The Second Shadow War: A Fantasy RP! (The war is over)

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OOC: Ok, I will start posting soon. My posts will be infrequent, but possibly very long and epic, and I'm afraid I will probably have to control a number of characters to make up scenes and the like.

I would also like to know the motivation that would make me turn onto the Kingdom, please.

William Womp was beginning to doubt his luck, first he stuck in a meeting of brutes bickering about the severity of revolution second he was interrogated and almost gutted by the body guard of Temujin himself and now with the meeting back from recess they suspect him spy for Temujin, he knew no one in the eastern empire would trust one with a accent like his

"nah I ain't's nue spy's!" he barked back at the particular village leader that accused him
"then what in god's name were you doing back there?" they retorted
"well dat's ain't nune of yer's bisness is it?"
"you came to this meeting, so you shall share to us this INSTANT!!"
it would be a very very long night, a very long night indeed

Oran was sitting in his chambers studying some more books and humming and old song to himself..during his singing he heard a knock on his door "Who's a knocking at my door" he asked "citizens looking for a healer and we were told you could help" the voices on the other side replied he opened up the door to see to men with bodies over their shoulders "well grease up my hair and call me a arcan.." he said noticing the severity of the wounds "just leave them here and i'll send for you when i'm done the proceudre required for this will take a good while" after hearing that the men left and waiting outside the building. He then laid the bodies across a table and prepared to close and treat the wounds.

oh god. if i dont stop this they are going to stand there all night. might as well get them to shut up

"i believe that thats not anyone's business but Temujin's and mine. so i think that i can get him to tell me and Temujin, and he is the only one that needs to know." Isbuldi said, desperatly trying to get them to shut up and leave.

"fair enough. i have faith in you Isbuldi." one of the councilman said.

thank god. i hope this mercanary will start using some respect

just when William was about to get some knives pulled on him the body guard stepped in and shut them up,

"thanks ya kindleh"

"it wasn't just for you merc"

"well anywehs I gotteh go's me-"

"hold up merc,"

no what was it? the last thing he needed was more interrogation but he also didn't want a knife in the belly

"hmmm whut?"

"i got them to be quiet and leave, but you still gotta stay with us. atleast until Temujin can give you his full attention. right now your a VIP and i think the council knows it. they are nothin but uptight land owners. the only one who has any kind of merit is Temujin. now you gotta stay with me unless you want to get gutted by those guys' body guards. they are all meat heads but Temujin requires me to be smarter then your average tree stump. i'm serious. stay with me before you get your ass killed. do i make myself clear?" Isbuldi was talking in a tone unknown to William. there was no anger in his voice and it was pretty calm for the first time since they met.

this guy better stay close because if he attempts to run away ill slice his calf. he needs to stay.

Bloody hell what had William got himself into?

he had this Isbuldi character simultaneously threatening him and telling him that he would be protected, Temujin himself was going to interrogate him and he was still as broke as a Beggers bracelet
"are we clear?" Isbuldi asked but almost commanded

" yeah yeah we're cleer, where to naw?"
he was starting to get tired of this guy, but what could he do?
"boot before ya answer dats can weh geets somtin to eats?"

"UGH fine! this way"
heh heh that auta piss him off, though that did remind William that he was nearly passing out from hunger and he couldn't think straight

Name: Temujin Ga'Ulagan

Age: Well into his 50's

Nationality: Eastern Empire

Occupation: Great Khan of the Seven Tribes, Manui of the Tarahj and Emperor of Shen-Jiang

Bio: *Note: this is all to the events after the First Shadow War* Temujin managed to unite all of the ancient lost tribes of the plains under one flag, and with them, he swept threw all of the eastern provinces and kingdom, conquering everything in his path. Now, after twenty years of rule, Temujin finds himself in a bit of trouble. Violent uprisings in the north, a plague and famine in the south have left his Empire in somewhat frail conditions, as the coffers start to empty.

While Irene was eating her food, Telemain thought. He thought long and hard. He was bored then. He went to the side of his mind that was permanently mad. This is what happened:

Isbuldi lead him into the dining hall and asked him what he wanted.

"anathin im gunna pass out from hunger" William said.
Isbuldi told the cooks to make some mutton.

"Temujin usually doesn't like mutton." the head cook said before seeing William. he let out an audiable gasp before demanding an answer as to why he should serve him.

"because hes important now get on it!" isbuldi scolded at the head cook.
William stayed quiet until the cook brought out his food. and the only thing he said was thank you before devouring his mutton.

Damn im hungry. but i gotta keep watch on this guy. he seems good enough. maybe i should give him a break. but i cant let my guard down or he might try somethin

Isbuldi thought to himself for a moment until he put away his sword for the first time since he met william.

