The Second Shadow War: A Fantasy RP! (The war is over)

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Telemain shrugged.

"I'm just trying to make sure you don't die out here. You're much more fun breathing."

The sky was darkening at an alarming rate.

"We'd better find shelter soon. Walking in the rain isn't very comfortable. Wherever that bear went, it's probably a good enough shelter for us." Irene cast a worried look at him. "I'm not going to kill it unless it attacks us or it's too far gone to heal. I'm not a coldblooded killer."

What weakling would let a wounded beast live? Tear its flesh, and drink its blood, I say. The whisper commanded. It sounded...female this time. Odd.

"A forest should be shelter enough, wouldn't it? It keeps the rain from soaking us, and provides cover enough for unfriendly eyes." Irene said.


The mouse was shivering with fright, the smell of blood was heavy in the air. He looked over the the edge again, and saw it darkening. The two shapes moved into the leafy cover. They were probably going to find a place to sleep. The mouse would stay in the bag. It was cold outside, and it was safe in the fabric bag.

"The forest itself? No. We'd be open to whatever wanted to hurt us. And the rain just pools around trees and whatever's in between the trees. Bears typically live in hollows or caves, if I remember the natural studies correctly."

They progressed through the trampled underbrush, the blood that occasionally covered a leaf becoming more and more common. Soon the smell of death entered the air.

"It's either already dead and out of its misery, or its just eating the kill it could have gotten in the clearing."


The mouse used its forepaws to scratch its ears in a way that would make anyone go

Temujin was sitting on his throne, a massive golden monument of a throne, encrusted with the diamonds and rubies of the far east and the skulls of those generals, emperors, warlords and kings that had been foolish or brave enough to stand in his way. The throne stood in a massive grand hall, filled with war trophies, groveling servants and nobles, just one of the thousands of rooms that formed the great palace.

From high up top, he watched, as a delegation from some far away province presented him with yet another dime a dozen rare and precious gift from their homeland. He non-chalantly waved them off.

Politics, how un-warriorly it all was.

*sigh* it's been at least a half week since william was improsoned, it would probably be a full week more
"william" sigh, that bodyguard again, at least he didn't piss in his food like the other guards
"you know why your here?"
"ya think I knuw moa
"*sigh* william all you n"
"I DUn"T knue nuttings!"
"hmmmmf well then you'll be out in a week or so"
"ugh feen thens dat all?"
"yes, and you'd better watch your mouth,maybe you forgot your not in a posistion of power "
"........................okay, th-thanks fer th foods"
another week of this dungeon,

"William you must know something if you approached Temujin about it. and we can keep you imprison for a long time. im not threatening im just saying im not the warden. and he's not as nice as i am. so you can either tell me what you know no matter how little it is or you can risk life."

God this guy must think im some sort of meathead retard. But i know he knows SOMETHING!

"arugghh! weell den ah'd luike teh tell im mahselfs"
"don't waste my time William" dam this guy was good
"wut do yer hav tah losse"
" dam it william if yer w"
"well can ah relly coonvince yer?"
"ugh no no you can't come over to the edge of your cell you still have to wear cuffs"
"hmmmmmf fiene"

several blindfolded chambers later, willima found himself in Temujin's audience room

"are you ready to talk merc?"
"yeh, er y-y-yes sire"
"then talk"
"realize that ah wuz onleh lookin out fer meself sire, "
"get to it"
"dos guys wren't village cheifs, de wer a distraction, someones planning a asssasination sire, de hav someone oon de inside, could beh anyone and mah throat meght be slit in de mourning"
"you know more merc"
"dats all I know"
"fair enough, I can wait, send him back, double guard from seperate sections of the fortress"

The next morning James woke up in a daze still confused about he events that transpired the previous day. He slowly got out of bed and got dressed. He bean to walk to the courtyard where his father had instructed them to meet the next morning.
"I hope I'm not getting in over my head here... I don't want to live as a coward, but i don't want to die fighting an ancient evil that i know close to nothing about.... Well i can't back out now, i promised my father i would do this... I can't let him down." With that James continued to head to the courtyard.

