The Second Shadow War: A Fantasy RP! (The war is over)

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"Good. The last thing I need is a bunch of freaking dogs trying to kill me as I sleep. I've had enough fighting for the day. So I'll leave you two with this area for the night."
After a slight pause, he just had to add one more thing.
"You two behave now!"

At that, he made a series of jumps up onto an outcropping 15 feet above the floor, where he would rest for the night.

Irene watched the man which name she never caught bound up the cave wall and settle down to sleep. Well, she suspected that he'd sleep. Irene helped Telemain towards a patch of soft grass he created to sleep on. For some reason his back started to play up, when he never had any problems with it. Perhaps there were preservence-wards around the Library. It would make sense. Irene volunteered to 'take first watch' for the night. She wouldn't have any sleep with this many unknowns.

Whisper, you there? She asked in her mind.

I am. The whisper said. Together with the voice the feeling of an ancient mind she had felt before arrived.

Could you help me by keeping watch over the mans souls?

The Whisper was silent for a few minutes. Irene stared at the gently pulsing light of the rocks she had enchanted.

We will. The whisper answered before dissapearing. Irene wondered who 'we' were. She toyed with the possibility of the connection of multiple souls, even though she had only consumed one. She couldn't really come to an answer. She felt something tug at her cloak. Startled, she looked at her cloak.


The mouse had crept out of the comfort of the bag and into the light. He was scared, and sought comfort with the shapes. He looked at the light, but did not see any flames. Wary, he ran over the floor and into shadows. He found the scent of Shapely-Shape and followed it. He reached the fabric of the cloak and started to climb it. Then, Shapely reached for him and he was lifted into the air. She spoke with soothing tones, and he soon felt safe.

The bed of grass was nothing like the beds back at the Library, but it was better than some he'd slept on before. When he was about to close his eyes, he thought he'd heard Irene talking to herself. He rolled over and took a look. There was a mouse in her hand and she was talking to it, as if it was a small, scared child.

"What are you doing, Irene? Is that..... that IS the same mouse from the Library, isn't it?"

"Yeah. I think the little guy crawled into my bags when I wasn't looking." She said. She looked at the now snoozing form of the mouse. It was a sweet sight.

"Smart, for such a small animal."

The mouse lifed its head and stared at her. Irene thought she saw a hurtful feeling in the beady black eyes.

"Well, it's smart enough not to be crushed yet, anyways. There's countless dangers for a mouse out here."

Telemain rolled over and yawned. "I'm off to bed now Irene. Good night....."

He fell into the land of dreams while the mouse's head was being stroked by Irene's gentle finger.

Targutai felt heavy hands, shaking him out of his slumber. It was his father's bodyguard, Boor.

"Sir, sir, wake up." he said, careful not to speak too loudly.

Targutai slowly rose up from his bed. It was dark outside. This couldn't be good.

"Do you not know not to wake a sleeping prince, Boor?" said Targutai, slowly massaging his forehead, still dizzy from all the food and alcohol consumed at his father's wedding, just a couple of hours earlier.

"It is your father, Sir. You must follow me immediately."

After hearing those words, Targutai felt as if the sleepiness had been completely drained out of him.

"My father!? By the She-Wolf, Boor, tell me what hasw happened." responded Targutai.

"Come with me." said Boor, his face an emotionless mask. He then left the room before Targutai could answer.

Targutai followed the trusted bodyguard, through the great halls and corridors, finally arriving at the door of Temujin's grand bedroom. Targutai had never seen this part of the palace before. Even as a prince of the Empire, this section had been prohibited to him. Now he was sure something wasn't going to be right.

Boor stopped right in front of the door. Tagutai was puzzled. He was about to ask him what was going on, when he heard him mumbling something in a foreign language under his breath, his eyes closed and his head facing downwards.

