around it well enough to keep from running the place into the ground.

Good thing those cagetraps aren't up *phew* Otherwhise I'd have to tame that beast! Good luck Mastersqueak.

Welcome on board Cptainguy42.

Do we have steel armor?

Hmm...*opens the adorable apple savegame*
I've traded for some Steel armor bits.
You are protected by:
a Iron plate mail
a Steel cap
a Steel helm
Iron gauntlets (with blood splatters)
a Iron Shield (goblin blood covered)
Iron greaves (goblin blood covered)
Iron boots (blood, vomit, ichor covered/splattered)

And attack is the best defense, so: a goblin blood covered warhammer

Also some worn off leather/pigtail clothing underneath, but it's not worth the bother of listing it up.

After all I think we (rather you, because I am a noble, so screw this! My guard wolf will protect me! *Runs away screaming and goes hiding in a cabinet*) stand a good chance against that dragon with those new marksdwarves.

uhh, I didn't send in the marksdwarves, they haven't practised yet so they can't hit the broadside of a +Steel barn+

If anyone wants dorfing, I would suggest you ask now, we have a lot of openings.

A nice turn indeed. Well played.

And... wait... did I see a stray dog?!? I demand training of them! I must increase my dog army! *hrrhrr* I must be prepared if our military fails... against... 50 dragons or so...

I'm not entirely done yet, that was Spring, yeah, I'm that slow. I've got more time tomorrow, so I should be done by Monday at the latest.

Hmm, I failed to read 'And so ends Spring.'
Quite a lot happen just in spring D: Well, it's just fine that your turn takes a bit longer, you're doing your job verry well (ways better than I did, I guess ^^')

I would like it if we could commend MasterSqueak, I'm not sure how, but dropping kicking a Dragon deserves something.

You can commend me by giving me the armor that blacksmith makes.

Or, if he makes a warhammer, I'll take that too.

I plan to post autumn and winter tomorrow in one big mega update.

Uneventful? It rained! :D
And I got some more guard dogs! (Note to self: I require more!)

Not to forget the masterfully designed coins I created. They are stuff for legends!

So... where was I? Right... getting some more wardogs!

Sorry about the lateness, had some things to do, Winter's coming tomorrow.

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