The bear tracks lead around the hill in the forest into a depression in the side. When Telemain and Irene reached it, they discovered it was a cave. He put his finger to his mouth to indicate silence and hugged the wall. Irene did as he did.

The tunnel went into the side of the hill for a good while. Then there was a door. Telemain cocked an eyebrow. "Be alert now." He reached for the knob and slowly turned it. The oak door slid inward on oiled hinges. Telemain stepped through when a flood of dead bodies dropped on top of him.

Hearing his body trap go off, Corwyn awoke with a start.
Because he had been living in the cave for so long, he was able to see in the dark fairly well.
The only major source of light, a candle burning in a corner, was a dead giveaway of his presence, so he went over and extinguished it.

Then, drawing his dagger, he went to the door, and was going to open it, when he heard talking.
There were at least two people outside, so he melted back into the shadows, to wait and see what the interlopers would do next.

Irene stepped back when the scent of rotting flesh waved over her. It made her almost sick. She enhanced the air in front of her nose so that it would filter the scent. Telemain was asking for help, and Irene moved the bodies off him.

"Good god, who would build such a gruesome trap?" She asked while pulling the old magician from under the bodies.

A dangerous and twisted entity. Caution. the female whisper said.

Irene frowned. First time advice?

She picked up a rock and toyed with it in her hands, thinking if making it glow was within her abilities.

Portal Maniac:
Telemain enhanced his vision, making it be able to pierce the darkness. Even with his advanced abilities, it was hard to see more than ten feet. There was a flicker of motion across his vision.

"Stay back. I think someone's back there." He created a fireball in his hand. "SHOW YOURSELF! You can't hope to defeat two seasoned magicians!"


The mouse heard thumps. He stuck his head out to see One-Shape-Big-Shape get helped up by Shapely-Big-Shape. The smell of death covered the air. He squeaked and returned to his makeshift nest.

Slightly irritated at his opponent's sighting of him, Corwyn nonetheless slunk around in the shadows.

As the duo entered his room, he noticed one of them, the male, was missing some of an arm.
Despite the demand the man had just yelled, Corwyn felt this magician should be his primary target.

The female, holding a glowing rock, was having a harder time peering into the gloom, so when the two split up by about five feet, Corwyn snuck around to the back of the old man.

Grabbing his right arm, he twisted it around the man's back, and put his right foot around his target's right leg, tripping him. Following the man's fall, Corwyn pinned him to the ground and held his dagger on the back of his neck.
With the man subdued, Corwyn finally indulged his curiosity.
"What do you think you're doing in my home? Who told you where I was?"

Portal Maniac:
Telemain let his inner rage express itself in the form of lightning jump around between his fingers, casting light in strange patterns on the cave walls.

"RELEASE ME! If I was was looking for you, you'd have been subdued long ago! I'm one of the most powerful magicians alive, and if you strike me down, you'll have the wrath of the entire Arcane Library to deal with! You won't last to the end of the month, worm."

The lightning jumping between his fingers sparked onto Corwyn's dagger arm, causing his muscles to spasm and release the short blade. "That is not even a taste of what I can do."

Irene was tracing the intriguing lines and signs carved into the soft stone. It looked like the beginning of a permanent enchantment. Something along the lines of transfer and blood. It was to be expected, seeing as there was a trap which consisted out of bodies. Then she heard a thump, and Telemain gave a small yelp of surprise. Irene heard someone whisper, not in her mind this time. She spun around and found a strange looking man holding a dagger against Telemain's throat.

Let me. I may help. The female whisper said, almost seductively.

Irene's right arm dropped the stone and streched forward. A thin line of blue light appeared and headed for the knife of the attacker.