"A Karkounian prayer, no doubt." thought Targutai. The large man was a mistery to Targutai, and pretty much everyone else in the Empire, except for his father. He was very tall, towering over the tallest men in the court. His skin was of the darkest colour Targutai had ever seen, and his hair was black and curly, like the wool of the Malak sheep. How he had become top bodyguard to the Khan, he didn't know. He only knew that ever since he was little, he remembered him being at his father's side.

A few seconds later, Boor took a deep breath and slammed the doors open. The room was massive, decorated with gold, ivory and ebony. Targutai had never seen anything like it. At the centre was a massive bed, a couple of people huddled around it.

Before he could say a word, Shen Guong, his father's most trusted advisor came rushing towards him and prostrated himself at his feet, crying.

"My lord... I'm so sorry... This... this is terrble." said Guong.

"What is terrible, you old fool? Speak up, lest you want to taste my wrath and that of my father!"

"Your father... Prince Targutai... your father..."

"I have told you to be hasty, Shen! Tell me what is happening!"

"Your father is dead, sire."

The following morn,

Irene woke suddenly. Her vision needed a few seconds to form a complete picture of the cavern in front of her. Telemain was still asleep, but not surprising. The sun was barely peeking over the horizon.

No one disturbed you or the male. the ancient voice said. He dissapeared right after that. Irene silently thanked him.

She got up and walked to the mouth of the cave. She heard the early birds sing already, and animals were already busy with their morning rituals. This was the first morn Irene witnessed outside the Librairy. It was another first

Out of a fit of happyness, she let a burst of wind loose, letting the leaves rustle.

Tergutai was kneeling besides his father's deathbed. He was completely naked, his lower body covered by a fur sheet. His body was still warm.

All around the bed, a small crowd had gathered. Some time after Tergutai had arrived, Temujin's other twelve sons had heard of the news and had gathered at in his room. In the corner was a woman, her pale naked body protected from the cold by a small blanket that had been given her. She was young, probably in her early twenties. Her hair red like the fire in the eyes of the Ukuantus. She was an exotic and northern beauty, a gift to Temujin from the Prince of Rutgord. A slave girl, and what was supposed to be the Khan's next wife. Targutai had been there, at the wedding, a couple of hours prior. This was supposed to be their wedding night.

The court doctor had spoken: "Too much wine, too much food, too many women, too much excitement. His heart gave out."

"The uniter of the tribes, the scourge of the gods, the great conqueror. This is how it ends." thought Tergutai.

This was his father, he knew he should've felt something, but he didn't. He had never really known the man, he had never been there for him during his childhood. The only thought that loomed onto him was that now, as the eldest son, he would've been Emperor.

He stood up. It was his time now.

"Clean up the body, make him wear his shiniest battle armour. The funeral will be in two days, and for those two days I declare the state of Empirial mourning to be applied to all the land. Anybody caught selling, buying or working in those days will be put to death. As for the girl..." he said, not even looking her in the face " she will accompany my father into the next life."

"Yes, sire." shouted out the guards.

Tergutai stormed out of the room, accompanied by the screams of the red-headed girl.

Robin sat in his throne, with one arm propping up his head. Exotic dancers, jesters and singers surrounded him and his family. His son seemed to be enjoying the exotic dancers, his young daughter was enjoying the jesters and his young wife was enthralled by the music. Robin, however, was bored. These people were only here for his family. All Robin wanted to do was train, or help other nations, or ready battle plans.

However, there were no pressing issues in the world. Robin's help was not needed, for once. As Robin pondered some form of work he could possibly be doing, his messenger stumbled in.

"Sir, may I speak?", he murmered.

"Edward, come now. You know I don't like formalities. Come out with it."

"Temujin Ga'Ulagan of the Eastern Empire has died.", Edward announced.

"What, how?"

"Murdered, apparently.", Edward whispered.

Robin rose from his throne, and made his way through the crowd of people, who seperated for him to get past.

