Silent Hill RP, True RPG style

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1 - you do have a heart condition after all, catch your breath





Be aware, EVERY action you do will affect the ending. What you do and how you do it are important in deciding the ending. There are endless ending actually.

You hear nothing, but creaks of metal and your heart. As you walk into the freezer a sudden blast of cold brushes onto your skin. Bumps crawl along in rows and lines across your hard shell. You hear the sound of grumbling. Could be that monster from before. Could be the wind.

1. Continue

2. Cower

3. Run back to front door and try to open

1. I fear nothing but F.E.A.R. its self. That game is horrifying.

2. :)

1. Don't fear the reaper.


You press on. The room is actually a hallway, which gets smaller as you continue.

1. Continue

2. Run back to door and open

1. You are no coward!

1. Just keep walking, just keep walking.

1. Keep on truckin!

The hallway becomes so cramped that you have to extend your arms to squeeze through. Nicks and cuts scalpel into your finger tips. The air becomes filled with blood and ash.

You fall down through the floor. You grab onto the ledge of safety, only to be denied. As you fall into abyss the walls come closer together. You can feel your lungs being crushed. Your head becoming smaller, and your veins losing circulation.

You feel numb, hearing footsteps come closer. You try to nudge yourself away, seeing a muscular, bloody man, with....

He drops the still living man into blackness and his voice fades to nothing. Pyramid Head picks up his blade and drags it along with him as he walks to you.

1. Struggle to get up and run

2. Struggle to get up and fight

3. Sleep

1. RUN AWAY!!!



1. Oh lawdy.

You struggle to get up. Pushing yourself up only brings you down again. The scraping sound from the blade dragging rips your ears apart. A torture before death. Pyramid Head walks closer, his body bloody and absolutely fleshed out in pure muscle. You manage to pick yourself up and run. You reach the edge of the area, a large fence blocking you from darkness.

((Uh, just your guy has brown hair))

You get up unharmed. Well, a few bruises but nothing crippling. The rusted world seems to have disappeared. You could swear you hear a baby around here.

1. Go through the front door

2. Head through the left door

3. Off to the right door

1. Get the heck out of there!!!!

1. might as well be the front one.

2. To the left!

You open the door, it's a babies room. A crib to your left, where the crying is coming from. A T.V flickering static with a hissing sound is in the corner. A teddy bear is before your feet. The paint on the walls is sky blue, and the carpet the same, but with drips of blood, almost unnoticeable.

1. Pick up teddy bear

2. Examine T.V

3. Walk to crib

1. Do a bearrel roll!


1. the teddy bear may have a clue or something.

You kneel down, picking up the lifeless bear. As you do you realize it's torn in half as fluff floats in the room. Then, you suddenly slam up, your back hitting the ceiling. You feel something....little crawl on you. Then that creature. The Seer, as you call it now, greets you again.

"Do you like who you are?" It says, it's voice so jagged, ripped, teared through the airless room. It's teeth nearly cutting you with it's closeness.

1. "Yes."

2. "No."

3. "I don't know"

2. I hate myself.

2. I wish I didn't have heart problems!



The creature throws it's back, then foward, trying to bite you.


You sit up in your bed. Your forehead is sweating. Your heart racing. Your palms are sweaty, fingers look like raisins. You brush your hair and sigh in relief. You look at your bedside and grab your pills, taking one as your chest begins to ache, but it soothes away in a minute.

1. Lay down

2. Midnight snack

3. Think about what just happened.

2. Boy am I hungry!


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