The Infinity Wire: A Mysterious RP (Positions Open)

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"Across the English Channel? It took us a week to get here, it'll take even longer to get to France." Ran was slightly duanted by the prospect, another week or more with the silence that surrounded Dread would be frustrating to say the least.
"Indeed," was Dreads only reply as he looked inland, where the dragon had flown, as if in deep thought. After waiting for a few moments and receiving no reply, Ran went down to the water, where the creature had dissolved. He got out two of the bottle of water he had taken for the walk. One was empty and he tried to fill this with the remains of the creature, a difficult task but fortunately there was some left, pushed up by the water to mix with the sand. Ran gathered as much as he could, for later examination. The other he filled with salt water. He didn't trust the creatures and he hoped to be prepared for whatever they might do.
All this he did as Dread continued to stare, lost in thought, not noticing what was going on around him. Ran stepped forward to stand beside him and he started, regaining his sense of place.

Dread shook his head and said, "Come on. Maybe if we move swiftly we can find some semblance of civilization to spend the night. I don't know about you but I can only take one day of camping everyone and a while before I need to sleep on a real bed." Ran noded, he knew what Dread meant. The walk was not far until they reached a road and only a few hours of walking later they came upon a small town, where they spent the night at a motel. Dread has some money in his knapsack. Throughout the night the strange gole-like creatures remained unseen and when Ran and Dread set out in the morning the creatures skulked around just nearby but out of sight. They walked down the road and out towards the other side of the island. Ran asked Dread numerous times whether they could hail a bus or hitchhike or anything to escape the heat of midday. Dread just shook his head and pointed at the group of golems that stalked just behind them. Ran understood the reason, but he didn't like all the waling. He loved the sun, but he had been walking all yesterday and walking all today. "It won't be long, or would you rather one of those things carry us?" Ran shook his head, he didn't trust those creatures. It took them another whole day of walking to get to a port side town with a dock where they could purchase a boat to go over into France, it used up all of the money Dread had left, so when Dread packed the two golems tightly into the boat's forward compartment, he stopped, looked back the way they had came and said "I can't help the feeling like I forgot something..." before shooing the other golems away. They dissapeared into the shadows and were gone within moments.

"The wand? The gem? I can't think of anything else." Ran got into the boat and wondered how the creatures were going to follow. If they couldn't stand water (or was it salt water?) then how would they get to France?
He began to settle down as Dread, obviously the more skilled helmsman of the two, began to take the boat out of the port.

Dread, as he guided the boat out of the dock said, "I think we left our friend back there mute as a stone....." Dread shrugged and continued to pilot the boat out across the English channel as Ran laid his head against his pack for some shut eye.

The group landed on the shore at night, Dread tied the boat up on a small tooth of rock before leaping off onto a gritty beach. Ran carried both of the giant golems out, which were surprisingly lighter than he imagined. They unfolded and tramped up the beach away from the water. Dread hiked them up off the beach and into a windswept grassland, where they camped for the night in a small protected area where the wind did not quite howl as fiercely as above them and a fire could be lit. They ate pre-packaged meals that Ran had thoughtfully brought with him and Dread decided they needed to ration it, unless they wanted to hunt and fish for themselves.

During the rest of the night and further into the first light of dawn, they slept. Even the golems curled up, oblivious to the world around them. Ran, however, could not sleep. Too much strangeness had happened too fast and he could not process what was going on. He decided to sit up and stoke the fire some more. As he poked the fire with a tiny twig, a strange noise started up on the wind. It was a voice, many voices, male and female alike. Singing in a language he knew he had heard but was unfamiliar with its name. He silently reached into his pack for his books and as he flipped through he came across his tiny paperback on the Gaelic language that he had had from his college days. The voices were singing in Gaelic, but what he did not know. As he reached to wake Dread a small group of people, who wore robes of dark green and hoods that covered their faces, approached the camp. They kept a steady, slow pace, almost as if their feet were not touching the ground at all. They completely encircled the camp and Ran drew his hand away from Dread, and watched as two of the figures laid hands on the Golems and they froze as they tried to rise. The last thing Ran remembered was one of the figures sprinkling some white dust into the air before he passed out.


Would it be possible, at this slightly late stage, to introduce a new character? please quote me so I know whether or not you've replied.