James was sitting in the castles hot springs with three big breasted, beautiful women, all three seductively flirting with him as he thought to himself "I LOVE MY LIFE! I was born with the king for a father, and now look what I get for it! And this is one of the slower days!"
"So ladies, what do you say we continue this in my quarters?" James asked smiling
"Awwww" The prettiest of the girls said "We like it here!" As she said this she started nearing him
"I. LOVE. MY. LIFE." He thought to himself again.

Robin strolled down the corridor, toward his son. He sighed, seeing that once again, he was seducing the women in the hotspring.

"James. Come. We have much to discuss."

The women instantly turned to Robin, and bowed their heads in respect.

"No need for that ladies. Carry on."

Robin gestured to his son.

"James, come on."

well this wasn't SO bad, food, bed to sleep in, all he had to do was repeat the meeting to Temujin and his lacky. William could get used to this life

"that's all you know?"

"yeah dey planned foar midnight next wek but naw I doon't knew"

"hmmmf well you have been useful william.

"wha! hey wait juust a mmhmhmhfmmf"

the gurads gagged him andd started dragging him down the hallway

James jumped out of the springs, quickly got dressed and ran to catch up with his father
This had better be good...
"What is it Father?" The prince asked respectfully.

"Tell me son, you one day hope to rule what I rule, correct?"

Robin didn't check to see if his son nodded. The answer was obvious.

"Did you hear of the mage Samuel, James? It was somewhat before your time, but you must have heard stories."

"Samuel... The name sounds somewhat familiar but i'm not sure why."
The King was silent for a moment
"Could you explain who he is and what he has to do with me?"

Robin gestured for his son to sit in a nearby chair, to which he sat opposite, facing toward him.

"Samuel was a very powerful mage, respected worldwide for his strength and skill. He was not what he seemed though. Samuel planned to take the Kingdom as it was for himself. He was already in control by the time I found out."

James seemed confused. This had absolutely nothing to do with him after all.

"He belonged to a cult of mages, called the Library. The Library was corrupt, and dangerous. I don't want to bore you with my conquest of the Kingdom, I'm sure you know already."

Robin leaned foward toward his son, making absolutely sure nobody could hear them. Not even magic could penetrate his walls.

"After I got to Samuel, I had him crucified for what he did. I made all of the Library know of what happened to him. However, I thought the Library had died, long ago. But it has not."

Robin grabbed his son's hand in his.

"The Feline war is a lie. Our troops will not lay a hand on any Feline soldiers. Instead they will give their lives for our cause. We will take down what is left of the Library, using the war as a diversion."

James didn't seem to know what to make of what his father was telling him.

"I will most likely die, James. Hence, why you will become King in my death. I've already written so in my will. Do you understand, son?"

"I... I understand... But i have one request of you."
The King looked at his son confused
"I wish to fight the library as well!"
The King was stunned by his sons drastic change in personality
"I know that I've been a coward all my life, hiding behind my fathers money, never doing anything for myself... But not this time, I'm going to fight he library. I may not know how to use a sword or a bow... But i can learn! I want to fight!"

Robin nodded.

"So be it. We have much time before we even begin preparing for the Felines, James."

Robin rose from his seat and gestured to his son again.

"Come. There is something I must show you."

James got up and began to follow his father down the torchlit hallway
Each step he took seemed to be quited with the thick layer of dust beneath his foot.
"This part of the castle, I haven't seen it before..."

Robin nodded. Nobody had seen this part of the castle before, except him.

"It is a secret part of the castle that only I, and the soldiers that guard it know of."

The both of them made their way through the dark corridor, eventually finding spiral set of strairs. Robin gestured to his son to follow him, as he made his way up the staircase. Once they reached the top, they were greeted by a large hatch in the side of the wall.

"Do not be afraid of what you are about to see, James. She is completely harmless."

Robin slowly opened the hatch, and stepped outside in the piercing sunlight. The sun blinded James, as he clambered out of the hatch, and onto a grassy field surrounded by four large walls. As his eyes slowly grew accustomed to the light, James could make out a large figure alarmingly close to him.

"Her name is Scarlet..."

James squinted through the light, and could make out a large tail swishing about calmly.

"A dragon, from the higher plains."

James stood, amazed at the majestic creature standing before him, and a question came to mind.
"I thought bringing creatures from the higher plain was against your law" The prince said confused
"And on top of that, aren't dragons powerful and freedom loving creatures? How did you manage to capture one?"

"Well, not against the law per-se. Just, not the greatest thing for the villagers to see.", Robin sniggered.

Robin approached Scarlet casually, and stroked her head

"Robin, good morning. I see you brought your son earlier than you said you would."

"I thought it was best he saw you soon. After all, he's a grown man."

Robin beckoned his son toward the dragon, who slowly made his way toward them.

"You may have wondered why I'm 55, but yet look in my early twenties, James. I know many people do after all. I would think your even more curious, due to the fact your my son."

"Do you think it wise to tell him, Robin?"