"Edward, have the guards fetch both mine and James's horses.", Robin said, now turning to face James, "James, your coming with me."

Isbuldi followed Tergutai into the next room.

"Isbuldi,kill her." Tergutai ordered.

"Are you sure sir? what has she done?" Isbuldi questioned, hoping that he wouldnt suffer the same fate as the slave girl.

"It's beautiful, isn't it? The morning sun, the green leaves, the wild animals, all of it just touches you." Telemain said while Irene jolted from surprise. He smirked. "You didn't think one as old as I could be so sneaky, did you?"

He stretched his arm, back, and legs in his morning fashion. Otherwise they'd feel welded shut all day. "I wonder why that man wants to come with us. There's more to it than he wants to."

"last chance Will" Isulbi commanded
"hmmmmmm.......... I eard yew gave dat red eaded gal noe chance, she could have been meh last chance teh find meh real home" William retorted without a hint of emotion
"stop going off topic merc tell us the rest"
"dat wusn't a eart 'ttack dat de olds mans die'd from"
"more, more you don't have anything to loose"
" poisoned wines, sons next, liukeh I's said, inside jobs, thunk iz a servant nute sure"
"hmmf well then I guess you can"
"who is this? doesn't ,matter come with me isulbi" Tergutais voice rang from upstairs
"sorry William your here a bit longer,"
"nah nu worriez, goot meh freind ms scurry ere"
"nah iz a mouse, sheh keps meh company goo on then, yeh prince calls"
"his temper is shorter that Temujin's William don't push it"
"squeak sueak"
"woos dat ms scurry? yeh wunt sum fuds? ere, ave sum bread"
'this giant is worth sparring the boubonic plauge that my cousin carrie's, I like him'
ms scurry nibled on some bread given to her

Tergutai stopped in his tracks. Isbuldi's words annoyed him somewhat. He knew he was a trusted guard of his father, but this questioning of his orders seemed like an insult to his newly found position.

"My father shall have what is his, Isbuldi, whether it be in this life or the next one. Anyway, do not kill her straight away. Wait for the Khan's funeral. Lock her up in one of the prison cells until then." sneered Targutai.

"Oh, and lest you want to follow the same fate of that Grearian slavegirl next time, do not question my orders ever again." finished Targutai, walking away.

A new sun was rising.

"Perhaps he's just bored. He seems like the man who would do things just because he thinks they are funny." She said. The man was still asleep, at least that was what Irene assumed. He hadn't seen him come down or stand.

"Telemain, where do we go from here? Straight through the wilderness, or do we stick to the roads?"

Oran was still in the forest meditating after the incident and after awhile he could hear heavy footsteps and the clanks of armor and horse hooves. "well it took em long enough" then his split persona Impo added a statement "Lets have some fun with them" and with smile he stood and awaited the guards. The head of the group opened up a scroll "Oran you are being charged with murder in the 1st degree" and as much as he was wanting to shout 'self-defense' he instead just let them take him and about halfway to the courthouse area Impo shouted "it's time do it " Then he quickly grabbed the two guards escorting him and slammed them together and then ran off to the courthouse anyways and sat on the stairs sharpening the knives he used.

(someone enter here)

"But... She's.." James said longingly looking at the exotic dancers. His father shot him a sharp glare "Alright... I'm coming..." And with that James followed Robin out of the castle.
"Who is this Temujin Ga'Ulagan anyway?" James asked

"A war hero. He helped me take the Kingdom over from the start. He was one of only two people that agreed with my views, and helped me."

Robin pulled himself up onto his horse, then made sure his weapons were all in place

"He was a good friend."

Robin waited for his son to get onto his horse, before tapping the side of his horse's thigh with his boot, which lead it to speed off into the distance.

"Keep up, James."

"Keep up? How the hell do i do that!?" James thought to himself struggling to not fall off of the speeding horse.
"Why don't we just take Scarlet to get there?" James asked having much rouble keeping his balance

"Well, for one, I haven't actually figured how to stay on her whilst she flies. And two, it's too crowded to fly her today. Too many people would see."