With his blade lost, and some of his night vision hindered from the sudden burst of light, Corwyn focused on regaining control of his arm.
His opponent's threat looming in his mind, he still had to laugh at the assertion made.
"I'm sure you have some power, old man. But I doubt you would have found me if not for that damnable creature."
Still holding the man down, he had one more question to ask, as he drew his second dagger.
"Then what, exactly, were you doing? I don't usually let those who wander by just continue on."
As he spoke, a line of light streaked along and knocked the knife out of his hand.
Dammit! he thought.
Should have paid more attention!

Relinquishing her movements to the Whisper, she flowed further in a singulair moment. She compressed an orb of air, making it as hard as rock, and flung it at the strange person. The attacks had caught him off guard, or so it seemed. The orb of air hit him in the abdomen, pushing him against the rock wall.

Thank you, Whisper said.

Irene felt that she could control her body again. She found it strange that Whisper- No, the whisper had thanked her.

Again, dammit!
Corwyn was stunned, but still raging at himself for ignoring what he had deemed the "lesser threat"
Recovering, he snatched one of his knives, and seemed to vanish into the darkness again.

The man was slowly rising, but Corwyn decided he'd had enough of being blindsided by the woman.

Silently, he circled around her, and raised his dagger, intent on killing her, but sensed something...odd about her, and after halting his swing, he realized what it was.
Rather than cutting her throat open, he flowed over to her shoulder, and whispered to her.
"I host two souls...this is interesting."

As she spun around in preparation to attack him, Corwyn was already gone.
Picking up a metal rod that had been laying by the foot of the bed, he approached the male again.
Stepping heavily to get the man's attention, when the magician turned to strike him again with a lightning bolt, Corwyn firmly placed the metal rod against the man's neck.
"Go ahead. But you'll be hit just the same. Now, if you don't mind? I'd like some answers."

Irene was confused when the man said that 'she hosted two souls.' This person must be a magician, or something of a magic-user. No way he would be able to notice it otherwise. She looked around with the glowing stone in her hand, annoyed that he had vanished in shadows.

When she heard the voice of the man behind her, she saw him holding a metal rod against Telemain's throat. She could not help but be impressed by the ingenuity from this. She could not hit the man with heat or lightning-based attacks, nor sever the metal rod wihout the chance of hitting Telemain.

"Leave him be!" Irene shouted, feeling quite helpless.

Ignoring the woman's cry, Corwyn kept his focus on the man, trusting the conductivity between him and her partner to keep her from attacking again.
"As I said before, once I get some answers, we'll talk. I don't like being intruded upon. And the process would go much easier if you simply...volunteered the answers, rather than make me search for them."

As he spoke, the whorls in Corwyn's eyes began to dance, and one of them actually began to protrude from his eye.

Please help, Irene pleaded the whisper. A faint snicker resonated through her mind and vanished. Then a male whisper answered. It felt...old. Ancient, almost.

I will help, it said.

She felt her mind extend to the swirling and changing one that was of the man. She wasn't sure what a telepathic communication would do, but she let the soul do what it wanted.

Are you there, brother in death? She heard.

Portal Maniac:
Telemain shivered from the cold metal against his skin. He tried to grope around and grab the man, but his shoulder wouldn't bend far enough. "Very well. I shall answer your questions, but if you try to kill me, I'll take you down as well."

The lightning that was sparking between his fingers stranded together into a single strand of electricity, flicking back and forth between his forefinger and thumb. He held it dangerously close to the metal rod.

"And don't think I'm bluffing, child. Now, what is it you wish to know?"

Keeping the old man's words in mind, Corwyn repeated his questions.
"Simple. Who you are, what brought you to my cave, and your intentions."

While he spoke with the man, Corwyn felt something odd within himself.
Almost as if something was trying to reach out of his mind.