"He'll understand. He's a bright. Somewhat."

The pale white dragon seemed to smile, to James's bewilderment.

"Before you were born James, I met Scarlet not too far from the castle walls. At first, I acted much like you are now. However, Scarlet approached me. She flew from the higher plain after she heard a new man was in charge of the Kingdom."

Scarlet stretched her body outward, leaving her body covering most of the field.

"She offered me a pact. In return for the knowledge of human speech, she granted me the power of youth. She also taught me long forgotten spells, only dragons know of."

Scarlet smirked once more. She liked hearing this story.

"So, we made a pact. Obviously there's a snag, but it is small. If either of us is to die, the other will die too--", Robin spotted his son looking quite distraught, "Well, you get the idea. She fights for the First Legion in secrecy, James. Let us keep this secret."

"How exactly have you been able to keep this a secret?"
The dragon glared at him
"No offense to you erm... Scarlet but a dragon needs to feed, the lands livestock would be long diminished if it were to feed normally. How have you been able to keep this a secret from the entire country?"
The prince looked at his father and his father gave a look that said "I am the king..."
"Okay, but even if you can feed it, how has no person seen it flying in the country?"

"Well, dragons nip past every now and again. Much like shooting stars, or asteroids."

James raised an eyebrow.

"Some new 'science' talk. I do not understand most of it either, son. Either way, she never flies over the kingdom. She flies in the opposite direction to the townsfolk."

Robin smirked, as his son slowly got further toward the dragon.

"Of course, I didn't just bring you here to show you James. I managed to get Scarlet to agree to help you learn the great magic of the dragons, in return for a great sacrifice on my behalf."

"You gave me next week off. Hardly a great sacrifice."

"Yes, well, you get the point. Not even the Library knows these spells James. I highly doubt most of the elders would have even heard of them."

Scarlet laughed in her sultry, female tone.

"It's the only way we can close the gap in strength between us, and the Library. Do you think your up to it?"

James gulped, still not quite sure weather or not to fear the beast, but when he realized it may be the only way to defeat the library he decided.
"Yes, I think I am." And with that James grinned towards Scarlet and said
"I'm not an easy one to teach!"
"I do enjoy a challenge." The dragon said to him
"So, when can we start?" James asked his father

Robin smirked.

"Tommorow. It is growing late. Go do as you will, and get some sleep."

Scarlet yawned loudly, almost seeming to bellow through the castle walls.

"Make sure you are refreshed for morning. This will some take time."

Kallia lit the candles in the room. These candles would ensure no essence of spirit would escape the chamber. The prisoner was chained to the floor in the circular depression in the center of the room. Kallia had the four magicians at hand start chanting. To any inexperienced person, it would seem to be a sad song. To the educated, it was spell of binding and imprisonment. The jar of a clear liquid was resting in a hole in the wall, facing the prisoner.

"Ready the spell." The magicians started to feed their power into the words, giving the spell life and power to shape the fate of others. Kallia stood behind the man, readying a fire-based spell. The magicians finished. The man screamed with great pain. Kallia's hands glowed with fire. She brought them together and spread them, leaving a fixed wall of fire. She pushed it forward until it engulfed the prisoner. He screamed louder, then was silent. All that was left was a pile of ash, and a skeleton. The room was deathly quiet.

Kallia walked across the chamber and picked up the jar. It was a nearly-black red. She sealed it with magic, just to be sure. If any got out, there could be dangerous consequences. She took it to the piles of bone and ash and buried it there. It would ferment for the next twelve hours until the joining was ready. "You may go now. Get some rest. You've earned it."

Irene waited in the main lobby, casually glancing over the richly-decorated stonework carved in ancient times. She kept a constant watch on the staircase across the lobby though. Teleman and Kallia had descended it almost an hour ago, saying that they'd 'prepare' the soul. She'd almost laughed when they said that. Kill the man and put it in a jar, more likely.

She did note that the lobby was less...busy then usual. Given, she had not been here for quite some weeks, but it was almost deserted now. She heard the echoing footsteps of her own reverberating through the hall. She turned to look when she heard more join hers. The group of magicians climbed the stairs. Irene hurried towards them.

Kallia waved at Irene. "Greetings, Irene. The process went well. Now we must wait until noon for the soul joining."

Telemain lowered the hood of his robe. "I hope you know what you're doing Kallia. If ANY of his mind remains in that potion, it will wreck Hell upon the lands."

"Telemain, don't you trust me?"

"There's a difference between trusting someone to not screwing up, and someone doing something insane and asking for trust." He exhaled sharply. "What have you been up to, Irene?" He looked around. "Don't tell me you've been sitting here the entire time..."

"Yeah...pretty much. Why? Was there anything that requires my attention?" She asked.

"Well didn't you get bored? We were up there for a good hour!" Telemain scratched his cheek. "Come let's get to bed. It's late."

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