Robin sped ahead, as his son tried to keep up.

"Don't worry, we're not riding the whole way.", Robin laughed, "That'd take about five weeks."

Robin concentrated slightly, then reached out and placed his arm on his son. They were instantly teleported to a dusty, warm landscape. His son seemed a bit dazed.

"Sorry, son. I forgot you don't teleport much."

Robin's horse trotted along the landscape, toward a castle in the near distance.

"Come on, James."

Targutai stood on his father's throne. It stood onan elevated platform at the end of the room, magnificent golden sculptures of the two twin dragons making it rise up from the ground, black marble steps in front of it. He was wearing his ceremonial armour, decorated in black ebony and gold. He would do so until the day of his father's funeral, in sign of mourning.

His mother was sat to the left of him, on a smaller less decorated throne. She had been the first of the Khan's wife, a titol of honour. Her face did not betray any kind of emotion.

The hall in which the thrones were located was massive, filled with riches and spoils of war from the many campaigns Tergutai's father had fought. To the left side of the room, were seated the chieftains of the seven tribes, to the right, ambassadors, emissaries, kings, emirs, sultans and the like, hailing from the most distant parts of the Empire, all reunited in the Forbidden City to show their grief at the Khan's passing on.

Suddenly, Shen Goung, Temujin's trusted advisor, appeared to Targutai's right.

"Prince, two men have shown up at the palace gates. They claim to be Kings of a distant land. One of them says he knew your father, and he is here to show his sorrow for your loss." whispered Shen in Targutai's ear.

"Bring them to me." said Targutai, so everyone could hear. He was interested.

"Right away Targutai." Isbuldi replied quickly. he didn't want to get on Targutai's bad side, especially since he wasn't in the best mood.

He came back momentarilly with two men, one older then the other. Targutai looked at them very quizzically while Isbuldi followed behind them with his hand on his swords hilt.

Robin and James wondered in to the large castle, led by a man who seemed to be the messenger. James hung behind his father, obviously slightly confused by the swift turn in events. Eventually, they reached a large throne, with a man who Robin could have sworn was Temujin himself.

Unsure of wether to speak or not, Robin felt it a good idea to kneel before the supposed king. His son copied him, and did the same.

"Rise up and speak, foreigner King. I am awaiting an explanation as to the reasons for your visit." said Tergutai.

Robin got to his feet, to which his son copied once more, and patted himself down.

"I am Robin Keldrid. King of the First Legion. This is my son, James. I was a friend of your fathers. He helped me conquer the Kingdom thirthy years ago. I hope I am not intruding, but I came to pay my respects. Also..."

Robin drew his longsword, to which all of the guards placed their hands on the hilts of theirs. Robin held the blade of the sword, with the hilt facing toward the King.

"This was your fathers. He lent it to me in a time of need. I thought it would be better that you have it."

Targutai slowly got up from the throne, and descended the steps. He grabbed the sword, and examined the blade, tilting his head to the left.

"Yes." said Targutai, before turning around and handing the blade to a nearby servant.

"Indeed, I can say that you were truly a friend of my father, King Keldrid. It is a shame that I have never heard of you. I assume you will be staying for the funeral." said Targutai.

"One would hope that a dear companion such as yourself would want to pay his final respects to the Khan." he continued, his eyes planted firmly on this new and strange King.

"I will, thank you.", Robin said, looking at the man's face, "I would assume that you are Temujin's son. You are the spitting image of him in his youth."

Robin smiled to his son, who stood even stiffer than he had before. He was quite obviously trying to make an impression.

"If I may, I have heard of some of the Eastern Empire's problems. I never truly repayed your father for his help. It can wait until after the funeral, I would not wish to impose, but I would like to offer all of my resources to the Empire."