Portal Maniac:

"Fair enough. I'm Telemain, Elder of the Arcane Library and Master of all schools of magic. This is Irene, the only heir to the Great Magician Samuel. The sky was turning dark with storm clouds, so we sought out shelter. We found bear tracks and intended to stay in its den until the storm was finished. We are only traveling to the Feline lands. If you had any contact with the Kingdom, you'd know that war is imminent."

Telemain groaned past the bar pressing down on his Adam's Apple. "Know can you let me go? Me back can't take this much longer."

His curiosity sated, Corwyn relaxed a bit.
He removed the bar from Telemain's throat, and slipped back into the shadows, only to be revealed as he lit a candle.
"Very well. As much as I hate to admit it, it's been too long since I actually met someone interesting."
In shock, Irene spoke up.
"WHAT? You killed all those people in that...that hellish trap, and expect us to believe you'll actually behave?! Why should we trust you at all?"

Smiling, Corwyn tilted his head a bit.
"Trust me? Nobody ever said that. But given that your friend here is obviously a man of some power, it might benefit me to...shadow you for a bit. Besides that, what route were you planning on taking?"

"We're...heading into Feline territory." Irene said. She was wary of the man. She made another few rocks glow, so she was surrouned by light. She didn't trust a man who could melt into shadows.

His souls are disjointed. They don't serve him willingly. There are human and creatures with him. One is still very much sane. The whisper said.

Thank you once again, Irene thought.

"So you possess souls?" Irene asked.

"Possess? No. Possess is such a...dead word. I simply...relocate them. True, it's completely unwillingly so most of the time, but hey, that's just a little squabble. And I did let the previous location of theirs have a fair chance. I'm not a complete bastard."

Though he wondered how Irene knew such a thing, he shrugged off the slight confusion.
He also noticed how she had formed a circle of light around herself, as a sort of barrier of light.
"You are wise, girl. But the time for that nonsensical sparring is over. But again, what route did you plan on taking?"

Irene looked at Telemain, judging how much she could confide in this brutal stranger.

"No, I'm not wise. I just know things. As for the route, you'll have to ask...him" She said, avoiding Telemain's name. "I've never been outside the walls of the Library."

"You realize I was talking about your precautions, right?"

Portal Maniac:

Telemian rubbed his neck and laid down on the floor. His back instantly let any painful pressure go. "We were planning on going around the Kingdom through the forest. Were you alive during the Shadow War?"

"No. My birth happened 34 winters past."

"Well, if you didn't know, the Kingdom essentially backstabbed us and forced us free magic users into the Library during a siege. Now they'll kill anyone of us simply because we use magic and don't obey them. We thought it best if we just sidestepped their lands completely."

"Huh. That would explain the scouting party that was sent out after one particular event...but you want to go through the forest? Heh. Good luck. Sorry, old man, but you're not exactly inconspicuous, are you? A half blind wood shrew would notice that arm of yours. Hold on a minute. I'm going to get something."
As Corwyn slipped out of the room, he left the two magicians on their own while he went off to get some materials.

Irene moved around in her little circle of light. She was nervous when she didn't know where the man was, and certainly not in such a shadowy cave. She started to light up more rocks around her, until the cave was bathed in a warm light, like a candle would give. Only until the wooden door further into the cave. She wouldn't reach with her magic behind that.

"Telemain, why is this man still alive? He's a threat to you, and me." Irene urgently whispered.

Telemain enhanced the air around the room to get dense, so the man wouldn't hear them. "He's alive because there must always be a balance, Irene. You can't exterminate the darkness, only distribute it. If we strike him down, where will his evil go? Will it just disappear? No, it will be reborn in someone else. There's a chance that it will be brought back in someone within the Library, or worse, the High Plains.

"He's going to be coming with us, Irene. We can't keep alone now that he knows war is on the verge. It will be bloody enough without an unrestrained psychopath on the loose."

Telemain began to sit up when a very loud CRACK echoed through the recently normalized air. "AHHAAAAAAH!!!!! MY BACK!!!"