Would it be possible, at this slightly late stage, to introduce a new character? please quote me so I know whether or not you've replied.

Since I've been knocked out and presumably taken away, I think this is an ideal time to introduce one without disrupting the story. pm Lord ascendent and I'm sure he'll let you in.

Ran and Dread awoke in a dark place, and they heard movement about them. Hooded lanterns were opened and a hooded figure felt the pulse in Ran's wrist before holding their hand above his face, a glowing, blinding light issuing from it. The light was withdrawn and as white spots swam in his vision Ran saw the light levels had increased to that of a gray half-lit cave. The hooded figur went over to Dread and did the same thing. Ran turned, stretching stiff limbs and said "WHo are you?" The figure turned and removed the hood. It was a woman, of Arabic decent, with big silver grey eyes. "You are among friends, and the beasts that you kept with you are left at the wayside. Come on, the High Priestess will wish to speak with you." She held out a hand to Ran and he grasped it firmly before pulling himself up. Dread stood slowly, cracked his knuckles and said "Where are we?" "Among friends, follow me please." said the woman before stepping away deeper into the cave. Following a path lit with blue lanterns hanging from poles, they went 5 yards into the cavern before coming upon a stone ziggurat structure. Pointing ahead the woman said "Both of you may follow but the High Priestess will only speak to you one at a time." the two men nodded and Ran followed the woman up the long steps that lead to the top of the temple.

Ran quickly checked his bag to see if anything was missing before beginning the climb. Dread saw him doing this and caught Ran's eye. Ran raised a quizzical eyebrow at Dread, silently asking whether he was missing anything.
The climb was long and, still feeling the effects of whatever poison those creature had administered, Ran felt off balance despite being fit and healthy. Dread was taking it in his stride, silent and determined, seeming to suffer no ill effects. Ran wondered whether it was these people or their agents who had brought them here.
As the climb continued, Ran began to feel a bit better as they neared the peak, although his thoughts still felt slow and clumsy. They mounted the last step and the woman held up a hand to indicate they should stop.

The woman turned and pointed at Dread before saying "Stay here, it will be but a moment." The woman lead Ran up under the very top of the structure, into the top room which was completely encircled by gray curtains of some kind. Inside the stone floor was covered in thin cloth and a stone throne was in its center where a middle aged woman, possibly in her forties, sat rigidly while attendants swirled around her. All the implements for cooking, cleaning, etc were strewn about. The woman looked at Ran and then at the woman and said "You may go, Jasmine." The woman nodded and left. The High Priestess looked hard at Ran before beckoning him closer. "Tis no time to mince words, I am sure you have questions. They will be answered in due course. You seek Excalibur yes?" Ran nodded. "I see, so do we. The Key to Avalon was lost to our order long ago. If we find it, we may reclaim our lost home." Ran nodded again and said "Can you use words that are.....simpler? I have no idea what you mean..." The High Priestess shook her head and placed her fingertips together, thinking, before saying "We are Druids, of an ancient order. We once lived on Avalon but long ago, the High Priestess committed an atrocious sin against our Order, dealing with a dark figure. Avalon banished her to the wayside and to protect its secrets Avalon moved. Her follows left with her, going to parts unknown. Avalon is devoid of people now, for eventually the Druids saw that the world was forgetting them and in order to preserve themselves from extinction they were forced to move Avalon again, somewhere where no one would remember it. Then they scattered. We are all that is left of their way of life." Ran nodded, more knowingly. He understood their issue, and said "We went to the Irish Sea where it used to be. A Dragon told us to find its siblings. Perhaps if we know where another sleeps we can find it." The High Priestess nodded and said "Well do you conceive, child. Send in your companion, I must question him." Ran nodded and left the room, signaling Dread to enter. Dread sighed picked himself up from his sitting position on the steps and entered the room.

Dread exited the room, approached Ran and said simply "Well, at least we are safe." and started walking down the steps. Dread's eyes looked satisfied, for once. No curoius glint in them. When they reached the bottom, the girl was waiting and pointed them towards another tent. "Follow me, you can meet our other help." Just as they began to follow her Dread turned to look out the cave and shouted "Heckyll?? Jeckyll?? What are you doing here??" at once the two golems crawled from the shadows. The alarm was raised instantly and Druids surrpunded the golems with swords drawn.

**two weeks until silence shut-down**
**you have been warned**

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