"Do not worry about our troubles, Keldrid, the Empire has faced much greater threats. Now, I assume you are tired because of your journey My servants will show you to your quarters. Feel free to take anything you need; food, wine, horses, clothes, women, anything." said Tergutai.

"A friend of my father is my own friend. I will speak to you in the morning".

"Thank you, King Ga'Ulagan."

Robin nodded to the King, and followed the servant. His son followed behind him.

I should have asked of Temujin's death, but that can wait until after the funeral.

The servant led them both to a large, well decorated room. James instantly scoped out the room, whilst Robin checked out the scenery. The servant swiftly left, and shut the door behind him.

"I guess the Eastern Empire isn't doing as badly as rumours suggest."

While Telemain and Irene were talking to themselves, Corwyn had been awake for at least an hour.
He'd slipped out of the cave earlier, and begun his usual routine of the morning.

A quick run, about a mile, taking care to make as little noise as possible while also maintaining a good speed, and then a half mile of jumping through the trees in the same manner.

As he returned to his cave, he wondered what his guests were doing. Briefly, he thought of killing something for food on the way back, but then he remembered the bear still laying in the storage pit of the cave.

Approaching the mouth of the cave, Corwyn heard Telemain and Irene talking, and halted long enough to discern they were merely talking about the day's travel plans.

Rather than wait for Telemain to answer the woman's question, Corwyn decided to just walk by them, and retrieve some food from the pit. The duo fell silent as he passed by them.

As he returned, the two travelers were waiting for him.

The man who's name they had yet to hear walked back to them, barely making a sound. "We thought you were still in the cave. You are a stealthy one, most definitely."

Telemain scratched his beard, thinking. "I can't remember which direction is North. This could be problematic. Do you have a compass, by chance?"

Pleased, Corwyn couldn't help but grin when Telemain spoke.
"Why thank you. After all the practice, it's good to know that it has some results."
Sitting down a few feet across from them, he continued.
"I don't have a compass, but I can get you headed in the right way. How did you want to travel?"

"We were planning on walking south-west, skirting the edge of the Kingdom."

Telemain eyes locked in place and shifted focus. After a few minutes, he returned to himself. "The Library has just contacted me. It would seem as if Emperor Temujin Ga'Ulagan has just passed away. What a shame. I knew him back before the war. Such a good man."

He looked back in the cave, eying the fake arm. "Maybe a direction farther away from heavy population....."

"I can manage that. But we'll have to keep away from that edge. There's been more activity along that route lately. Only some of that is my fault. So if we head off...that way," he said, pointing towards a visible rock outcropping in the distance,
"And then turn to the left, we should manage to miss most of the other travelers."

He paused for a second, thinking.
"Although I will need to get something first. Hold on a second."

Corwyn vanished back into the cave, and came back one minute later, holding two ornate hunting knives, in addition to his own crudely made daggers.

"What are those for, young man?" asked Telemain.

"Oh, these are my fighting knives. My father made them, and I got them when I was 8. I always use these for the killing. And I'm not leaving them behind. Shall we?"

Motioning towards the rock, he waited for the old man to answer.

"Hang on. Do you expect me to just jam that arm onto my stub? It'll just slid down and fall out of the sling!"

Telemain placed the sling over his shoulder and positioned the arm as such. Indeed, it did fall out after a few seconds.

"We need to solve this while we're not rushing to get a solution because we see some guards patrolling the path ahead. Ideas?"

"Well, I was just planning on killing any who fussed over us, but fine."
Going into the cave once more, Corwyn was gone for a good five minutes before returning with a bone, and some tendons.
"I've never tried this before, but I think it'll work."

Sharpening the bone to a needle point, he poked a hole in an end, and threaded the tendon through.
Picking up the arm, he stitched it into the fabric of the sling, and then made a loop of the tendon to go around Telemain's arm to keep the spare limb in place.

"Here you go. Give that a shot."

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