Hearing the cry of pain, Corwyn had to smile. It was one of his favorite sounds.
After he finished savoring the last echo of the yell, he resumed his work.
At the body pile, he had cut off an arm of one of the corpses, and measured it.
Shaking his head, he decided it was too short to do.
Another two arms later, he had found a satisfactory limb.

With his bloody prize in tow, he silently returned to his room.
As Corwyn walked in, Irene was standing over Telemain, and focusing on him.
This allowed him to stride up behind her, and drape the arm over her shoulder.
"I found something for you, Telemain. This should help you at least appear normal."

Portal Maniac:

Telemain looked at the arm with a pained look on his face. "Yes, but I find two faults with your plan. If the arm doesn't move, people will wonder why since the other, real one does. And the other part, why I'm walking in the forest when I'm hunched over moving at a shuffle because of my obviously painful back!"

He dabbed at the sweat on his brow. "If you have any type of pain removing potion, I'll pay you thirty gold right here."

"Oh, don't worry. We just need a facade. This," he said, swinging the arm around, "is going to be in a sling. Then, if we're questioned, we can say we're on the way to a doctor. Your hunching will help there."

Telemain considered for a second before replying.
"I suppose that could work. But what if they don't believe your story?"

A wicked grin spread across Corwyn's face.
"Then I get to have my fun, old man."

Irene noted the blood that was dripping down her shoulder. Probably from the dismembered arm the man was holding. She made it slide off her cloak where it fell on the already bloody floor.

"Why are you so glad with the prospect of killing anyway?" Irene asked coldly. She wasn't a stranger to killing, sometimes a Magician deemed her a thread to the library because of her heritage and tried to kill her in her sleep. Usually that ended with lethal results. But she didn't love the slaughter. She found this man...distastful. Yet there was something oddly intriguing about him.

Oho! Intruguing! Riiight. The female whisper commented.


"I'm surprised you had to ask. You already noticed that there are a few people in here," Corwyn said, tapping his head. A blissful grin spread across his face as he continued to speak.
"Every time I kill, the spells I learned long ago trap their soul inside me. In doing so, I gain every memory, sensation, and a good amount of strength from them. It is...glorious. With all that as a result of simply spilling some blood, what is not to enjoy about the prospect of ridding the world of one more person?"

"Aren't you afraid that one day your barriers will faulter?" Irene asked. She crossed her arms and sat down on a big boulder.

"Once a mind houses too much souls, it becomes fragmented." She grinned. "It has happened already, right? Memory loss, fits of insanity?"

She sighed.

"Well, it's not my place to judge. I have a hard enough time handeling just one."

"Memory loss? No. Memory melding, yes. It often gets hard to keep my memories separated from theirs. But it's not enough of a problem for me to worry about. Plus, most of them are completely silent now. Killing their families and having them watch will do wonders for making them shut up at night."

As he spoke the last sentence, Corwyn seemed to drift off, and a smirk appeared. Then, he seemed to remember something, and snapped back to the present.
" said something about this guy having fits? How so?"

"I read about it once. A person had taken too much souls, and the souls started to take over his mind. He couldn't control his own body, and at one point, the souls made him kill himself."

Irene shrugged.

"That's what I read, anyway."

"Oh, I see. You were talking about the case study. While that does sound interesting, as long as the contained souls have something to lose, they'll behave. And they will always have one more thing that I can kill to keep them under control. I was under the impression that you were speaking of the old man."

As he spoke, Corwyn gathered materials to make a sling for the severed arm.
"Since you seem to be quiet adept at screwing around with air, do you think you could keep that thing from stinking so badly that we have wolves following? That'd be great."

Irene almost laughed.

"I'll try." She said. In truth, it was the other soul that had conjured forth the magic and knowledge to do it. She tried enhancing the arm itself this time, instead of the air. She told it to preserve itself indefinately. Although it took quite some effort, she got the job done.

"That should keep it from decaying."

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